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  1. Younger Now reaches 50k sales

  2. Bizarre Shane Dawson tries selling his underwear for $100k

    clickbait pls at u taking it seriously - he's doing it for views
  3. General News Melodrama is NME's #1 Album of the Year 2017

    legends only
  4. Nicole Scherzinger read to filth

  5. Performance But like take my wig

    This could’ve been such a smash smh
  6. Charts Hot 100: #1 rockstar, #14 Walk On Water, #19 New Rules

    Honestly haven't heard half of these rap songs that have been getting traction since streaming became so huge in the last year or so, I swear
  7. gaga looks like a million bucks in here, why?

    She looked SO GOOD! Anyone who says otherwise is pressed tbh
  8. LGBT Conservatives: Starbucks promotes gay agenda

    5 years ago, I'd have given anything to be straight and continue to be my ignorant self but thank god I am as gay as a fairy on the top of a overdecorated Christmas tree. Imagine being this FICKLE and oversensitive. Get a grip So embarrassing.
  9. Remember when a basic no1curr British band blocked Britney & Madge from no.1?

    PLS jonas brothers were the American busted. They covered their songs on their album lmao
  10. Photos Gaga serving 90s bombshell pre-AMAs

    Fuck she looks good
  11. Katy’s flop year continues as she is banned from China

    Miguel tho yasss
  12. Why are Katy's crowds so lit?

    seated area is always dead tbf - but why is it so light in there? Probably not helping as it ruins the atmosphere
  13. We Remember: 1939

    promoganda made me screAM
  14. Charts Reputation debuts at #1 in the UK with 84k copies sold

    These are really good numbers, although, I'm surprised she didn't do more
  15. Single Miguel | Pineapple Skies | November 17th