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  1. PoisonCandy

    Celeb News

    Did anything interesting come from this? How many questions did she answer?
  2. PoisonCandy


    So...there's no way the new album is coming anytime soon, right? At first I thought Enigma was going to be a tour/residency for LG6, but considering how close it is and the fact that we still don't have new music (apart from ASIB), I can't see this happening. I also can't imagine LG6 dropping in the middle of the residency, which means the album probably won't be here until it ends, which is November 2019. Either that or she'll take a break and do LG6 mid-late 2020.
  3. PoisonCandy


    1. No Tears 2. Dangerous Woman 3. The Way 4. thank u, next 5. Problem Problem (and most of My Everything) didn't age well for me and I dislike pretty much everything about thank u, next. No Tears and Dangerous Woman are still incredible
  4. PoisonCandy

    I'll pray for you Kathi.
  5. PoisonCandy


    Mte. It's pretty basic, but so was I Really Like You and Emotion turned out to be a solid record
  6. PoisonCandy

    Florida Kilos is perfection.
  7. PoisonCandy

    Wow, I was sniffing fucking glue. Florida Kilos and Ultraviolence would easily make the top 5 these days.
  8. Kind of boring, Disconnect was way better imo. Can we get some solo music now, Marina?
  9. PoisonCandy


    That's actually really hard since every album is so different. It changes all the time depending on my mood. Right now I'd say: 1. Born This Way 2. The Fame Monster 3. A Star Is Born 4. Joanne = The Fame 5. Cheek To Cheek 6. Artpop But a few months ago I listened to Artpop and Joanne back to back and I preferred Artpop, so this definitely isn't solid lol. Born This Way and The Fame Monster are always in my top 2 though.
  10. PoisonCandy


    She's definitely not working with him, but Jack brought out the best in Lorde and St. Vincent, worked on Venice Bitch, Mariners Apartment Complex, and produced a bunch of bops in Bleachers. They'd be a good match.
  11. Are Carly Rae Jepsen and Marina pulling a Sky Ferreira with their new albums? nicki5

  12. I honestly like them. Their stuff is ridiculously overplayed, but they know how to make good bops.
  13. PoisonCandy


    I still can't stand it. You have songs like Shallow, Black Eyes, Always Remember Us, Heal Me, I'll Never Love Again, Is That Alright, ect, and that is the song everyone chooses to swoon over? Bye
  14. Papa Emeritus II is quaking