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  1. the way S10 was announced last I was about to pick up the phone and talk Maxima into leaving the EBU Any predictions for tonight? Serbia better pull thru
  2. Probably, I'm certain it will win by a landslide on the televote but rap entries dont do well with the juries as far as I can remember. F4gs are rooting for Spain and while her performance is a slay the song is kinda weak. My money is on Sweeden but Serbia should win, Godstrakta did THAT
  3. not it being old remixes we've had for years wasnt she remixing shit in the studio not long ago Anyways, I do like the deluxe cover, it fits with the same aesthetic as Celebration so I'm not mad but the singles artworks they picked to sneak into the background are a CHOICE. Not everyone has 50 #1s on an official billboard chart according to applemusic the songs are unmixed and on their original length but include the tag 2022 REMASTER
  4. 50 number Ones makes SBIT original issue look like a fucking masterpiece in comparison negl
  5. I dont think it's a fair comparison, Justin has been famous for like 15 years and harry has been a solo act for 5ish or so
  6. Britney - Crossroads. Since it basically serves as the Crossroads OST anyways Unless Jive did something right for once and kept the songs from the movie (Overprotected, ILRNR, INAGNYAW, Bombastic Love) exclusive to the OST album and fill their spots on the album with the superior bonus tracks/unreleased songs Britney Jean - N/A They rushed this album for filth, shouldve just done WB and Perfume as stand alone singles and call it a day. Drop the album later on as the show went on with whatever material Britney decided to add to the residency but we all know that was never gonna happen
  7. You're thinking of Track 9: Forward (feat. James Blake) The only difital exclusive was the Sorry demo version that was included on the Spotify version of the album that dropped a year after the original 12 tracks record vinyl and cd back cover with all them 12 tracks:
  8. it's literally track 12 across all formats
  9. Tik Tok "star" Reiley samples Kylie's iconic La La La hook on his brand new single "Blah Blah Blah" thoughts?
  10. i'm so tired of LAFS2001, i lowkey use this more often LAFS/LAFS medley when
  11. anyways stream Red (Taylor's Version) spotify/apple music/youtube
  12. tiktokers are so fucking cringe