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  1. Andrew here

    Omg so I was delaying listening to Rainbow cus I was just nervous about it idk why oprah4 and it's fucking slain me oprah4 Hymn, Rainbow, Godzilla, Learn To Let Go, Spaceship oprah4 


    I'M SHOOK YALL gaga13 she put out exactly the record that she needed to and that I needed to hear from her

  2. Andrew here

    My knees are fucking bruised to the bone I've been praying all day today yall oprah10 cry1

  3. Andrew here

    It Ain't Me is the first pop girl release in a while that I've actually been bopping to oprah2 Slaylena oprah2 

    1. jdpm1991

      Then you haven't listened to pop girl music that much if that generic boring trash got you to bop.


    2. Hylia

      ^screaming at the anger

  4. Andrew here

    Damn Kesha was the 2nd most Googled musician worldwide in 2016 shock1 and ppl say she's over


    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      Sis the court case... dead2 

    2. Andrew

      Yeah people were interested in her um2 

    3. Sheezus

      Who said she was over? oprah12

  5. Love the taste of this tea
  6. Andrew

    If I had heard any of Dua's songs before I'd tell you but
  7. Andrew here

    Merry Christmas ya'll!! oprah4 

  8. Andrew

    Umm The Weeknd, Drake, and P!nk say hi... Posted from my Pixel using the FOTP app
  9. Andrew

    Once again lautnerfield on the wrong side of the political battle
  10. Andrew

    Kesha Gaga Mfw
  11. Prob cus no one in their right fucking mind (that wasn't getting paid for it) would have sex with her
  12. Andrew

    Best drag show on Earth queen
  13. Andrew

    Who is Demi never heard of her
  14. Queen of world records! Smashing the record time for 2 flop comeback lead singles back to back queen