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    Listening to this now
  2. RihannaRTT


    amazing. apparently it's a reject from Get Weird; their best album striking again
  3. Well he brought it on himself with his complacent response to the situation within his government, downplaying the threat while trying to provide deals for his rich friends, and then there's the personal stupidity of shaking hands with infected people (and more). Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Coz I don't. Also if he has "mild symptoms" then he shouldn't have gotten tested. He can get a test with instant results, but regular citizens with the virus aren't getting tested unless they're short of breath and NHS workers aren't getting tested or even the right equipment. A self-servicing moron and nothing more. Come on Miss Corona, you can do it!
  4. RihannaRTT

    The way some have like 500 and others have like 2 SENDS me Particularly the PS4 having six. I have like 25+ games but at least 2/3rd I hardly played (some I haven't even opened)
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    moved to other x
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    this came out of nowhere omg i cant deal finally Gaslighter is so good too
  7. RihannaRTT


    Gaslighter single out now, album on May 1
  8. RihannaRTT


    When the 320k came in, I was like "well.. it's not terrible. Not great, but it's fine" But now He's doing 125k pure... WITH stadium tour bundles and merch too. Which means without it'd be like 50-60k His streaming numbers (102k) are the only saving grace really, but apparently he had the most playlist exposure ever, and this is less than Purpose (around 125k) despite being 5 years later when streaming has grown every year. Whichever way you look at it, it's kinda terrible
  9. RihannaRTT


    Set Fire to the Rain > Hello > Someone Like You > Rolling in the Deep
  10. RihannaRTT

    Video Game

    HOME is out ladies!!! Add me
  11. RihannaRTT


    bitch she's smashing I have a bad feeling it'll peak here but I want it to go top 20 just for one week. Just a crumb please
  12. The numbers all-around I'm not surprised Meghan isn't mentioned. Like she's gonna have no streaming, so I wouldn't expect any more than 20k in the first place. No bundles and her last H100 hit was like two years ago iirc, so not surprising. NTMY being #2 on itunes may give her a very very small SPS boost idk. I do wonder if she'll do anything in the UK with her judging The Voice but we'll see. Kesha... I expected a little bit more, purely because I thought she was bundling this? Otherwise I'd have said about 30-40k without one. I was thinking ballpark 60-70k, but if she reaches 50k it's solid. Louis... I mean not great numbers but not Liam levels of bad. When Liam failed I think everyone expected Louis to do worse but hes actually doing ok, so good for him.