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  1. Finally ordered the deluxe edition of Melodrama on vinyl. Cannot wait giveup1

    1. Merryem


      wait im so jealous giveup2 

    2. PoisonCandy


      I was going to wait for it to go on sale somewhere but last week I found out they were limited and all of my local music stores were sold out, so I snatched one online giveup1

  2. This is fantastic.


    1. Madonna


      We stan!!!!

      Image result for qaadir gif dancing

    2. Dan


      It's literally been one of my favorite songs in a LONG time cry7 

  3. No Tears Left To Cry is fantastic. Her best lead since The Way legend1

    1. PoisonCandy


      It was released right on my lunch break too so the timing couldn't be more perfect dead7

  4. Sean Cody's behind the scenes videos look wild


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    2. VaginasAreDisgusting!


      WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT. So weird. 

    3. VaginasAreDisgusting!




    4. Shego



      I seen porn where people lick armpits lol. I wouldnt but itd a turn on to some i guess also why did u tag me @Regina Phalange

      cause u stan shawn jj3

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  5. Fucking 3:07 lmfao1


    1. Chris


      when did this happen?

    2. Chris
  6. Are you scared of these boogie feet?

  7. 11 members, 13 anonymous, 483 guests.


    1. Urbi


      Most of them bots jj3 

  8. Oh yeah, that's the one I meant I was originally in that line until I realised there was another line with like 10 people. No, I didn't I was too busy hydrating and hyperventilating Did you happen to see a guy in a white shirt and glasses walking with a girl in a bright red dress
  9. Same. She better come back during her next tour Also, what time did you get there, and were you in the under 18's line? I got there around 12/1 and that line was already insane
  10. I pretty much had the same experience. I really wasn't expecting everyone to be so aggressive since I've never actually been that close to the stage. As soon as Lana came out during Borns it was kill or be killed I was dripping in sweat that wasn't even mine and someone had their knee up my ass for like 3 songs I was over on the left side of the stage, opposite side of where she sang Video Games. I thought it was weird how she didn't do MTWBT since I'm pretty sure I remember her singing it during rehearsals. It was such an incredible night though. I'll never forget it
  11. I JUST CAME BACK FROM LANA AND I WAS 6 FUCKING ROWS AWAY FROM HER ahs1 I'm hurt everywhere but it was so worth it cry0

    1. Venus XCX

      Venus XCX

      STOPP! I was 4-5 rows back too!!! We probably saw each other but didn't know giveup2 

  12. Same. I think it's my second fave from them behind BNE It's so perfect.
  13. Epic. That's exactly what I need. I have so many CD's, games and movies stashed under my bed and other crap crammed into my wardrobe I just don't have enough space to do this and the shelves that are built into my walls are super dodgy
  14. I hope so! One of my favourite films of 2018 so far. I'm thinking about reading the books.
  15. Weird, creepy, intense and beautiful. I wish this had a WW theatrical release. It's such a gorgeous looking movie and some of the scenes are seriously twisted. Would've been awesome to see this on the big screen.
  16. Never gets old.


  17. 14 years late, but this is such a fun movie. I remember someone recommending this to me after being obsessed with Zombieland when it came out, but I never got around to it.
  18. G'day mate. It's just social conformity for the most part. I understand not being interested in her anymore as she has changed quite a bit, but when they go from being a hardcore stan to a hardcore hater in a matter of seconds it seems pretty fishy
  19. Nope. Nothing. I hope it's either For Now or Secrets though.