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  1. The Actress... mainly cause her pronunctiation of local places is shit
  2. we knew this would happen when TME tracklist was announced. still lowkey vile of Dua and her team but a kii
  3. cum inside of me zzzanctuary never fails to put me to sleep
  4. Lift Off i guess Salud! is cute but recycled Blo Yvi message is messy
  5. the lyrics are a kii but the whole thing is a mess. I also despise the Snakelord song. Imma be generous tho 6
  6. More More More vs. Slow Love at First Sight vs. Still Standing Can't Get You Out of My Head vs. Secret (Take You Home) Fever vs. Promises Give It to Me vs. Sweet Music Fragile vs. Red Blooded Woman Come Into My World vs. Chocolate In Your Eyes vs. Obsession Dancefloor vs. I Feel for You Love Affair vs. Someday Your Love vs. Loving Days Burning Up vs. After Dark F: 6 vs BL: 6
  7. This Is Me Crying Cornelia Street Getaway Car Enchanted Coney Island Wildest Dreams You're Not Sorry Should’ve Said No Stay Stay Stay
  8. Impossible Princess Light Years Let's Get To It Body Language Fever X Play Me Once Golden Aphrodite Kylie Minogue DISCO Rhythm Of Love Kylie Kylie Christmas Enjoy Yourself
  9. interesting, let me rank by ammounts of total plays on my end: Kylie Minogue Dua Lipa Selena Gomez Miley Cyrus Rina Sawayama Nicki Minaj The Weeknd Ellie Goulding Doja Cat Blackpink (Kiss And Make Up + those 3 times I played Chromatica) Charlie XCX Billie Eilish Halsey
  10. Confide In Me Slow Better The Devil You Know All The Lovers Dancing Too Far I Should Be So Lucky Magic Into The Blue Spinning Around 2 Hearts Hand On Your Heart Word Is Out Skip Skip Skip I'm not gonna rank Pissw*rd
  11. Fever slaps but i use WDYLM more
  12. Like a Blowjob i'm down on my knees
  13. screaming at this i was just playing the new tracks and they all ended before any momentum built
  14. Heard About Us just cause of that Jay line about being a called a dad online
  15. Can't Stop cause I lowkey can't stand WTG original version
  16. I love WIGB but Cuntdown is THAT girl