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  1. We Remember: 1939

    promoganda made me screAM
  2. Charts Reputation debuts at #1 in the UK with 84k copies sold

    These are really good numbers, although, I'm surprised she didn't do more
  3. Single Miguel | Pineapple Skies | November 17th

  4. Music Video Paramore: Fake Happy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    This was beautiful. I forgot how much I love them
  5. Celeb News Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid and other models banned from China, poor VS Fashion Show

  6. Bizarre Almost three quarters of the gay community have been turned off by feminine men, new survey finds

    Just give me a dick tbh
  7. Album Miguel | War & Leisure | December 1st, 2017

  8. General News Country ranking based on WW Reputation

    You’ve taken my comment so literally lmfao. this poll is about their standing in the world based on the worlds perception of them. This poll is INFORMED by what they do, including all these things you’ve already mentioned. The poll is relative to your comment about them doing things to change said perception and is literal evidence of this? It’s stupid to assume that a country would merely do these things purely for reputation when actually it’s probably because there’s an issue way beyond that and people were dying? lol. How ironic for you to say that when you’re struggling to make a correlation between ‘trying to look good to the rest of the world’ and a poll on ‘global reputation’
  9. General News Country ranking based on WW Reputation

    The poll is literally about people’s perceptions of different countries, so it’s completely valid and your previous comment was stupid beyond definition
  10. Performance Kesha's BBC Live Lounge Performance

    look at her hands!! she was so nervous - i wish she belted the chorus a bit more. it was kinda underwhelming when i know how well she can sing. she still sounded good tho so slay godsha
  11. General News Country ranking based on WW Reputation

    Yes, I'm sure they only did these things so they could rank at #1 on a fucking reputation poll
  12. Witness is Flopping

    water is wet
  13. LGBT Australia Votes "Yes" on Marriage Equality

    I feel like 61% is so low for Australia but either way... guess it’s probably the older generation. YAAASSSS COME THruu!!
  14. Performance Confirmed: Gaga will perform at the AMAs

    The cure
  15. Charts Hot 100: #1 rockstar, #4 Too Good At Goodbyes, #21 New Rules, #27 CIWYW

    Dua Legend!