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  1. SockBitch


    Aw bummer I LOVE that track. I know her shows are off the cuff at times so it’ll be interesting to see if the setlist differs at all
  2. SockBitch


    Has anyone gone / is anyone going? I’m going to see her in Chicago tonight (my 3rd time I’m so pumped) but I feel like there hasn’t been much discussion on here unless I’ve somehow just been sleeping on it
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    Honeymoon vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Music to Watch Boys to vs. Mariners Apt Terrence Loves You vs. Venice Bitch God Knows I Tried vs. Fuck it I love you High by the Beach vs. Doin' Time Freak vs. Love song Art Deco vs. Cinnamon Girl Burnt Norton vs. How to disappear Religion vs. California Salvatore vs. The Next Best American Record The Blackest Day vs. The greatest 24 vs. Bartender Swan Song vs. Happiness is a butterfly Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood vs. hope HM: 1 NFR: 8 Tie: 4
  4. I know but only some are available (aka I’m still stuck watching a YouTube rip of Aphrodite)
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  6. Still mad she didn’t come to the US on a tour that was freaking based on Nashville 💀 Is this getting a digital release too because I want to give ha my coins
  7. Gorgeous. I mean it’s obvious she’s a ~woman of age~ up close but there weren’t too many visible wrinkles nor did she look overfilled. She also made a few MDNA skin jokes lol. And there are a few outfits in the show that might rank in my top 10 favorite tour looks overall.
  8. Alright imma type up a full review later but suffice to say that was one of the most magical nights I’ll probably ever have and was capped off by her starting me right in the eye and fist bumping me in the way out. So, 10/10 definitely recommend
  9. SockBitch


    Lol I’m at work so I’m not gonna take the time to respond other than I concede VALID points were made but we‘ll agree to disagree since RIT and DWT are 100% bottom tier for me and I never fully got into S&S but I recognize it’s all a matter of opinion at the end of the day because the more important point is that there’s hardly an outright bad performance in her career (Eurovision 2019 notwithstanding )
  10. SockBitch


    • Medellin, God Control, and Dark Ballet are some of the best music videos she’s put out since like the late 90s • for ONCE her team seemed to have a semi-competent hype/release plan. Y’all are forgetting how amazing it was when the ❌ dropped on insta out of nowhere or when that first “welcome to the world of Madame X” teaser dropped • the mysterious world traveler theme could’ve been played a bit more cohesively sure but still a really cool concept and nicely builds on the world music vibes she’s been building in her last few tours (Isaac in Confessions, Gogol Bordello in S&S, Kalakan trio in MDNA, Spanish section in RHT) • she did like 8 million press interviews which was fun to see • some of the best overall looks since like... BS era honestly • she hasn’t been this obviously invested in and dripping with passion for a project since COADF • in concept the theatre residency tour is such a cool idea and despite a bumpy start too soon to tell how it plays off (I’ll let y’all know how tonight goes) Ya the album continued the overbloating trend started with MDNA and could have used a bit more editorial clarity and focus but overall I would at least rank this as an above average era even if the album is not everyone’s cup of tea
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    I’m sorry fuckin BATUKA is in the lead who the hell has been running this into the ground?
  12. SockBitch


    Wow you hate Confessions we get it But actually, only 2 Girlie Show numbers? Half of S&S ranking higher than Music Inferno? Not a single number from RHT in a list of 40 options? Half of the setlist of Drowned World? The clownery of it all sis I can’t
  13. Well after 14 years of stanning the ever-living hell out of this bitch I finally get to see her tomorrow. If I die of joy it’s been real. If I make it out alive, I’ll report back (once I get my phone that is lol)
  14. SockBitch


    I always felt like the 1-2 punch of Sanctuary and Bedtime Story was a perfect transition between BS and ROL sonically and thematically but then TAB interrupts that flow but it’s also one of her best album closers so its hard to imagine it anywhere else
  15. SockBitch


    That’s my plan