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  1. the fact 13/16 songs were recorded on her home makes me scream tho engineering legend!
  2. i just realised if Disco snatches the #1 she'll have #1 debuts 3 years in a row
  3. plutoniano


    SS but Maslay video >
  4. plutoniano

    Music Video

    i loved her lewks and the camera work. This is what i was expecting from SS video
  5. that seems to be the common impression
  6. omg i love them, theyre super short and dont interrupt your enjoyement of the music
  7. I wasnt snatched tbh, I think the lyrics are a bit weak. Kinda reminds me of Sexy Love a bit, same kind of uninspired word play and rhyming. But production is super fun. It's not set to reinvent the wheel clearly, but it's not bad. I feel like she isnt pushing her sound forward enough for my taste. It's definitely catchy and a grower though. But none of the songs have been something new or original for her.
  8. last time she talked about this we got New York Shitty i say keep it and save it for TARS vol 2
  9. strange she didnt do it, after all what's one more bad movie on her imdb page
  10. plutoniano


    all pics are a serve tbh
  11. i'll get back to you after i take the time to sit and play the album in full XD
  12. plutoniano


    the latest pic she posted is a serve
  13. plutoniano


    queen of viral campaigns
  14. video coming tmw 7pm BTS the absolute SERVE