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  1. I'm definitely worried and I really want her to get help, but what can we do about it?
  2. We cannot allow this vile maniac to make a comeback. I've been hearing his name pop up a lot lately and I feel like that's what's happening unfortunately.
  3. AOTY Beyoncé - Renaissance ROTY ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down SOTY Taylor Swift - All Too Well Best Pop Solo Performance Harry Styles - As It Was Best Pop Duo/Group Performance ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down Best Pop Vocal Album Adele - 30 Best Metal Performance Ghost - Call Me Little Sunshine Best Alternative Music Performance Florence + The Machine - King Best Song Written For Visual Media Lady Gaga - Hold My Hand Best Music Video Taylor Swift -
  4. Only Taylor's music actually sounds good
  5. Hmmm. "Something special" could mean anything. I do hope she does something for its 10th anniversary though. We most likely won't be getting another album until after the Joker sequel, so it'd be nice to have something in between. Maybe a deluxe release or an EP featuring demos, unreleased tracks, live music, etc.
  6. I disagree, and so do millions of other people. If you think her lyrics and song structures are the same on every song, then you haven't even listened to her discography, and if you have you clearly weren't paying attention.
  7. In my opinion, she excels at everything she does. She can write one hell of a pop song, but she can also tone it down and write a really great ballad, and can even cross over into different genres like pop-rock, folk, and electronic. Because of that, her discography is varied, which is something that I look for in an artist because it means there's something for every mood and situation. A lot of her lyrics have really moved and touched me too. I also admire how much she's improved and evolved as a performer and an artist in general. You can tell just how much she's worked on herself over
  8. “If you can physically make it to an office and you don’t show up, resignation accepted." He says after showing up 15 minutes late to a meeting that he gave one hour notice for lmao. Everyone should just not show up.
  9. I've heard stories from people I know that work in events who have said she's very two-faced. I'll never understand why so many celebrities act like this behind closed doors, it's bound to get out eventually.
  10. Wtf is an "art bro". That's what he's saying, right?
  11. If she skips one of her classics at the Super Bowl to perform this crap This is true, but also the reason I lost interest in her years ago. Sucks that she ventured into make up instead of something more interesting, but it was always just about the money for her.
  12. Best female album of the year along with Dirt Femme.