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  1. Oblivia


    I don't even care for Selena or her minimal talent but I pray to God this outdoes tummys first day views
  2. He really is infuriated he isn't getting that #1 lmfao. pray to God that billboard disqualifies him or a lot of his streams for his antics. Does not even deserve the position it's gonna get
  3. Oblivia

    Doesn't even deserve top 10 That second video fejdjwjw
  4. Good dog... Anyways hopefully if true in the vein of NRO and not like the last crap she put out. She needs to promote
  5. Oblivia


    omg I'm actually ready
  6. Oblivia

    Shawn without a shadow of a doubt
  7. Oblivia


    bee is 100% nicola roberts. i can tell from the performance cos some of the runs sound similar to when she used to perform beat of my drum live
  8. will never forgive the gays for letting this flop
  9. Oblivia

    guilty. hi boo
  10. Oblivia

    adandnasn fuck ok fine. the vocal ability of school air conditioning
  11. Oblivia

    Ariana? cmon
  12. Oblivia

    i'm absolutely baffled to what reasons people stan her. holy fuck this girl has the vocal ability of a lidls hairdryer she is literally exempt of any sort of musical talent I DONT GET HA SUCCESS and i definitely don't get why she always get a bypass card whenever other girls would be ripped to shreds for it