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  1. Non Stop Herstory is such a fun listen
  2. she never seems to miss those. Only time we didnt get an actual audio release since the new millenuim was x2008
  3. idk she's kinda been doing it for a while now. Even back on KMO we got rumors of a planned reissue. I am perched for the tour most of all, I assume she'll do a couple of Disco album tracks since those didnt get an outing. With a bit of luck she'll do a couple of medleys for old hits to make room which will be great considering her medleys are always
  4. not another fucking reissue she can save it i wont buy the album til the reissue is out ngl
  5. Sexxx Dreams is the best song on ARTPOP
  6. My mind again I predicted she'd pull a folk/more schedule to secure AOTY




  8. full version leaked, it feels so good to hear her again
  9. the chokehold this album has on me I've been Beydooed
  10. it's cute but i expected more, hopefully that rumor saying Britney asked for a delay cause she wanted to tweak it is true and they mix her vocals a different way cause I could barely hear her during the chorus
  11. I really liked the compilation, the only remix I didnt care for was Fever but the rest are all nice. It's a great journey through the decades of club music. I did have to play it one cd at the time tho cause the running time for a single listening session is asking too much of the listener