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  1. Stop being so generous, Slow and Chocolate are the only songs that don’t belong in the trash
  2. As a gay who hates 80% of that album I can confirm I do not want her to go back to that sound
  3. Her best album & best tour, wbk. Glad to see her team acknowledging it for once!
  4. I was just thinking about this last week actually lol Angel - I always found it really repetitive and annoying but it’s really grown on me over the past year or two. Honestly same can be said about the whole LAV album for me. Till Death Do Us Part - I think I just struggled because the whole song structure is kinda weird and never really goes where you expect it to, but I’ve come to really appreciate that! Secret Garden - It was always a skip and all of a sudden it’s one of my all-time favorite M tracks! Inside of Me / Forbidden Love / Love Tried to Welcome Me - Lumping the
  5. Oh hell this is impossible. My two favorite M records at this point so it *really* just depends on my mood Erotica vs. Drowned World/Substitute for Love Fever vs. Swim Bye Bye Baby vs. Ray of Light Deeper and Deeper vs. Candy Perfume Girl Where Life Begins vs. Skin Bad Girl vs. Nothing Really Matters Waiting vs. Sky Fits Heaven Thief of Hearts vs. Shanti/Ashtangi Words vs. Frozen Rain vs. The Power of Goodbye Why's It So Hard vs. To Have and Not to Hold In This Life vs. Little Star Secret Garden vs. Mer Girl Erotica 7 | Ray Of Light 6
  6. I don’t even have a record player but I bought the Extended Mixes vinyl and the whole package is STUNNING
  7. Omg my 30th birthday is that week and I’ve already been planning to go because visiting Australia has been a lifelong dream, I would simply pass away if she performs. Assuming they let tourists in at that point…. I would love the follow-up album to be inspired by early house music since so much of that was reworked from sampled disco tracks and we haven’t had many proper *house* inspired tracks from her in a while
  8. They had my interest, now they have my attention
  9. I saw this making the rounds on Twitter and thought I’d share. Highest ranking woman AND highest ranking solo artist? I know that’s right. Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Artists, Top 10: 1, The Beatles 2, Madonna 3, Elton John 4, Elvis Presley 5, Mariah Carey 6, Stevie Wonder 7, Janet Jackson 8, Michael Jackson 9, Whitney Houston 10, Rihanna The Beatles defend their No. 1 ranking on Billboard‘s Greatest of All-Time Hot 100 Artists chart (among close to 8,000 acts ever to appear on the weekly Hot 100)… Madonna, with 38 Hot 100 top 10s, the most among wom
  10. It was so much better than I expected and I was already hoping to love it
  11. Apologies if there’s a thread for this already but I didn’t see one lol. Had a chance to see a preview show of House of Gucci last night and I’m SO impressed. What a visual treat from start to finish. The whole cast was great, but Gaga really blew me away. I mean I’ve always enjoyed her acting but this was on another level. So proud of her and so happy she had this opportunity, it’s really the perfect role, not only because she is clearly proud of her Italian heritage, but it also gave her a great opportunity to play someone TOTALLY different than Ally and demonstrate a really grea
  12. Anti tour, I want the old gays to seethe When I saw MX in Chicago, at one point someone yelled out “play your old shit!” Without missing a beat she responded with “I already did, it’s not my problem you weren’t there.”