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  1. i think i like the cover but the album title. sis.
  2. Ahh I missed this thread also holy fuck at all these members I remember that aren't active anymore
  3. katy? next week? she's got about as much chance as carly rae jepsen going #1 next week nro has a chance - albeit a small one - of going top 10 over the next month, but #1?
  4. Oblivia

    complains and shouts over songs dass it
  5. This could be literally any aspect of performance, from vocals, to dance to stage presence. So, which pop artists do you feel are bigged up to be great performers but really just aren't as good as their fans make out?
  6. Oblivia

    i honestly don't know if i can actually see it happening tbh. not a big hit anyway but i hope ill be surprised
  7. Oblivia

    the ending of that tweet
  8. Oblivia


    y'all dESgusTING for even giving mind maze streams beyond the initial listen
  9. Oblivia

    weird cos she's doing a lot better on apple music and i swear most of their users stream r&b and hip-hop hope it picks back up
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  11. Oblivia


    Teenage Dream Thinking of You Wide Awake Witness Waking Up in Vegas Unconditionally By The Grace of God Chained to the Rhythm Power Tsunami Legendary Lovers Hot n Cold Never Really Over If You Can Afford Me I'm Still Breathing OOTB = 5 Witness = 4 PRISM = 3 TD = 2 KP5 = 1 Teenage Dream remains her most cohesive, but worst album Honourable Mentions: Bon Appetit Circle the Drain Mannequin Ghost
  12. Oblivia

    It's universally hated, and for good reason! See the witness ranking thread