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  1. I'm thinking either Halloween or Christmas next year. Leaning more towards Christmas since they did Halloween with season 2.
  2. Probably The Walking Dead. The only reason I stuck around was because I was so invested in the world and the characters, plus I kept hoping that it would get better at some point. It got to a point where I just couldn't take it anymore. That show really should've ended after 4/5 seasons
  3. Absolutely. The current live versions of her older hits are so good
  4. After scrapping and re-writing/re-recording the whole thing.
  5. I never really started getting into music until I was around 12/13, so I just listened to whatever my mum/step dad had or whatever was given to me. I do remember owning and loving The Lion King soundtrack. I had it on cassette and always played I Just Can't Wait To Be King over and over because that was my favourite song. My mum had ABBA's Gold album which I listened to a lot too. I was also obsessed with Hi-5. They were an Australian kids group, basically Vengaboys/Spice Girls for children
  6. Gaga's G.U.Y. Anything she released at that time would've flopped, but I think Gypsy would have left a better taste in everyone's mouth. Plus it would've been a good transition single going from Artpop to C2C.
  7. I mean...it's better than nothing, but I'm not usually a fan of her covers
  8. I disliked sweetener when it was released and I still do, so I guess it hasn't aged at all to me The songs that I do like from it (the 3 singles + everytime and blazed) have aged well though. As for thank u, next, I disliked it too at first, but after giving it a few more listens it ended up growing on me, so that album has aged like wine, except for 7 rings Dangerous Woman is still her best sounding album though imo.
  9. Iron Man 3 definitely isn't flawless, but I still loved it. Way better than the second one imo. The one thing I always see people bring up with Iron Man 3 is the twist with the Mandarin. I totally get why people were pissed and disappointed, but it didn't really phase me as much. I think maybe that's part of the reason why I find it more enjoyable than other people do.
  10. Far Too Young To Die is one of the best songs of the decade. Why?
  11. Iron Man Captain America: The Winter Soldier Endgame Infinity War Thor: Ragnarok The Avengers Spider-Man: Homecoming Captain America: Civil War Age of Ultron Guardians Of The Galaxy Black Panther Iron Man 3 Ant-Man and the Wasp Ant-Man Thor Captain Marvel Guardians 2 Doctor Strange Captain America: The First Avenger Thor: The Dark World Iron Man 2 The Incredible Hulk I'm probably one of the few people that would rank Iron Man 3 and Ultron that high.
  12. Fuck. I went through all of these stages with Rihanna just last year. Please pull through Lana
  13. Can her and her team/producers stop talking about it and just drop it? Or at least give us a date
  14. Can't wait. Although Reputation grew on me quite a lot, I'm ready for the old Taylor to make a rihturn
  15. I agree that the album definitely has a lot more to offer than the singles. They're a bad representation. Happy is probably my favourite. I'm still letting the album grow on me, but I'm enjoying it at the moment.
  16. New music from FKA twigs, P!nk, Marina, Taylor, Aly & AJ and a new Avengers movie all released within the last 3 days bebe1

  17. Honestly, this is epic It's literally P!ATD meets Taylor, like you can tell that they both contributed to this song equally. Everything about this is making me way more hyped than Look What You Made Me Do did. This sound and style just fits her way better.