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  1. Honestly think some of the snippets sound... like a choice.
  2. well, that's a given, because it's not a cologne i have colognes for general day use and then ones if im being a bit fancy/going out etc i have like 10 different ones not all expensive mind
  3. well, i always put on cologne when i leave the house so the only answer is... yes!
  4. if this is the joel i think it is, i always did x still here every now and then, teehee x ty sweetums
  5. Ahh I missed this thread also holy fuck at all these members I remember that aren't active anymore
  6. Never Really Over #1 on the WW iTunes Song Chart 1 NEW Katy Perry - Never Really Over 1 1 (x1) 22906 +22906 0.023 4 3 7 2 44 2 -1 Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care 22 1 (x19) 20324 +44 0.489 5 1 1 3 41
  7. THE BRIDGE. HOLY GOD The melody THE VOCALS I'm low key excited for performances but I'm also dreading her inconsistency and this is super vocally demanding for her with the transitions to head voice and the belts hope she does well
  8. omg Im listening and the verse melody and pre pre chorus I really like that they actually made it fairly different to dagnys I love this I am stanning This deserves to smash There are still a couple of cringe lines but that's just Katy I guess The CHORUS WHEWWW
  9. this is the most excited i've been for a katy single since 2010. i love chained and i feel like it's one of her best leads but this is looking v promising and now she has a wig on every one is tweeting about her and her engagement is doing well. i wonder if she'll beat the odds with this and get a cute top 15 debut