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    After like 3 full listens: 1. Enigma 2. Rain On Me 3. Babylon (holy shit did this grow on me) 4. Chromatica I / Alice 5. Chromatica III /Sine From Above 6. Plastic Doll 7. Chromatica II / 911 8. Stupid Love 9. Replay 10. 1000 Doves 11. Sour Candy 12. Free Woman (what the FUCK was she thinking by releasing this generic Radio Disney ass mess version) 13. Fun Tonight So like, on the one hand I’m sad by how many of the songs are totally underwhelming on their own, but when listening to the whole record the whole thing flows so well and it’s only ~43 mins so nothing really feels like it needs to be skipped. This might be one of those weird situations where an artists best album has some of their most meh music just because the whole is SO much greater than the sum of its parts lol
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    Taste recognizes taste, I’ve been listening to Enigma ALL day
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    My ranking after 1 full listen on my morning jog Enigma - 100/10, one of the best songs she's ever put out, good for weddings, funerals, etc., what Dua tried and almost succeeded at with Hallucinate Chromatica I / Alice - haunting, exciting, great way to set the tone for the record Rain On Me - I've listened probably 50+ times since last week and it keeps getting better Sour Candy - Swish Swish found dead, funeral is next week Chromatica III / Sine From Above - weird and too long and over indulgent aka exactly what I hoped from the 2 of them Stupid Love - easily one of the more basic tracks on the record but still a fun cute bop! Babylon - somehow so much worse than the demo clip but also still slays? idk we'll see. cute as an outro but too short to stand on it's own Chromatica II / 911 - oooooh boy. was on the floor the second it stated but the chorus is.... not good. Basically Bad Kids 2.0 in that regard so we'll see how it ages.... Free Woman - was SOO into the leaked version but I feel like they stripped all the personality out of it and turned it into a Zara Larsson b-side.. Plastic Doll - feel like this will grow on me but eeeeh Replay - pon de "this is fun" 1000 Doves - basic but fun, reminds of Gypsy as far as the thematic content and placement on the record Fun Tonight - I hate it and she should've just put a remixed version of Brooklyn Nights here because they're like the same damn song Like... I'm kinda underwhelmed by a lot of the tracks on their own BUT the fact that a lot of them are comically short and that so much of the record just kinda flows without interruption (Confessions on a Dancefloor / Turn off the Light, their impact!) makes it easier to listen all the way through and the sum is definitely greater than it's parts. Except Fun Tonight, that can go rot.
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    Am I the only one that’s a LITTLE disappointed with the fact that we’re getting some of the best album visuals of any artist all time and yet both music videos so far have been... fine? Like girl where’s the budget, where’s the drama, where’s all the cool sets that you shot these pics on. We better get another GUY situation that’s just like a 20 min short film
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    Music - 15 Impressive Instant - 45 (-5) Runaway Lover - 40 I Deserve It - 30 Amazing - 65 Nobody's Perfect - 35 Don't Tell Me - 20 What It Feels Like for a Girl - 35 Paradise (Not for Me) - 40 (+5) Gone - 35 (+5)
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    Ray of Light - 15 Nothing Really Matters - 245 (+5) Frozen - 200 The Power of Good-Bye - 60 (-5)
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    They say be all I can be and all I wanna see is the old FOTP FOTP...
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    It’s been a min since I’ve been on here can someone catch me up on where all the sections went and why we’re now stuck doing free-for-all artist threads like some D-List pop girl
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    1. Medellin 2. Bitch I’m Madonna 3. Ghosttown 4. Give Me All Your Luvin 5. Girl Gone Wild
  11. Perfect ty! Will take care of this over my Christmas holiday lol
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    Good! Maybe now she’ll learn how to be interesting
  13. I would also like to know since I somehow missed it the first time around and would love to participate
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    It’s basically just an extended mix of the album version that gets rid of the like siren synth thing that I find really annoying, so, not mad!