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  1. They should give themselves something that can chart in top 100 or bubbling under that doesn't have X's name on it
  2. She performed better on the second night and didn't dodge them, I assume she'll do better on the remaining nights.
  3. Portia


    It hasn't even been a year since liberation released.
  4. She said she was bisexual in 2010 and is referring in this very message about making out with women. Pretty sure she's not straight. Also I think she was simply referring to being true to yourself and do what you want to do/be instead of doing what the majority tell u to
  5. Portia

    Nonbinary by definition stereotypes women and men by roles, it's backwards thinking and arguably sexist to think that women(or men) should fall into a particular role and if they're not then they're not women -- If they view themselves to not be a part of either box then it means that they consider each box as if it has its own role.
  6. Portia


    It has been going since 1999 sis
  7. Portia

    Celeb News

    That's almost always the case with X
  8. The obscure songs were in Liberation tour (Woohoo, Elastic love, Keep on singing my song, etc). It'd be ridiculous if she didn't sing her hits primarily for the vegas show, that's what most people would come for.
  9. It was a Q&A more than a Concert. Genie -> A lot of Questions -> Beautiful -> A lot of questions -> Fighter to end it
  10. Oh Yeah she also talked about her Spanish album and other material around Vegas show-time
  11. PS: When she was asked if she'd perform with Maroon 5 in the SuperBowl she just drank and said nothing. She also asked about Your Body but it is not in any of the videos either. Eminem got smacked in the Plead the Fifth