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    I hope I didnt ruin@saiga 's hearing btw. Poor child had to listen to me trying to sing the Hymn Night bridge
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    Friends that beat people up together stay together
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    Suerte outsold btw
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    If he doesnt I'll cross the Andes by foot just to beat him up tbfh
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    Trying to steal Saiga's thunder like this smh Trying to pull a Bey at the 2011 VMAs I see
  6. Discussion

    Yes do her second best album papi
  7. Discussion

    Tea. She did that
  8. Discussion

    @saiga made a typo, All Night got an 11 actually I can confirm
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    #blessed I got Girl Gone Wild
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    I slay btw
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    *instrumental* How I missed you my love .gif' alt='fall3'>
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    Dont share it
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    My heart says yes but my vocal range says no
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    Tempted to send@saiga a voice note of me howling to this track
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    Omfg Hymn Night .gif' alt='fall3'>
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    Omg Hattie's 90
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    The rap gives me chills every fucking time
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    Tea. The visuals. The symbolism. Kendrick's extra verse. Her look.
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    Kendrick's verse My scalp isnt ready
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    Same .gif' alt='oprah4'>
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    Ill use the recipe from the film
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    Im flying to Chile to pour homemade Lemonade in your eyes and up your ass btw
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    Every promise dont work out that way byw