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  1. 1. Brooklyn Nights 2. Princess Die 3. Nothing On (But The Radio) 4. PARTYNAUSEOUS 5. Glitter & Grease
  2. 1. Paper Gangsta 2. Brown Eyes 3. Fashion (we need this on Spotify ) 4. Video Phone 5. Vanity
  3. 1. La Vie En Rose 2. Bang Bang 3. I Want Your Love 4. Your Song 5. Orange Colored Sky
  4. Awful news. This will be such a big loss for the Aussie arts industry. It's been one of the industry's biggest and most fruitful training grounds here along with Home & Away.
  5. 1. Love Me Right 2. Disco Heaven 3. Again Again 4. The Queen 5. Retro Dance Freak
  6. 1. Before I Cry 2. Music To My Eyes 3. Heal Me 4. I Don't Know What Love Is 5. Hair Body Face
  7. One of the best Christmas songs of all time
  8. 1. I Like It Rough 2. Christmas Tree 3. Eh Eh 4. Starstruck 5. The Fame
  9. Wow, this place isn't quite as active as it used to be. Where did everyone go nicki5

    1. Chris


      they realized they had lives outside of the internet and left nicki5

    2. PoisonCandy


      Damn. Can't relate nicki5

    3. Chris


      well, that and they got older and had other priorities nicki5 

  10. 1. Is That Alright? 2. Look What I Found 3. Sinner's Prayer 4. Come To Mama 5. Just Another Day
  11. I'm thinking either Halloween or Christmas next year. Leaning more towards Christmas since they did Halloween with season 2.
  12. Far Too Young To Die is one of the best songs of the decade. Why?
  13. Can't wait. Although Reputation grew on me quite a lot, I'm ready for the old Taylor to make a rihturn
  14. New music from FKA twigs, P!nk, Marina, Taylor, Aly & AJ and a new Avengers movie all released within the last 3 days bebe1

  15. Skin by Madonna is one of the best pop songs of all time. Why?

    1. Villanelle


      Do I know you from somewhere..... 

  16. The June -> Hunger transition is still one of the best things in F+TM's entire discography. I almost always listen to them together
  17. I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance by CRJ is seriously underrated.

    1. Urbi


      just like When I Needed You oprah4

    2. ajp


      Even her label discounted it by making it a bonus track fall9


    3. PoisonCandy


      7 hours ago, ajp said:

      Even her label discounted it by making it a bonus track fall9


      The injustice gaga1

  18. She's an undeniable legend and she has millions of fans, but I don't think she has that many followers in the pop/stan world, at least not as many as people like Gaga, Bey, Rih and Ariana have. I don't think a dedicated section would do well because of that :/
  19. So...there's no way the new album is coming anytime soon, right? At first I thought Enigma was going to be a tour/residency for LG6, but considering how close it is and the fact that we still don't have new music (apart from ASIB), I can't see this happening. I also can't imagine LG6 dropping in the middle of the residency, which means the album probably won't be here until it ends, which is November 2019. Either that or she'll take a break and do LG6 mid-late 2020.
  20. 1. No Tears 2. Dangerous Woman 3. The Way 4. thank u, next 5. Problem Problem (and most of My Everything) didn't age well for me and I dislike pretty much everything about thank u, next. No Tears and Dangerous Woman are still incredible