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  1. Portia


    I think it was a tasteful thing for her to not be there for the Say Something win, they're new artists and it's their moment. She has been there and done that. They were so happy.
  2. Portia

    I prefer x. Technically Gaga is the best pop singer currently. But x riffs/agility and various components in her voice are definitely better. They're different singers. It's like comparing Aretha Franklin to an opera singer. Exaggerated comparison but their singing is completely different
  3. Portia

    God is a woman is likely to win for music video. It's incredible
  4. Portia


    She did say she was sick the previous show during her twice speech.
  5. I'm stilll trying to find the full interview.
  6. This is from the first show I think; It was incredible, but X has been getting consistently better and more comfortable every show, so there are few better Man's World performances from the tour. Have fun, she will probably kill it in Detroit!
  7. I assumed u found it already? the show kinda has been posted almost entirely by now --- On topic: Both nights were sold out. The next show that will happen in 2 days with 10k capacity only has 60 tickets remaining, so will also be extremely likely to be sold out.
  8. The full interview will be posted 10th(?) October.
  9. Nvm Lil'kim performed Lady Marmalade with her. She also brought out a great big world for say something.
  10. No Lil'kim, but Hilary Clinton and Bill are in the audience.
  11. Seems like Lil'Kim is joining her for the NYC shows to perform Can't Hold Us Down.