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  1. does anybody have a yt link? havent seen the performance yet. twitter is tearing her to shreds. was it really that bad ??
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    scientific fact indeed
  3. mcflurry

    lol at them naming gaga even before her picture pops up LEGEND! ICON! STAR!
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    sis ... lets not ...
  5. mcflurry

    maybe a few days? you seem to be a die hard marina fan lol
  6. mcflurry

    she said the album was done .. so honestly all we need is a hq leak. better SOONER than later
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    alejandro is an unrecognized masterpiece! FIGHT ME TIL THE END OF TIME
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    handmade heaven is fucking amazing
  9. well who's gonna tell them? lol
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    electra heart album of the decade fight me !!
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    lol we also all remember the performance which was critically acclaimed for its depiction of cultural appropriation
  13. me too me too! super hyped for heal me and hair body face
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    are u guys kidding? madonna has always been the one megastar who absolutely didnt need side projects to be remembered/stay in the public eye. when you think of the classic female popstar, you think of madonna. when you think of female sexuality in popular culture, you think of madonna. when you think of marketing/branding/ the business behind pop/ reinvention, you think of madonna. when you think of poweful media manipulation, you think of madonna (... and of gaga but lets not go there...) (nevertheless: like a prayer, like a virgin, vogue, hung up, la isla bonita are def remembered classics)
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    ok we need a link to heal me ASAP. twitter is going crazy saying its the new bad romance but better
  16. hahhahahahahaaha "because its language we would understand" i dont know about you guys, but id also understand "the holy mother, daughter and the holy spearit". what a nonsense argument. (nevermind the fact that humans are smart enough to envision god as genderless. like, why not use adequate phrasings in the first place???) i love how theyre also blatantly ignoring that the bible is FULL OF MISOGYNY.
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    i love this thread lol
  18. wtf why tell us in april to watch out for new music when its almost june now and nothing has happened so far homophobic
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    its almost june and still no news on the bloodpop collab. im dieing.
  20. i love the song and i love kesha but she really really struggles to sing that song live.
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    duh! springtime + gaga ruling the airwaves with a bloodpop bop - a huntys dream tbh