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  1. Ultra Blue

    In defense of Utada, Island/Def jam got her a record deal because she worked with Janet Jackson's producers on Distance (2001) and they thought she would make a typical early 2000 R&B album for them but She didn't, She made an experimental record instead. The label simply did'nt know how to promote her. Still manage to get that #1 Billboard dance hit and sell 1mil copies ww tho. Anyway, I think Rina Sawayama, Joji, Rich Brian and Mitski are doing pretty good.
  2. Ultra Blue

    Michael Jackson Number Ones is a better compilation
  3. Ultra Blue


    It's better than MDNA, Yes. Better than Rebel Heart? hell naw Hard Candy don't even sound like a Madonna album.
  4. Ultra Blue

    is it time for #ValentinaIsTrulyOverParty
  5. I think one of the reasons why she was bitter towards Whitney is because she was desperate for that acknowledgement for her music. She only ever won one grammy then for Blond Ambition but never for her music no matter how critically acclaimed they were (Like A Prayer received 0 nomination even tho it got universal acclaims). Meanwhile, Whitney won grammies for her not-so-well-received-by-the-critics-but-sell-a-lot albums. I mean, the bodyguard OST won over Sting and Billy Joel? Blasphemy! Kinda like Beyonce's LEMONADE vs 25 situation then. I'm just thankful She found Kabbalah after this dark period in her life. "When i was very young, nothing really mattered to me but making myself happy. I was the only one. now that I'm grown, everything changed. I'll never be the same... Looking at my life, it's very clear to me. I lived so selfishly. I was the only one. I realized that nobody wins..."
  6. Ultra Blue


    You don't understand. It's July 11th 4:20AM here now. I stayed up all night waiting for it to surface on iTunes
  7. Ultra Blue


    I legit thought the album is coming July 11th
  8. Ultra Blue

    so you're just gonna talk in circle when somebody clocked you? can't even provide a valid example of madonna stealing? just like the previous Janet 'argument', ok. noted.
  9. Ultra Blue

    You stated that Madonna is being "Inspired" but still use a legal use of property as an example for her so called 'thieving'. Did you miss the post?
  10. Ultra Blue

    Theft implies that she did not spent money to be able to use those things legally. what's next? Madonna dressing up as Marylin Monroe? theft THeft/ noun noun: theft; plural noun: thefts the action or crime of stealing. "he was convicted of theft"
  11. Ultra Blue

    That image is taken from Confession Tour during Music Inferno segment (inspired by Tina's own disco inferno). From which she also dress up as John Travolta, sampled ABBA, and everything else that scream the 70s. All is credited in the DVD. If you want to say Madonna steals, at least give one example that's valid.
  12. Mariah pre-1996 was not the Mariah Carey as She herself wants to be. She couldn't make the album she wanted and forced to put out more adult contemporary pop songs. The constant pressure from her label to be this balladeer is exactly why she had her meltdown later on. Madonna was asked about record labels not standing up for their artists' artistic point of view but instead treated them like cash cows. Mariah was the example for that. It has nothing to do with the subject of their respective art.
  13. Ultra Blue

    Sums up my feeling about Witness.
  14. Ultra Blue

    Circus is more of a media comeback than a commercial one. She survived 2007 and that's a huge deal.
  15. Ultra Blue