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  1. That video is the most low-effort thing she’s made since the music video for Into The Blue st least she looks good
  2. Like it’s definitely a step in the right direction but gimme dat sweet 1080p mom
  3. SockBitch


    So long as I get a February single release for my birthday like Kylie did last year I can wait if I must
  4. SockBitch

    Celeb News

    Especially considering this tour is in support of her most specifically Americana influences album ever Sheila wyd Even if she just tours small venues like she did during that promo tour I would kill to drive down to Nashville to see a set
  5. @LoanSPW so I’m assuming this got postpone-maloned
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    This was my first Madonna album; made my mom drive me to Best Buy to get it the day that it dropped. As a sheltered, young, confused little gay boy, this record awakened something in my heart that is burning bright today. If Born This Way was the album that made me accept myself (cliche I know but I was young, sue me), this was the record that first made me understand who I really was, and I am eternally greatful for it and the goddess herself for blessing us with it
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    Toxic masculinity suppressing another stan
  8. I'll be drinking Krug Rosé and sometimes Lemon Drops I'll be wearing diamond grills and Louboutins a lot
  9. Back that up to the beat to the beat Bang that drum to the beat
  10. Sweet I’ve been wanting to do this again I’ll get my vote in after this weekend
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    Blackout Femme Fatale In The Zone Glory ...Baby One More Time Britney Circus Oops!... I Did It Again Britney Jean
  12. SockBitch

    Trying to put together a mixtape of all her singles but struggling to finalize a final track order. Any suggestions? Also I’m going the the Troye Sivan concert in Chicago next Friday and am literally more excited for Kim than him lol
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    Lifetime to Repair (single remix) Dancing Low Blow Raining Glitter Golden Stop Me From Falling Radio On One Last Kiss Rollin All the rest are tied at like 6/10 except Love which is trash