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  1. PoisonCandy


    Her The Cure voice wouldn't work on this song imo. The song sounds more intense this way. I like it.
  2. Her last interview with Ellen wasn't that great iirc. She kept rambling and seemed really burned out and Ellen was just like the whole time.
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  4. PoisonCandy


    I did, none of their other albums really sound like AM though
  5. PoisonCandy


    I like it. Her inspirational songs always feel so authentic. It doesn't touch the majority of Rainbow, but for a soundtrack song it's pretty great.
  6. PoisonCandy


    Does anyone here listen to Artic Monkeys or anything similar to them? I checked out their music about a week ago for the first time and became obsessed with their album AM and now I need more albums that sound similar
  7. PoisonCandy


    And to think there were people against the idea of her working with Jack Antogod That song and Venice Bitch are seriously fantastic. NFR is going to be her best since UV if the rest of the album is this good.
  8. PoisonCandy


    I had no idea about Tainted Love and If I Were a Boy. I didn't know until a few years ago that Try by P!nk was a cover, which is kind of sad considering I'm a stan.
  9. PoisonCandy

    Rainbow is hitting me so hard rn. I was listening to it on the way to work this morning and almost started crying. What the fuck.
  10. Their chemistry is next level. I'm gonna need a The Adventures of Kesha and The Struts tour.
  11. PoisonCandy

    + For Now.
  12. PoisonCandy


    In a few years people will look back on Godanne the same way we do with Artpop, as an underrated, misunderstood beauty. Mark my words. Also, I'm officially excited for ASIB. The songs sound fantastic and the praise is very surprising considering how polarizing Gaga is when it comes to critics.
  13. PoisonCandy


    All of those prudes and conservatives she reeled in over the last 4 years are selling their copies of C2C and Joanne as we speak
  14. Omg her scream at 2:12 I'm just a hole sir