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  1. Runnin. the video alone deserves recognition
  2. You'll See God. no contest lmao
  3. i mean... it's the weakest track so far but i cant be mad as it's harmless i guess https://music.apple.com/us/album/revelación-ep/1550877476?l=es
  4. Vogue vs. Iconic Nobody Knows Me vs. Bitch I'm Madonna Frozen vs. Burning Up American Life vs. Holy Water/Vogue Express Yourself vs. Devil Pray Burning Up vs. Body Shop Material Girl vs. True Blue Hanky Panky vs. Deeper and Deeper Deeper and Deeper vs. HeartBreakCity/Love Don't Live Here Anymore Die Another Day vs. Like a Virgin Lament vs. Living for Love Nothing Fails vs. La Isla Bonita Don't Tell Me vs. Latin Medley Like a Prayer vs. Who's That Girl Mother and Father vs. Rebel Heart Imagine vs. Music Into the Groove vs. Candy Shop Papa Don't Preach vs. Mater
  5. battle of the mamacitas equis I'm gonna go with Medullín. BIL is attrocious
  6. Some of the sounds she explored for it were indeed great! But some of the songs are absolutely horrendous and career lows. IMO if you delete IFTYE, The Fad, Meh! and YNTCD the album is pretty strong. False God DBATC Cornelia Street Daylight Cruel Summer
  7. now my eyes leak acid rain on the pillow where you used to lay your head who gave her the right to write like that OT: happiness
  8. My most played tracks these days: Miss A Thing Real Groove Last Chance
  9. weren't preorders for DISCO a pretty high percentage higher than preorders for Golden as well? truly the boomerang of pop
  10. I saw on twitter LDLHA and Fever singles are also coming but no Fever (Edit One)
  11. queen about to serve us Madonna Madame X Tour like it's the Snyder cut