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  1. Rescue Me is the better song but if two are gettin thru my vote is for One Last Piss cause I cant stand Strangler
  2. TASTE! I went thru a bad breakup during the middle of the album campaign so it was so healing for me, i literally play it every week CD has a sold out residency on my car stereo Only skip for me is Lube, i just find it so lazy. One Last Piss at least has a second verse
  3. Body Bop aka the only replayable track on Repel Charts
  4. Shelby '68 Lost Without You Stop Me from Falling Radio On A Lifetime to Repair Dancing Raining Glitter Live a Little One Last Kiss Every Little Part of Me Low Blow Rollin' Music's Too Sad Without You (Ft. Jack Savoretti) Golden Sincerely Yours Love An album with only one skip, queen really did THAT at 50 uh
  5. Leeeet it wiiiiiiiill... beeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Nothing Fails. Her best 2000s song
  7. I do think she WILL release this year tho. She's turning 40 and she stans the number 4.zip