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    2. 2007 Britney

      2007 Britney

      do something to get banned

    3. Princess Aurora
    4. Melt Away

      Melt Away

      I never go on this goddamn site anymore and the posts I've made in the past were just embarrassing and I just wanted to get rid of my presence on this site completely.....


  2. I tried recording myself sing and I sounded awful. So I chose an easier song. Still awful. Another easier one. Still awful. It got to the point where I was literally singing the alphabet song and I still sounded like utter shit rip1 

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    2. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      If this isn't me... dead2 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Me and then I put some autotune or other filters and it works jj2 

    4. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      The random downvotes from @Serene. dead2 

      Someone’s pressed rip3 


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    1. RebelMe


      Did you saw this? 


      The guy with the mustache, I'm so fucking in love. U must watch it! 

    2. Melt Away

      Melt Away

      Yes! That's what sent me down the Dream Daddy rabbit hole cry7 

  4. I'm having depressive withdrawals after an amazing vacation. Now I have to live in this ugly ass town with its ugly ass people again

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  5. Would anyone be interested in tracklist rearrangement threads Ive been relistenint to her discography and I kinda wanna do it!
  6. Except Madonna does have that reputation I love how you engage in all of these long conversations with queen light741 but you never do to me. I wonder why.
  7. WAIT this is so funny literally we're celebrating BIM peaking 5 spots above I Don't..... Just like how others are celebrating that certain albums are selling a few hundred thousand more than another. Literally desperate!
  8. Who are you even trying to call out with this? Where has this happened? Have I done this? Are you confusing things? Is old age finally taking its tolls? In the US and Asia, yes, you actually hear One Sweet Day, and the rest of her hits. I hear quite a few Janet songs on the radio in the US. We get it, they're not big in Europe, but guess what, Europe isn't the world henny!
  9. I love her but this is kinda true She's stayed stagnant all throughout her career and hasn't really had any iconic moments, neither good nor bad. Just a bunch of popular songs And to add that she's the second best-selling female artist of all time... HOW did that happen???? I didn't even know this until recently, I always thought she was behind Whitney and Mariah.
  10. You definitely think about her a lot for an "irrelevant" artist!
  11. Y'all I saw this clip of VOL and she was crying because the audience was cheering so much queenT 2:12 that chest to falsetto transition!!!! Primeriah found dead! 1:48 Eb5s coming out of her so effortlessly!!!
  12. Why are you being so mean to Madonna She's perfect and does nothing wrong!
  13. The song Mariah peformed prior to her SIXTH single (which was a PROMOTIONAL single) was We Belong Together, a song which was #1 for 14 weeks on the BB chart. A chart where Madonna failed to get a top 5 on in that era! By the way, Madonna and Mariah sold nearly the same amount. A few hundred thousand isn't something to celebrate! Nobody was significantly "overshadowing" another. Madonna can have Europe and SA while Mariah had NA and Asia. But then again y'all whites love to discredit the existence of Asia, so.... You tried and you failed indeed!
  14. Lowkey her best vocals of 2017 tbh! Love the dresses, too, thank god she got rid of the leotards
  15. The setlist is apparently this: 1. Love Hangover 2. Heartbreaker 3. Shake It Off 4. Touch My Body 5. I Know What You Want 6. My All 7. Always Be My Baby 8. Don't Forget About Us 9. One Sweet Day 10. It's Like That 11. Vision Of Love 12. We Belong Together 13. Hero And as far as I know NO ENDLESS FUCKING LOVE Like what is the point of doing this with Lionel hunty if you're not doing Flawless Love??????????? BITCH!!!!! Highkey disappointed with the entire thing btw, although vocals are serving. She sound
  17. If we get another mature girl group in the vein of Destiny's Child, maybe! I doubt another teen pop craze is gonna happen anytime soon.
  18. a SONG! a VIDEO! No offense but her 2000s videos are always on point btw