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  1. RebelMe here

    She's the original,
    She's unforgettable
    She wants you to know she's been cloned
    It's kind of incredible
    She's so unpredictable
    She wants you to know, she's been cloned, she's been cloned, she's been cloned


  2. RebelMe here

    You know I wanna believe that we're a masterpiece but sometimes it's hard to tell in the dark who owns my heart mess1

    1. Anna-wa


  3. RebelMe here

    M looking so beautiful. Finally she got her face surgery right cry0 rip2


  4. RebelMe here

    this remix is so good! oprah2rip3 oprah13


  5. RebelMe here

    "I just wanna make sure I give you motherf*ckers something to talk about"

    *starts singing*


  6. RebelMe here

    Every time that I listen to this song, I remember Mean Girls. It's impossible to not remember the little girl dancing. 


    1. Vertigo-go

      Kelis recorded an iconic sex bop Crapney or XXL never duplicated, to be honest.

    2. Urbanov

      I love this song cause it sounds nothing like any song from that time. Actually it sounds like a bop from the future


      Bossy says hey girl 

  7. RebelMe here

    I'm so in love right now gasp1


    (Rita S03E04)

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    2. RebelMe

      @Entea no no, I just finished, but I think he's cute with the mustache. He is from Norway, maybe there they kinda like it. 

    3. RebelMe

      but I will never see him again with the same eyes, lol! ny2

    4. VaginasAreDisgusting!

      6 hours ago, Entea said:

      He looks like a pedo awk1

      I was gonna write that before I saw your comment ny2

  8. RebelMe here

    Taylor's new album is coming, I can feel it! oprah13

  9. RebelMe here

    "Frito-Lay to launch New York restaurant with only Cheetos-themed dishes"

    Britney in New York rn


  10. RebelMe here

    Younger Now got me so badly. Best song of the year so far. 

    me rn:




      I've never been so excited for an Album of hers ! Not even Bangerz ! and those were.    Bop-alicious !


    2. RebelMe

      @NOVAAYEARZ i can't agree more! I'm so exited after listening to YN, it will be a great album, can't wait. 


      @RebelMe That Dolly Parton collaboration!

  11. RebelMe here

    59 glorious years. Happy birthday to the only and only queen. yas1 

    I need a new fucking album, now!



    1. Chris Morlock

      i hope we get an album in the next few days jj4 

  12. RebelMe here

    Retro Wave is just everything. gaga13


  13. RebelMe here

    Somedays (everyday) you just wake up and identifies yourself so much with Britney Spears in the mornings. 041.png

  14. RebelMe here

    this music is so good! oprah13

  15. RebelMe here

    If you could take my pulse right now It would feel just like a sledgehammer