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  1. Discussion

    I hope I didnt ruin@saiga 's hearing btw. Poor child had to listen to me trying to sing the Hymn Night bridge
  2. Discussion

    Friends that beat people up together stay together
  3. Discussion

    Suerte outsold btw
  4. Discussion

    If he doesnt I'll cross the Andes by foot just to beat him up tbfh
  5. Discussion

    Trying to steal Saiga's thunder like this smh Trying to pull a Bey at the 2011 VMAs I see
  6. Discussion

    Yes do her second best album papi
  7. Discussion

    Tea. She did that
  8. Discussion

    @saiga made a typo, All Night got an 11 actually I can confirm
  9. Discussion

    #blessed I got Girl Gone Wild
  10. Discussion

    I slay btw
  11. Discussion

  12. Discussion

    *instrumental* How I missed you my love .gif' alt='fall3'>
  13. Discussion

    Dont share it
  14. Discussion

    My heart says yes but my vocal range says no