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  1. I refuse can't imagine It being released in 2018. I want it so badly
  2. Event

    So, I would like instead, the Kylie Christmas (Deluxe)(CD/DVD). If u don't mind. It is the only CD that I don't have of hers.
  3. Event

    I'm dying for her backdrops of Bette Davis and Celebration, and it's unbelievable that the Kylie fan base don't know how to hack her. All are too kind. Madonna sneeze and there is sounds of it being trade all over the internet. Madonna - Sneeze (Demo 05-12-17) lol
  4. Event

    Nu-di-ty Demos not leaked from Kylie?
  5. Event

    I will fight and never give up on Original Doll!
  6. Game

    TOTALLY AGREE! One of my fave M songs 11!
  7. Slow vs Chocolate
  8. Everythime that I listen to it, I get more and more amused. It's so powerful
  9. Event

    a 9 for bc aussie Kylie
  10. I mentined her because both are at the same label now. So, the chances are higher. I'm here for a hello kitty rock Kylie