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  1. The Legends Only Lounge

    Alright, I'll fuck off.
  2. The Legends Only Lounge

    That's my cue to leave
  3. The Legends Only Lounge

    Not sure if firewoks or gunshots Did i suddenly move to good ol merica?
  4. The Legends Only Lounge

    My great gran is Cher's mum's age My nona outsold yours
  5. The Legends Only Lounge

    Madgina is shaking
  6. Other Aphrodite +/-

    All the Lovers 20 Get Outta My Way 10 Closer 20 Everything is Beautiful 30 Aphrodite 20 Illusion 30 Better Than Today 20 Too Much 20 Cupid Boy 20 Looking for An Angel 25 Can't Beat the Feeling 25
  7. Song vs. Song - Kylie edition

    Someday vs Promises
  8. The Legends Only Lounge

    You kinky krabs always with the mind in the gutter
  9. Game Rate the Song: Lady Gaga Edition

    11 mess1
  10. The Legends Only Lounge

  11. The Legends Only Lounge

    God is dead yall
  12. Song vs. Song - Kylie edition

    Love Affair vs More More More
  13. Event Rate The Song - Kylie Edition | Completed

  14. Top Answer Game 7 | Round 3 | Results Show

    Welp guess yall dont use kalkulators
  15. Top Answer Game 7 | Round 3 | Results Show

    This is a job for the fbi