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  1. Don't people on GGD trash everything?
  2. No Tears Left To Cry is fantastic. Her best lead since The Way legend1

    1. PoisonCandy

      It was released right on my lunch break too so the timing couldn't be more perfect dead7

  3. I think most stans are mentally unstable tbh. The way some of them act is truly something else.
  4. Celeb News

    I'm just happy she isn't caving and following trends/trying to get a hit. The Cure had me scared for a bit. Although we don't even know if these songs she's working on atm are going to make the cut. Knowing her she'll probably scrap everything and start all over again with a bunch of brand new producers next year
  5. They both have very different styles, so I think it comes down to personal preference. Technically I'd say it's Bey, but if I had to choose between a Beyoncé concert and a (peak) Madonna concert, I'd go with Madge.
  6. Single

    Second best song so far behind Pynk.
  7. How is that even possible The first one was fucking insane. That was awesome though. A lot of people were expecting Bey to debut a new song. I think it could generate a lot of hype.
  8. Discussion

    They grow up so fast One of the best moments in her whole discog.
  9. Well deserved. She definitely pushed limits with her performance. I've been tuning in and out of the coachella stream and hers was definitely the best one out of them all. Her stamina and dedication is insane.
  10. I'm stunned. This is so breathtaking and mesmerising. This is the same feeling I had when Lorde came back last year with Green Light. This album is going to be amazing, I can feel it.
  11. Discussion

    I'd take just one of those unreleased LG5 tracks over 1279 TF tracks any day.
  12. Album

    Change is one of the two songs on LFL that I can't get into. Awesome.
  13. Bizarre

    I haven't actually seen the video until now "fuck that was good" and that fucking Mormonboyz gif
  14. Single

    Wasn't that into Make Me Feel, but this is amazing. I'm obsessed.
  15. Rumor

    I actually wouldn't mind waiting another year if that's the case.