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    Real recognizes real
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    I see you @Light Years I too recognize and respect her greatest work
  3. SockBitch


    Koocachoo is the only correct answer to that question and I will stan the ever living hell out of it until my dying day YOU’RE THE DREAM BOY OF MY BEDROOM POSTER NOW WE’RE ON A ROLLER COASTER RII-YIIDE
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    Got bored and made a tier list of my main pop girls so here’s that: Some other, less FOTP-y artists that I use on the regular:
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    Living For Love / Medellín Devil Pray / Dark Ballet Ghosttown / God Control Unapologetic Bitch / Future Illuminati / Batuka Bitch I'm Madonna / Killers Who Are Partying Hold Tight / Crave Joan Of Arc / Crazy Iconic / Come Alive HeartBreakCity / Extreme Occident Body Shop / Faz Gostoso Holy Water / Bitch I'm Loca Inside Out / I Don't Search I Find Wash All Over Me / Looking For Mercy Best Night / I Rise Veni Vidi Vici / Funana S.E.X. / Back That Up To The Bet Messiah / Ciao Bella Rebel Heart / Soltera  RH: 7 MX: 11  TIE: 1 As others have stated, close overall except the lows on RH are so so so much lower than the lows on MX
  6. I screamed in both episodes when they started playing I honestly don’t know how my friends still like spending time with me
  7. Ok I’m meeting some friends for lunch you hoes better not let this thread flop
  8. I know it is but the way it’s edited is so harsh and irritating imo that’s what I’ve been talking about this whole time lmao
  9. I continue to see no lies, all the basic songs are going first
  10. There’s a zero percent chance that’s actual words it’s not even listed in the lyrics anywhere Like from 0:00-0:10? No I refuse to believe it
  11. Good this is but not all weird
  12. Blast it into the trash bin
  13. Just cuz it’s weird don’t mean it’s good
  14. Literally the first vocals you hear on soltera?