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  1. Single

    Time for Lady Discount to make a rihturn
  2. Charts

    King of alternative facts!
  3. Idk and idc. All I know is Lana's worst song >>>>>> Nicki's best, regardless of views
  4. Discussion

    Prisoner got a tad boring after an hour tbh. Lust For Life is more my style.
  5. It's so good. Even better than Love imo. These two always work so well together.
  6. I need to see this. Sounds like it's going to slaughter ArtRave
  7. Game

    Idk but I just hope she includes Come To Mama. It's become one of my favourite Joanne tracks over the last few months.
  8. Single

  9. Single

    Possibly. It does sound like something they'd produce, especially Diplo.
  10. @GLORY what's the album like? I love a few of her singles but never got around to listening to it.
  11. Discussion

    Yeah, he probably wouldn't be able to handle that much slayage.
  12. Single

    Didn't DJWS say he had nothing to do with the production though?
  13. Album

    Tea. I actually found it hard going back to their older albums after ST. It's so good Hopefully they outdo themselves again.
  14. No one in their right mind would pick Artpop over these albums sis