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  1. Rumor

    if It leaked, maybe it's coming already. September the single release and album announcement for November.
  2. here

    I'm so in love right now gasp1


    (Rita S03E04)

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    2. RebelMe

      @Entea no no, I just finished, but I think he's cute with the mustache. He is from Norway, maybe there they kinda like it. 

    3. RebelMe

      but I will never see him again with the same eyes, lol! ny2

    4. Can't Come Up With A Name

      6 hours ago, Entea said:

      He looks like a pedo awk1

      I was gonna write that before I saw your comment ny2

  3. here

    Taylor's new album is coming, I can feel it! oprah13

  4. Game

    Papa x Open. I can't wait for it
  5. here

    "Frito-Lay to launch New York restaurant with only Cheetos-themed dishes"

    Britney in New York rn


  6. here

    Younger Now got me so badly. Best song of the year so far. 

    me rn:




      I've never been so excited for an Album of hers ! Not even Bangerz ! and those were.    Bop-alicious !


    2. RebelMe

      @NOVAAYEARZ i can't agree more! I'm so exited after listening to YN, it will be a great album, can't wait. 


      @RebelMe That Dolly Parton collaboration!

  7. Game

    the fight will be interesting. Open Your Heart x True Blue x Live To Tell x Papa Don't Preach x La Isla Bonita. Its impossible to choose, seriously.
  8. Event

    10. I really enjoy this song
  9. Game

    Yes, I don't know why they don't like it, they should appreciate it more.
  10. Game

    fair enough. 1. Jimmy Jimmy - Devil Pray2. Jimmy Jimmy - Milk3. Jimmy Jimmy - Saiga4. Jimmy Jimmy - UB5. Jimmy Jimmy - Rebel Me6.7.8. I will loose anyway, so, I will vote for myself because I fucking love True Blue, and Jimmy Jimmy is the worst song.
  11. Game

    I will take it The worst song.
  12. Game

    True Blue !!!!!!1111