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  1. Light Years/ Turn It Into Love (Homecoming Live) gaga1 When the sample starts
  2. I'm lowkey pressed she hasnt even posted about the twins being born. Im not greedy I dont need pics yet but at least let us know you're ok
  3. Review

  4. Review

    Original tracklist outsold btw. I'm not a huge fan of the deluxe tracks bar Beautiful Liar feat. Godkira Her vocals on this album can be a bit tiring though. I'm so glad she started showing more emotion and using more raw and less polished vocals on 4. Resentment is a 10/10 tho and the OTR performance slays
  5. Game

    Irreplaceable vs Naughty Girl
  6. Discussion

    Do KMO or EY next. For the kiis
  7. Game

    Halo vs Irreplaceable
  8. Discussion

    Knowing Bey-Z, they'll both go bankrupt before they admit Tidal is a flop
  9. Discussion

    Talent won at Baptized making it too Thanks for hosting even though I missed it. HBC not getting any votes Who'd have thought fotp would agree on something for once
  10. Game

    Ego vs Sweet Dreams
  11. I'm kancelling this sektion now. Bittersweet goodbye.mp3
  12. You only want me when I'm not there You better call@Vilppu with the good hair
  13. Game

    Ring Off vs Superpower
  14. Game

    10 ofc
  15. Everyone knows I cant be trusted tho. I mean I even have a pedo avi ffs