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  1. Clinging to aol in comparison to Vogue is like clinging to a teen choice award instead of a Grammy Guess it's a recurring pattern for brit stans
  2. FIL is #6 and Ariana's is #7, does it?
  3. Meanwhile Vogue says it won the Billboard in terms of looks and we know what is more relevant Most reviews are positives
  4. Performance

    #7 on iTunes Honestly the climax Christina low-key threw Demi to the sharks during her ad-libbing. Good sis barely pulled through cracking
  5. Kworb updates every 3 hours-ish(inconsistent).
  6. correction, FIL is #8 and steadily climbing I don't care about Agu but do you sis.
  7. Performance

    FIL reenters Top 10 on iTunes
  8. X slayed. Demi tho Was the good sis nervous
  9. Performance

    Christina in the audience. What the fuck, was not expected