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  1. SockBitch

    Trying to put together a mixtape of all her singles but struggling to finalize a final track order. Any suggestions? Also I’m going the the Troye Sivan concert in Chicago next Friday and am literally more excited for Kim than him lol
  2. SockBitch


    Lifetime to Repair (single remix) Dancing Low Blow Raining Glitter Golden Stop Me From Falling Radio On One Last Kiss Rollin All the rest are tied at like 6/10 except Love which is trash
  3. The original version released for the Tom Ford campaign is high key better in literally every way wyd
  4. SockBitch


    I mean to be completely honest one of my favorite things about her is how she literally does not give a fuck and lives completely separate from everyone else’s reality and this entire MDNA skin shit is literally the best example of that so I don’t care. The bitch is serving looks and doing something she is passionate about and so long as the album isn’t a lazy dialed-in flop when it eventually arrives I say good for her.
  5. This is literally the mashup between Ultraviolence era Lana and Age of Adz era Sufjan Stevens that I didn’t realize my life was desperately missing until now work it bitch
  6. SockBitch


    Cruel World Ride Honeymoon / Born to Die (BTD is a better song, but HM is a more effective opener 🤷🏼‍♂️) Love Kill Kill
  7. SockBitch

    Celeb News

    No music news but holy shit that speech
  8. SockBitch

    Celeb News

    “This project is very special to me and has been in the making for 10 years now. Truly the Boyhood of music. I present to you my final work and magnum opus, Candy Shop (Artistic Rape Revenge Remix) [feat. Migos].”
  9. SockBitch

    Celeb News

    “And the VMA Music Video of the year is... mine.” **runs off stage cackling as the lights dim and an hour long visual album begins playing on every screen in Radio City Hall**
  10. SockBitch


    STS > Bed > BB > TLIC > GOYK
  11. SockBitch


    Aquarius, can confirm.
  12. SockBitch

    Music Video

    Fucking living for these bangs
  13. SockBitch


    She’s serving such 80s hair metal here it’s honestly iconic
  14. SockBitch


    She also looks just like Patricia Krenwinkel from the Manson Family and my mom’s HS senior pics
  15. SockBitch