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  1. Lord Stoneheart

    you been hanging out with me too much. Stan Bittersweet Bible
  2. Lord Stoneheart

    Hello how you been?
  3. Lord Stoneheart

    fucking bitch releasing out of the blue.mp3 like this I'm chained to the computer again now
  4. like fave like stans i guess
  5. Lord Stoneheart


    The visuals
  6. Lord Stoneheart


    so track 7 on Beyoncé's critically acclaimed self titled visual album (available everywhere)
  7. was it predictable of me to pop up when God returned?
  8. Lord Stoneheart


    Welp Liam is still wrong... guess things havent changed much around here
  9. Lord Stoneheart


    I love my tasteful husband
  10. Lord Stoneheart


    I love a tasteful legend
  11. Lord Stoneheart

    Hello.mp3 Just a friendly reminder that All Night is her best song ever. Love to you all, goodnight!
  12. Lord Stoneheart


    No, sorry. Its a one off appearence.
  13. Lord Stoneheart

    Just dropping by to say this is one of her best albums. Irrelevant fads can seethe. Time will prove us right.