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  1. Game

    Updating my predicted names to Jade Celestine Carter & Shawn Knowl Carter I still stand by the May 7 date
  2. Game

    A trashy bop 8
  3. Game

    Yoncé vs Mine
  4. Game

    6.5 Death at some replies
  5. If that isnt me tho
  6. Game

    Crazy In Love - 10 Naughty Girl - 20 Be With You - 220 Me Myself and I - 160 Yes - 220 Speechless - 50
  7. Game

    Crazy In Love - 15 Naughty Girl - 20 Be With You - 220 Me Myself and I - 160 Yes - 220 Speechless - 45
  8. Game

    Yoncé vs Flawless Remix
  9. Event

    7.5 The live version on X2008/USA2009 is a 10
  10. Game

    my messy ass cant wait
  11. Celeb News

    R.I.P. Ebony
  12. stopped reading after you said Fever
  13. Game

    But it's hard to keep track of every rat with how fast the thread moves. This way you see all the people thst agreed with your ratings and the ones that gave low scores to your fave songs or too high a score to the crap ones
  14. Well a rehearsal version of Spinning Around has to exist somewhere considering she films everything and she performed it at the Proms in the Park event so my money is on that
  15. She perfomed the alternative arrangements at some European tv shows if I recall correctly. I once read on say hey there were like 22 songs recorded (including the alt versions) but dont quote me on that
  16. she also could've released the alternative ATL and CGYOOMH versions while we're at it
  17. Confide In Me vs All The Lovers
  18. Game

    Bedtime Stories is a good title too because the album puts you to sleep
  19. I burned a CD with the 19 track version of TARS and played it in the car till mid 2013 tea. At least they could've added it to ikoons or on the Flower single so we could get it in HQ And she was already doing an X song why not include something from Impossible Bible? The era always gets paid dust on her major compilation releases
  20. Game

    Crazy In Love - 20 Naughty Girl - 15 Be With You - 215 Me Myself and I - 160 Yes - 220 Speechless - 50
  21. Game

    Yoncé vs Runnin' (Lose It All)
  22. good luck with that i dont have anything to my name
  23. Game

    good to see everyone exposed tbh
  24. I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You can play when we finally meet 2 full minutes before tying the not