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  1. Yes. She’s a pretty good dancer and tbf she has no competition with anyone currently as none of them can dance. Unless you count Rihanna but I wouldn’t say they’re the same gen
  2. Album

    Was about to say who it’s gonna flop - wouldn’t be surprised if it misses the top 40
  3. Discussion

    Her and Greg always make masterpieces so they need to work together 100%
  4. Album

    It’ll probably be Q4 so it can coincide with X factor and capitalise on Xmas sales again - that’s usually when their albums are released tbh fuck tho, 5 albums?!
  5. Yes, because she might not be as relevant commercially but she still has a lot of fans here
  6. Jupiter out here making cute little personal attacks to people on this forum because they don’t agree with his opinion lmao - just goes to show how bothered he is that Beyoncé is a better vocalist than Gaga
  7. @JupiterRising you can’t say bey has shrill vocals when that is pretty much the entirety of gaga’s upper register lmfao - that’s perfect illusion all over
  8. Pretty sure bey’s range exceeds gaga’s anyway not that it’s about range - but her technique, adlibs, tone and melisma completely outshines gaga’s theatrical vocals
  9. Wooden as fuck but she sounded GREAT. Best I’ve heard her sing new rules tbh
  10. It’s sad that you’re not even trolling
  11. This. Although I still think Gaga is overrated as a vocalist (that’s just my opinion). People voting Gaga need to take off their stan goggles. She is not even close to being the vocalist Beyoncé is
  12. P!nk, even with her Cirque du Soleil act, still outperforms Kelly in stage presence and performance. Kelly is the better singer and has better music for me though as least she’s tried to change up her releases in the past 10 years.
  13. Why do people think Alessia is annoying she’s literally so inoffensive Meghan Needsatrainor, Rita Oral, Gorilla Cabellow and Cerebralpalsy are the correct answers