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  1. If you'd like to know more about the My Pokemon Gym series; click HERE Favorite TMs - The Water-Type Gyms 1-3: TM36 Whirlpool Gyms 4-5: TM33 Rain Dance Gyms 6-8: TM55 Brine GYM #1 GYM #2 GYM #3 GYM #4 GYM #5 GYM #6 GYM #7 GYM #8 CHAMPIONSHIP CUP CHAMPIONSHIP CUP REMATCH
  2. Hello Pokemonsters! Welcome to a very quick blog post as we await the next entry of My Pokemon Gym. Doing this series got me thinking about the upcoming TM situation with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as it's unlikely TRs will return without a Wild Area. It also got me thinking what 100 TMs would I personally use in a region of my own. I set out a short number of rules, as follows: No MAX Moves or Z-Moves No Signature Moves of Legendary or Mythical Pokemon No Elemental Pledges or Elemental Ultimate Moves No Let's Go Tutor Moves No Draco Meteor or Steel Beam Well a
  3. If you'd like to know more about the My Pokemon Gym series; click HERE Favorite TMs - The Rock-Type Gyms 1-3: TM48 Rock Tomb Gyms 4-5: TM32 Sandstorm Gyms 6-8: TM22 Rock Slide GYM #1 GYM #2 GYM #3 GYM #4 GYM #5 GYM #6 GYM #7 GYM #8 CHAMPIONSHIP CUP CHAMPIONSHIP CUP REMATCH
  4. Welcome one, welcome all to the return of the My Pokemon Gym series! It's been five long years since I first took on this series, and two generations have since passed. It's time for an update! The My Pokemon Gym series takes a deep look at the concept of a gym leader; using my favorite Pokemon to plan out teams for each type; following the same Pokemon and Level structure for each type. However this year, we'll be celebrating Galar with a Galarian twist on things as each gym type will publish a list of ten teams - one for each gym stage, the Championship Cup semi-finals and a postgame Ch
  5. In the meantime... I did my annual Pokemon rankings!! Final evolutions only* and no forms. *Examples like Corsola / Cursola, Mr Mime / Mr Rime will both be included as the original forms, ie Johto Corsola or Kanto Mr Mime are also the final evolution The top 8 stayed as they were last year, but Jolteon slipped three places from 9 to 12. Tapu Koko and Eldegoss made it into the top 40 this year, up 28 and 32 places respectively. Barbaracle came in last place for a second year running. The biggest drop was Parasect, dropping 226 places, while the biggest rise was
  6. Nintendo's E3 is on June 15, so expect to see Pokemon news there (including treehouse footage). Whether or not we see a presents the week before, we'll have to wait and see.
  7. It should also be noted that Pokemon HOME is getting an update in June to include a catch calendar, model viewer and also a GMAX factor Bulbasaur or Squirtle as mystery gift. The cover is indeed very MD-esque. Still worried about the game bc we don't know the full extent of these action elements and I don't really want quick-time elements during battle so we'll have to wait and see. I guess we're gonna get info at E3 now also since the release date is so close. BDSP's cover is nice but the dual pack cover is stunning; the double shine really works. BDSP releasing on Nov 19 was so
  8. Now that more info about these games are coming to light, I'm gonna go back through this list and give a blue font to anything correct and a red font to anything incorrect. First of which is the release date which was painfully obvious.
  9. HOLY SHIT i chose the wrong day to go back to bed sksksksk shit came out of nowhere BDSP is releasing on... November 19 (obvious to anyone with half a brain). Dual pack announced also. I love the box art but the dual pack art is AMAZING. Legends is releasing on... January 28. didnt expect it to be so soon, but also go girl. The art is a mystery dungeon vibe. Finally, Pokemon HOME is getting an update in June which comes with a model viewer, a catch calendar and a GMAX Bulbasaur or Squirtle. Funny how the model viewer screenshot
  10. Your taste is... concerning girl 🤧 gen 5 does nothing for me 🤧 that’s the gen when I abandoned pokemon I don’t love gen 4 either though but all the QOL improvements from newer gens should make it better like ORAS did.
  11. Posted a blog entry for the first time in forever, about what to and what not to expect with BDSP and the upcoming reveals
  12. Hi Pokemonsters, welcome back! It's been almost two years since I made my last blog post, but with Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the horizon, it's the perfect time for a revival. I'm unsure if this will be a one-off entry or if the blog will see more regularly activity, but for now let's focus on the upcoming Switch releases. In this blog post, I'll be going over my thoughts of what to expect with the upcoming Diamond and Pearl remakes, and what will - and won't - be featured. Remember that these are educated guesses at best, so don't take anything I say as f
  13. BTW we were discussing the other day but E3 is June 12 to June 15 and Nintendo will be there. Both LGPE and ORAS had their first major news drops around June , with LGPE having an entire Treehouse footage segment. So I'd say we can expect to see BDSP at E3 for sure - gameplay tbd but very possible. I think E3 is probably the next BDSP news drop and it's unlikely to have anything before. We may also see a DLC for Snap given some of the missing pokemon numbers in the files and as far as I know it's performing well. As for Legends, I don't know. IDK if they'll promote it much until after BDSP rel
  14. This is very cute but also a bad reason for people to complain about graphics when this is clearly an animation and not a game. A lot of false equivalencies with people grasping for straws; the same with Snap. They're two completely different game styles. Snap is gorgeous and beautiful but that's also literally the selling point of the game and 200 pokemon with roughly 6 things to do and completely linear on rails gameplay is not equivalent to a game with 500+ mons and 500+ moves and an actual overworld, story and what have you. Pokemon fans are never happy even when they're getting the remake
  15. Been waiting for a new Snap for over 20 years and its safe to say they delivered. It's mindblowing the amount of content there is. I don't think I'll ever get 1-4 star pics for each Pokemon or complete the requests, I don't have the time and patience for that, but I've registered all 214 Pokemon and I'm working on maxing out all the areas. Really hoping for DLC. There are so many things they could do and it does appear that theres missing or cut pokemon in the files so its possible.