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  1. Lord Stoneheart

    watch it before they warn you like they did to vertigo that one time
  2. Lord Stoneheart


    change all these to cassettes and thats exactly what's gonna happen
  3. Lord Stoneheart

    quick lets all play Exorcize and get him vodoo chained to forum again
  4. Lord Stoneheart


    shut up I just ordered this
  5. Lord Stoneheart

    are my eyes fooling me
  6. Lord Stoneheart


    Exorcize Yourself - Exclusive printed vinyl with broken legs picture
  7. Lord Stoneheart


    so it was indeed Bitchlie who killed the reissue
  8. Lord Stoneheart


    not her serving her ig video face in that 1991 video around the 0:03 mark
  9. Lord Stoneheart

    10 whole years since this glorious night I still cry every time. I will never forget this moment
  10. 10 years since this glorious moment with the queen of musiccry7

    special shout out to her mom, saying we were her favorite show ever fall3

    66k people singing along as one cry0  wig flies everytime

  11. Lord Stoneheart


    before the RHT when that lq mush up was posted and my dumb ass thought she was actually doing this with LFL She did end up doing most of TIC on that tour but she did all the wrong tracks
  12. can we stop with milking the nostalgia? I mean, i know millenials are sad as fuck but jesus
  13. Lord Stoneheart

    I think Ariana's is the biggest competition here. Taylor's power really took a dive with the whole Taylorgate incident. The accademy may not give her the award. The fact it wasnt nominated for AOTY speaks volumes
  14. watch the special content be a video from her bathroom saying Happy kristmas Lovers, get into the festive spirit with this shiny silver casstette dont forget to stream Snow Queen
  15. Lord Stoneheart


    sis this is the opposite of what we want