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  1. Discussion

    theatre is more intimate but if im seeing a pop fave i want a big fucking ass show with cool staging and sets. a stadium is too big to appreciate, despite the atmosphere. gotta be arena for me edit: thought this was a general thread lmfao. but regardless, id still rather see madge in an arena
  2. Discussion

    Not to be rude, but the poor sis released firework. I mean, she can sing it great now but she frequently did crap performances of it in the beginning. Let's not forget Teenage Dream (the song) either!
  3. This emoticon was my face throughout Her breath support sucks so
  4. she actually did some of the adlibs from the recorded version in the performance i always expect her to be messy so this was a pleasant surprise come thru katheryn!
  5. wtf DAMN GALLLLLLLLLLLL? where have these vocals come from sis? I love that she also allowed Catie to shine for the majority of the performance too taking the lower chorus harmony and letting her have the bridge belt. We stan again! That wig needs to go tho
  6. Serial killers and rapists are disgusting pieces of shit but I’d rather them live a life in a miserable cell because that will be more traumatic and painful for them as they will have a life sentence to reflect on how they got there. i do understand where beaux is coming from though that there is worry once they are released who’s to say they won’t do it again? although, a lot can change in that period of time so maybe there needs to be a monitoring system and check for those kind of signs before their release
  7. Performance

    What a cute set and Kesha did really well!
  8. This is for the best, my reputation’s never been worse so
  9. If anything, I feel they’ll both try to outsing each other and it’ll end up being some big mess
  10. i cant believe it wasnt included in the airing