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  1. Oblivia

    @Yzma plz i cant stand Rita Whora, but this was OBVIOUSLY staged
  2. Oblivia

    One Dance, Hotline Bling and God's Plan probably dno about the rest
  3. i hate the single cover. her face looks so photoshopped and off. the outtake photo she put on twitter was much better edit: oh, it's out? lemme listen! um its ok it sounds like a soundtrack for a film tho
  4. that misleading title dead2 it's easy to get MV's to #1 on that chart. seriously it's irrelevant rip3
  5. Oblivia


    i'm surprised she's done this well tbh. this is better than i expected
  6. Oblivia


    isn't this better than his last album?
  7. the trailer actually looks really good. slay queen of acting
  8. Let’s catch up sometime bb

    1. Oblivia

      sry kween! ive been away the whole summer. only just got back

    2. Joel

      I bet you got a great back