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  1. PoisonCandy


    Not exactly the same, but that reminded me of Akon making a looped background noise in The Sweet Escape
  2. PoisonCandy


    Nice set-up! What's that Lana thing on the left?
  3. Rainbow by Kesha. That album completely changed my view on Kesha and her music.
  4. PoisonCandy


    An epic build up to an uneventful/nonexistent chorus - Look What You Made Me Do, Focus, Dark Horse, ect. Also, adding some random rapper right before the final chorus instead of having a bridge. It's so overdone at this point
  5. Welp I wouldn't have cared though. It wouldn't be that much different.
  6. PoisonCandy

    Sky Full Of Song The End Of Love Hunger Big God June Grace No Choir South London Forever Patricia 100 Years Every song is either a 4.5/5 or a 5/5 though so it doesn't even matter
  7. "Film's last song will be BODYGUARD-level big." The Bodyguard's soundtrack was massive.
  8. PoisonCandy


    Joanne isn't even country. It's indie, soft rock, pop and pop-rock for the most part. Also, why do Joanne haters keep acting like that album is going to define Gaga's sound for the rest of her career? She made one album like that. It isn't a big deal. She's never made the same album twice and she never will.
  9. Love it. Her sound is slowly but surely evolving
  10. PoisonCandy


    First 7" I've ever bought and probably the coolest looking record I've gotten so far
  11. Whew what a bop.


    1. Urbanov

      Entire album is surprisingly good 

    2. PoisonCandy

      It is. I love everything they've done except their self-titled album. Couldn't get into that one moo1

  12. PoisonCandy


    Keeping my expectations low so I'm not disappointed when nothing happens.
  13. How does one become so cruel and heartless that they get enjoyment out of doing something like this to such a precious animal?
  14. PoisonCandy


    Not completely true There's still great modern musicians that truly do care about quality and putting out top notch records, they just aren't at the forefront like these other people. Look at Florence + The Machine and Janelle Monae, they might not be dominating spotify or breaking records, but they've put out some of this year's best pop music and some incredible visuals. Streaming has definitely made it easier for mediocrity to succeed though, which sucks.