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  1. Game

    @Anna-wa @Diamond which one of you should I send my scores to?
  2. Event

    that outfits and she had the nerve to call Madgina's MDNAT outfit trash At least she was truly amazing vocally on the tour and the remixes and live versions all slay. It's easily the tour audio I've used the most. Those horns for 2 Hearts , YDNY , SBIT Flower , CIMW
  3. Game

    1+1 vs Gift From Virgo
  4. Achievement

    Beytch better tour Southamerica next time I'm ready to give her my coins considering she wont be releasing tour dvds nor showing them on HBO anymore
  5. Event

    I can pin point some X, Aphro and Piss left over tracks but anything before that I have only played once or twice
  6. Event

    her looks were also horrible . I know she wanted to get back to work soon but she wasnt looking her best and the styling and outfits Willy gave her were so unflattering And she then came back for Aphro looking 15 years younger and ten times fresher Only Legendlie
  7. Event

    I lowkey never use Legend's unreleased tracks I'll have to relisten
  8. Event

    that was their approach All I See got a rapper for the US release IMA got a Mexican feature and + Taiwanese feature as well The God got that tragic single edit
  9. Event

    Not giving this a 10 is delusional The Spanglish version with the no1cur Mexican singer that got played on radio is a fucking -10 though
  10. Event

    This was on heavy rotation on mtv back in the day 8
  11. I'm not a rat that sabotages objectively great songs so you have nothing to worry about
  12. dont forget to add that special rule for Hymn Night I'm sure I'll go DHY on anyone who gives it less than a 9. It's probably my favorite song by anyone ever
  13. mess #LSHdoesntremember then Nicest member award winner Anna-wa
  14. I dont think we've rated it yet. That and All Night are the two Lemonade tracks we havent done yet @Diamond care to confirm?
  15. a movie that dramatices someone's lifestory to sell, that has never happened before She should do what Britney did and never aknowledge nor comment on it