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  1. SockBitch


    Everyone knows CPG, Skin, and SFH are the three skips on an otherwise flawless album so I see no lies here
  2. SockBitch


    Her listening to Love Song is the biggest mood of 2019
  3. I have yet to get through it without crying
  4. Right UV and HM have been fighting back and forth for my number 1 spot and this is such an amazing blend of the things I love about both records while still feeling fresh and exciting rather than a retread, ugh her MIND
  5. That first fucking picture there’s no chance she hasn’t seen one of the drive-thru memes at this point, what a troll. Life imitates art indeed!
  6. Ok after like 6 listens the Trinity seems to be solidifying around NFR, Love Song, and HIAB
  7. Truly the fiscally moderate socially libertarian queen icon that our county needs right now
  8. SockBitch


    HIAB / The Greatest NFR / Love Song CG / HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI DT / California MAC Venice Bitch / TNBAR Barttttender / HTD FIILY To be fair though the only track I’d give below 3/5 to at this point is FIILY so it’s all kinda moot anyway
  9. Only got through Cinnamon Girl before I had to leave for work but NFR/LS/CG is THE trinity of this album don’t @ me (though ready and willing for that to change once I get through the rest tonight)
  10. I was literally able to snag a download right as I was leaving for work this morning god 5pm can’t come fast enough
  11. Omg same. Like idk what it is but she spend the whole video kinda smiling but in a way that it clearly looks like she’s just barely holding it together and could break down at any moment and I FELT THAT
  12. SockBitch


    1. The Greatest (10/10) - might drop but it’s been stuck in my head nonstop since it first leaked last week 2. Doin’ Time (10/10) 3. Mariners Apt Complex (10/10) 4. HIADTFAWLMTHBIHI (10/10) - dying that this acronym is longer than the other full titles 5. Venice Bitch (9/10) - would be 10 if it was like ever so slightly trimmed down 6. Fuck It I Love You (7/10)
  13. Ugh it literally drops as my lunch is ending guess I’m gonna have to take a 10 min bathroom break right when I get back to work
  14. SockBitch

    Celeb News

    This was such a great article she really seems to just be taking it easy and living her best life and I’m so happy for her