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  1. well, that's a given, because it's not a cologne i have colognes for general day use and then ones if im being a bit fancy/going out etc i have like 10 different ones not all expensive mind
  2. well, i always put on cologne when i leave the house so the only answer is... yes!
  3. if this is the joel i think it is, i always did x still here every now and then, teehee x ty sweetums
  4. Ahh I missed this thread also holy fuck at all these members I remember that aren't active anymore
  5. I love him! my friends went to see him in Amsterdam and I couldn't get time off work. I was FUMING
  6. I think this is the poppiest my last fm 3x3 has been before tbh
  7. dsadsadsan 5 years ago i wrote that. i cant.