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  1. They should give themselves something that can chart in top 100 or bubbling under that doesn't have X's name on it
  2. Portia

    Nonbinary by definition stereotypes women and men by roles, it's backwards thinking and arguably sexist to think that women(or men) should fall into a particular role and if they're not then they're not women -- If they view themselves to not be a part of either box then it means that they consider each box as if it has its own role.
  3. Portia

    I prefer x. Technically Gaga is the best pop singer currently. But x riffs/agility and various components in her voice are definitely better. They're different singers. It's like comparing Aretha Franklin to an opera singer. Exaggerated comparison but their singing is completely different
  4. God is a woman is likely to win for music video. It's incredible
  5. Portia

    The only thingy that sounds cringy and uninformed is stating that trans people had no problem before but they do now. Essentially being sjw is quite literally cringy. Some had a problem with it, but the social media culture/Tumblr has massively changed since then. I don't care about Iggy so why would I be happy about that, both used offensive terms. However people now tend to find offense in everything, especially it's mostly people who often are unaffected but pretend that they're the ones affected. (I.e: x singer music video was cultural appropriation but said culture doesn't care at all, yet meltdowns happen by randoms on the internet unaffected) I doubt neither cardi or Kesha were trying to be offensive in their choice of words, they know better than that . To this day most people in the world/general public do not even know that such term is even offensive
  6. Portia

    It's kesha so it's fine. Iggy got dragged for tweets made years ago but the same isn't applicable. Sjw activities are never equal
  7. Portia

    It didn't matter much because the world was far less PC/SJW in 2009.
  8. Adele doesn't have personality and doesn't do interviews? The fuck?
  9. Portia

    The budget is low so it can't be a flop
  10. Portia


    Breathin' is incredible and I liked Everytime. Aside from that I'm really disappointed, especially at Sweetener considering it's the title track.
  11. Portia

    Ariana is a feminist and has proven so in countless interviews. I wouldn't say God Is a Woman is an equality/feminist song, though.
  12. Portia

    What a messy thread
  13. Portia

    "It was your post, not you" Britney stans, their minds.