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  1. plutoniano


    pics or it didnt happen
  2. this has no business being better than some songs on the standard edition
  3. plutoniano

    Celeb News

    her team is a mess. original BJ copies had Hold On Tite
  4. plutoniano

    Celeb News

    screaming at the misprint tho "DYWCO? plays as track 2 on side B"
  5. plutoniano

    Celeb News

    i cant at them scrapping all of this
  6. plutoniano

    Celeb News

    performing two songs. I'm betting on Levitating and Love Again
  7. Dua is proving the blueprint of the pop star still works. Ypu just need to actually work, play the long game AND deliver quality pop music. I can see her having a long career, she's driven, determined and ambitious. Instead of sitting cross armed during the pandemic she went out of her way to promote her era and give something to the audience and it's paying off. The numbers don't lie. If you had told me in 2017 that the Be The One singer would be this big in 3 years I wouldve called you delusional but she really made me eat my own words and it's been a joy to watch her grow and become a pop icon in the making. Can't wait til she takes this album on the road, I think she's gonna give us a show that will put all her competition to shame.
  8. plutoniano


    Future Nostalgia: 18 Don't Start Now: 26 Cool: 24 Physical: 60 Levitating: 26 Hallucinate: 26 Love Again: 18 Break My Heart: 18
  9. plutoniano


    we shouldve never been axed on the first place tbh
  10. plutoniano


    her ig page is so neatly organized just Virgo things i guess
  11. plutoniano

    still one of the best albums i've ever heard PYCM Hold Up DHY Sorry 6 Inch Dick DL LD Sandcastles Forward Freedom All Night Slaymation
  12. plutoniano

    im in my penthouse half naked i cook this meal for you naked so where the hell you are
  13. Blue Ivy doesnt let these other girls breathe
  14. plutoniano


    grannies aint slick. this is a transparent attempt at getting a performance to help their ratings