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  1. Oh, so i am the one who should evaluate her own actions but not others who started it? Ok then.
  2. Excuse me but, I am by no means obligated to respect people like @, Taylor, and etc... Ryan is obviously not a true KatyCat. He is very insensitive. Instead of trying to apply your post to me, try to apply it to Ryan because he was the one who started insulting me, downvotes my posts randomly, and made NHB threads about me.
  3. Sure... I wonder where the fuck these mods are when it's about other people breaking the rules against me.
  4. I don't need to 'act' like you're a horrible person because it's the reality, boo.
  5. Please stop acting like the victim. You're the one who started all of this. You're the one who started insulting me and made threads about me.
  6. Guess who just unfollowed the promo team account for this section on Twitter.
  7. I am very disappointed right now.
  8. I can't describe the thing about Taylor here. Ryan has insulted me many times for NO valid reason. Just because I dislike Taylor and have told the truth about her and her actions many times in the BG, he hates me. You don't see Carlos hating on me for the things I've said about Rihanna in the BG. He obviously likes Taylor more than Katy and although there's no problem with that, he has the nerve to come to HERE, TO KATY'S SECTION and brag about Blank Space passing Roar in views, specially with the fact that Katy and Taylor are in a feud right now and Taylor tried to demonize and ruin Katy's im
  9. I feel so bad for our section.
  10. No, I will not shut the fuck up. The only person here who needs to shut his mouth is Ryan. He is literally having tantrums just because I say the truth about his main fave on BG. Like, WTF? Am I not allowed to express my right of freedom of speech? He needs to grow up and get over himself. EDIT: if he can't resist the urge to bully and insult someone who is 4 years younger than him, he is the one with the problem and should get banned. He is the one who offers nothing but utter disgust.
  11. Luca, I think he changed his name to Kian if I'm not mistaking. Arya also deleted his Katy award. These are just a few examples.
  12. @ whoops, I accidentally upvoted your post
  13. 9 songs is considered an EP? So MJ's Thriller is an EP? I think 4-8 songs is considered an EP, not 9 songs. - Katy has talked about reinventing herself a lot this era, so it will not be impossible if she becomes gothic in a cosplayish level. It would fit her very well and will be the perfect reinvention! - Katy should take risks. Why do you think using provocative religious imagery is so not her? After all, Katy grew up in a religious household.