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    I've watched all the videos posted and the other ones that had the lyrics in English weren't weird. Only Lim Kim's lyrics are weird. Is she like alt-kpop? It's cool. I liked the sound of the songs from 4Minute and f(x) i think the best out of the rest. I'll try to check out more stuff from them and Lim Kim tomorrow. Thanks a bunch.
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    I like the Lim Kim 1. The lyrics are kinda weird but obviously that probably cause of cultural differences and sayings and that kinda thing. I guess you get the meaning of it tho. The other 2 I didn't really like. The videos are very creative tho. Can you rec other stuff like the 1st 1? I saw a video yesterday but not sure if it was kpop or jpop. I somehow saw it off twitter and I think it was a solo artist and he was a phenomenal dancer. I wish I could find it again but I tried in my viewing history and it was turned off. Mess.
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    Sis I'll bite like I've always been curious but I don't know what they're saying and I'm too lazy to look up translations. Options on how to proceed. Keep in mind I'm lazy.
  4. Thousand Miles is the hit that got away. I will never understand why they didn't make that her 3rd single. Idk it's kinda nice that she has this collab. It'll intro her to more people hopefully and it gives her time to continue working. Hopefully it'll get radio behind her too.
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    I love Desperado. That and KIB are my bops right now.
  6. What I've managed to gather from various sources is she did at least 1 song with Ali Payami. She worked with The Struts and Shellback. She was in the studio with Ilya Salmanzadeh and some dude named Rickard Göransson who Google tells me is a songwriter/producer. She was also in the studio with Alex Hope who worked on Troye's stuff and also Icona Pop but not sure if it's for them or her. I kinda hope it's for them cause I'm not a fan. And finally there's been a song registered called "Freak of Mother" written with Broods again not sure who it's for. And now Diplo. I'm kinda sad she's doing so much with the Wolf Cousins idk just cause you're one doesn't mean you have to work with them. They're kinda hit and miss. I mean I hope they gave her their best stuff but still I'm more interested in what she did with Alex Hope. Idk I would really like bigger epic productions instead if this sparse stuff. I need something that pops like Birdy's KYHU or Carly's RAWM. The rest sounds like she's going to be keeping to the darker lyrics and lighter/happier sounds which ngl I'm ready for a Habits 2.0.