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  1. Album

    Trying not to get hyped but
  2. Event

    Me waiting for Friday on the off chance she’s actually smart enough to drop something this week and capitalize on the buzz from the Met
  3. Photos

    That MDNA Skin magic is real tho she looks so good
  4. https://www.vogue.com/article/madonna-met-gala-performance-2018 this snippet is amazing GIVE ME THE WHOLE THING VOGUE
  5. Achievement

  6. Achievement

    Bye Bye Slaydy
  7. No clue what’s going on but the song is a bop and the whole video looks expensive as fuck so I’m here for it
  8. Music Video

    she is serving LOOKS
  9. Achievement

    Enjoy Yourself is high key her best song of the 80s and an inspirational motivational anthemic BOP
  10. Album

    So when is someone with more clout on the Kylie page gonna start a new discography megarate because I got some opinions to share
  11. Discussion

    “These kids these days with their damn country music and new things that aren’t familiar to me.” Golden is a GIFT from the goddess and y’all need to accept that fact
  12. Photos

    was just about to say this she looks like a tweaker corpse in the official one but it's ok
  13. Album

    Jk found one I think
  14. Album

    Someone pls help I've been hunting dead-end links for like 2 hours now
  15. Album

    Share the love please sis