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    Welp Liam is still wrong... guess things havent changed much around here
  2. Review

    I love my tasteful husband
  3. Discussion

    I love a tasteful legend
  4. Hello.mp3 Just a friendly reminder that All Night is her best song ever. Love to you all, goodnight!
  5. Album

    No, sorry. Its a one off appearence.
  6. Just dropping by to say this is one of her best albums. Irrelevant fads can seethe. Time will prove us right.
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  8. Album

    Album cured my depression
  9. Alright, I'll fuck off.
  10. That's my cue to leave
  11. Not sure if firewoks or gunshots Did i suddenly move to good ol merica?
  12. My great gran is Cher's mum's age My nona outsold yours
  13. Madgina is shaking
  14. Other

    All the Lovers 20 Get Outta My Way 10 Closer 20 Everything is Beautiful 30 Aphrodite 20 Illusion 30 Better Than Today 20 Too Much 20 Cupid Boy 20 Looking for An Angel 25 Can't Beat the Feeling 25