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    2. 2007 Britney

      do something to get banned

    3. Melt Away

      I never go on this goddamn site anymore and the posts I've made in the past were just embarrassing and I just wanted to get rid of my presence on this site completely.....


  2. Melt Away

    The Joanne stage looks sick, and the interludes are pretty great. That's all I'm gonna say!
  3. Melt Away

    Madonna invented air so her
  4. Suddenly I love soccer!
  5. https://ldaamerica.org/adult-literacy-reading-programs/ https://proliteracy.org/What-We-Do/Programs-Projects https://lincs.ed.gov/professional-development/resource-collections/profile-986 Adult illiteracy is a significant issue. Here are some important links and resources for certain members starting with an H and ending with an avok
  6. So, it got to the point where you're repeating yourself once again without reading. Familiar! I think I've encountered a conversation like that before! I've literally tackled everything. You just cannot read. I've answered every single one of your "counter-arguments" three posts ago. I'm not going to repeat myself to a wall. Where's the "well-executed argument" you speak of? Come through or don't come at all! A bore. No, I simply said that art CAN be just a display of talent. However, when you said that your standards were specifically in the line of provoking thought and intentions, then I showed you another batch of receipts. I'm only catering to your needs, boo boo. You still fail to give actual validation to your argument. You couldn't do it before, you still can't do it now. Easily debunked? Yeah, when you don't read a page worth of points then yes, you would feel like hot shit. You ain't, boo boo. Read again. Until you actually debunk what I've said three or four posts ago, you ain't shit. Game over for me because you quit. Weak!
  7. Melt Away

    The gag is... this doesn't only happen to Gaga! (although it is most frequently her) Mariah stans, Whitney stans, Janet stans, occasionally Kylie stans, etc. have to deal with this constantly. Sad! Being a stan of the best-selling female artist of all time, you would expect them to be not insecure.... Not the case!
  8. Melt Away


    Is he the homophobic one?
  9. Melt Away

    The first piano note of Breakdown ALWAYS pops my pussy. Idk why, just something about it.
  10. I tried recording myself sing and I sounded awful. So I chose an easier song. Still awful. Another easier one. Still awful. It got to the point where I was literally singing the alphabet song and I still sounded like utter shit rip1 

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    2. Taylor

      If this isn't me... dead2 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Me and then I put some autotune or other filters and it works jj2 

    4. Taylor

      The random downvotes from @Serene. dead2 

      Someone’s pressed rip3 

  11. Melt Away


    Someone scream "Make DIC a single" next
  12. Melt Away

    Notice how all songs start with an I.... Illuminati confirmed?

    Image result for crying atrl gif

    1. RebelMe

      Did you saw this? 


      The guy with the mustache, I'm so fucking in love. U must watch it! 

    2. Melt Away

      Yes! That's what sent me down the Dream Daddy rabbit hole cry7 

  14. Melt Away

    "Plants are people, too" Aaaand that's it for today!