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  1. PoisonCandy


    The Joanne era has been over for almost a year and Enigma is starting in 2 days, I think it's time for a new stan badge to represent the new era. What do you guys think?
  2. PoisonCandy


    Money-wise, it's definitely an improvement. Plus I'm always seeking out different music and artists, so listening to music on Spotify is way more convenient than having to download a bunch of albums. Nothing will beat opening a CD, playing it and flipping through the booklet though. I hope physical albums don't die out. The era that we're in right now is perfect, being able to choose between streaming and buying an album.
  3. PoisonCandy


    I Can Fly and Swan Song are underrated af.
  4. PoisonCandy


    Lady Gaga Florence + The Machine Metallica Lana Del Rey Ghost Wolf Alice Charli XCX Marina Andrew W.K. My Chemical Romance Megadeth Pantera Paramore Kesha Shania Twain Fair To Midland Judas Priest Ariana Grande P!nk Panic! At The Disco Lady Gaga, Look What I Found Charli XCX, 1999 Rita Ora, Let You Love Me Marina, Weeds Ghost, Witch Image Ariana Grande, breathin Lady Gaga, Always Remember Us This Way Kesha, Here Comes The Change (From the Motion Picture 'On The Basis of Sex') Ghost, See The Light Lady Gaga, I Like It Rough Shania Twain, I'm Gonna Getcha Good! - Red Version Andrew W.K., Party Hard Lady Gaga, Heal Me Hammerfall, Last Man Standing Lady Gaga, Perfect Illusion Florence + The Machine, Hunger Metallica, Sad But True Panic! At The Disco, Roaring 20s Lady Gaga, Shallow Fair To Midland, Dance Of The Manatee ^ All short term. I was surprised Shallow was so low, then I noticed "Shallow - Radio Edit" just outside of the top 20, which is weird since I'm sure I've listened to the radio edit way more. Also surprised I'll Never Love Again isn't in the top 20.
  5. PoisonCandy

    Celeb News

    How boring. I wish mainstream artists would look to fan art or metal bands for inspiration. These minimalistic designs with one or two words just aren't worth it imo.
  6. PoisonCandy


    Ugh, I want to support Kim but the whole Dr. Luke situation is just I'm so torn.
  7. PoisonCandy


    Started - Wolf Alice. I discovered them around the middle of the year and became super obsessed with both of their albums. I love their sound and their lyrics are so gorgeous. Stopped - Rihanna. It's become clear that music isn't her main priority anymore and she's more interested in everything else that she's doing. I mean, good for her. She clearly loves what she's doing and she's seeing a lot of success, especially with the makeup stuff. I get why she's doing it, but none of it interests me. I was only ever in it for the music.
  8. PoisonCandy


    It wouldn't have a whole lot of commercial success, but she's bounced back from worse. She could pull off industrial metal with ease.
  9. PoisonCandy

    The June -> Hunger transition is still one of the best things in F+TM's entire discography. I almost always listen to them together
  10. PoisonCandy


    I hope she does it, but the popga stans would fume
  11. I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance by CRJ is seriously underrated.

    1. Urbanov

      just like When I Needed You oprah4

    2. ajp

      Even her label discounted it by making it a bonus track fall9


    3. PoisonCandy

      7 hours ago, ajp said:

      Even her label discounted it by making it a bonus track fall9


      The injustice gaga1

  12. PoisonCandy

    Celeb News

    Sounds fantastic.
  13. PoisonCandy


    Preparing for that metal album I see
  14. PoisonCandy


    Mine's a bit tricky since I had to switch spotify accounts halfway through the year, so I have two very different results. First account had Florence + The Machine, P!ATD, Ghost, Paramore and The Smiths as my top artists and the second one had Wolf Alice (new discovery), Gaga, Kesha, Ghost and Nirvana.