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  1. it's actually not (lowkey, it was a few seasons ago). so feel fee to curb-stomp me next week. been rooting for u sis. u made the right decision earlier congratz
  2. REAL FRIENDS I just want to say… I’M BACK! Kittens and Billboard readers, this is your goddess; Katy Perry. I pulled a few strings and I’m back to talk about myself for one final week! Oh… and friendship. A powerful yet intangible item; capable of building bridges and creating strong bonds, but also vulnerable to destruction or 'Malevolence' (Gaga, I know you’re reading this!). Real friends, however, portray a completely different entity. The one thing they’ll never do is let you down! My ‘real friend’, Perrie Edwards is a kick-ass, amazing, beautiful and fucking awesome chick. Bursting onto the music scene as a solo artist, only two weeks ago, she quickly took the industry by storm with her number-one hit ‘Ready Steady Go’. Releasing her début studio album – a self-titled collection – and the remix of ‘Tastes Like Bubblegum’ within the last seven days gave her all to play for this week! Unfortunately, she was face-to-face with the number-two spot for the first six of those days. Until, a real friend stepped in! At first, I thought my good friend, P!nk could help out! But unfortunately, the store from where she purchased Troye Sivan’s album had a no-return policy. It was only five hours ago that I stepped my game up. While my website has been inactive for a while, all its functions remain in full working order – including the Kitten Mail Box. With haste, I urged my most dedicated Kittens to purchase Edwards’s album. The extra sales – as well as streams via Edward’s personal twitter account – allowed for both ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Edwards’ to top the respective Billboard charts! “I’m more than just a real friend; I’m an Archangel.” And like a fallen ‘Angel’ – or more appropriately, a ‘Demon’ – Sivan lands at the number-two position on both the Hot Singles Chart and the Top Albums Chart. ‘afterdance’ now marks Sivan’s first album to not peak at the pole position. It’s what he deserves for being such a lame, whiny, slimy, obsessed, jealous, bottom bitch; who’s only real aim in life is to become me. Fortunately (unfortunately), it’s not all bad for Sivan; ‘Make Me Feel’ (#2) marks his highest charting single – as lead artist - since his last passable release (‘Butterfly Effect’), while ‘Moonrise’ holds steady at number eleven. But whatever; they’re not number-one. What a loser. Always remember; ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’! Oh! There’s one more place you can’t sit, Sivan; atop the All-Time Singles Chart, anymore! That’s right; your ‘Nightmare’ has come true. Reaching a total of just-over 299 chart points earlier this evening, P!nk ‘Shoots’ Sivan ‘Down’ from his throne. The blockbuster smash – available as a solo single, or a remix with Kesha – slips 6-13 this week, while P!nk’s current single, ‘Just Not You’, falls to number four. But what did you expect from a ‘Rebelle Femme’? It’s funny how the pop industry works; everything seems to happen all at once – and that’s exactly what happened here. It’s not only the top two that hold the same position on both charts; Rihanna and Erika Jayne both find themselves playing the same game. The ‘Wine Remix’ of Rihanna’s track, ‘Please Don’t Fall’, causes a small rise of 5-3 this week, as Jayne’s last-minute re-issue of ‘Power’ – featuring the same crew (Rihanna, Edwards and Christina Aguilera) smashes into the top five this week, adjusting 10-5. Collapsing at the last minute, like Aguilera on a Sunday morning, their newest album releases also chart at #3 and #5, respectively. Meanwhile, on the albums chart, we look at the final new album release; ‘HOLLYWEIRD’. One thing is clear; the fans found it ‘weird’! This new issue fails dramatically, unable to push past the number-nine spot; with almost-equally bad numbers on both metrics. Meanwhile, her singles performance isn’t really any better. Her new track, ‘Murmur’ (#15) actually charts lower than her prior hit, ‘L.A. Girls’ (#12) – you can’t make this up! At one point, I was confused when Jayne told Billboard, she didn’t want to be that artist who doesn’t listen to her fans… but I think the accusation is clear. Step up your game and release a remix ‘L.A. Girls’, slag! Finally, let’s take a look at some of the other releases on the singles chart. None of them are that interesting, really. Sivan’s out-of-his-league boyfriend, Shawn Mendes, débuts at number-seven with ‘Shout It Out’ as previous releases, ‘Feel The Rhythm’ (#9) and ‘Slow Motion’ (#19) begin to fall. Meanwhile, Instagram model and whisperer, Selena Gomez (surprisingly) scores her first top-ten hit in over a year, with the Edwards feature, ‘Call It Whatever’ (#10). All things look up for Gomez as both prior singles, ‘Tongue’ (#27) and ‘Feelings’ (#32) force their way up the chart. However, when one goes up, another must come down; as is the case for Jennifer Lopez’s new release, ‘Thirsty Girl’ – the lowest-charting new release of the week – trailing light-years behind the other releases at a famished twenty-three! The full Hot Singles Chart and Top Albums Chart can be found below. As always, more information will be offered to artists and record labels upon request. All artists have until 8pm BST on Thursday, April 26 to release music for Week Four. See you next week, album-artists! *** Hot Singles Chart Top Albums Chart
  3. Week 3's deadline has passed so technically y'all can post your entries. (Altho most of you will be later anyway, so this deadline restriction is dumb tbh) Mine: PDF Version
  4. Yes but only Don't Stay Out will chart
  5. That's fucking crazy, what? Absolutely scary considering he was only 28. RIP.
  6. P!nk - Don't Stay Out (Too Late) Single - Week Four + P!nk - If You're Gonna Leave International Single - Week Four
  7. And on that note, just reminding yall that this is due in like 19 hours. If you're gonna be late, that's fine but let us know! a late entry is better than no entry @Shiver @Royalty @RihannaRTT @Party Monster @S&Maniac @QueenCedar101 @Popboi @Cosmic @Joanne @Hyun. @Music Meister @Chris Morlock @Chris Pratt @Maria @Dookie Quill@Hylia @Jon. @CHANEL #1 @Habits
  8. what kind of #PI season would it be if troye and kesha didn't follow each other's actions yes, it's fine. put it in with next week's or the final week's.
  9. thank u so much. i always appreciate the support from yall. it motivates me to make these improvements.
  10. cant explain how much work im putting into this but its about fucking time (even tho i lowkey "revamp" it every year, but this is literally the biggest change ever - apart from changing everyone's chart positions ala 2-3 years ago...)
  11. I know most of y'all are perched so this taglist will be for nothing. But, it's also important to make sure y'all know what's happening now. Remixes; names will NOT show up anymore. The same applies to re-issues but only when they're useless (i.e. "deluxe edition" - example: Spellbound Purrfection will show, but Rebelle Femme [Deluxe Edition] will only be Rebelle Femme - like the chart database, basically). Another thing to note: singles are no longer being separated to different polls by week; they're only separated by the 30 cap included in FOTP's polling options. Therefore it's unlikely there'll be more than 2 single polls and 1 albums poll anytime soon. Check in the WR thread for an update there too, and expect more updates sooner or later! "Maybe it's not sinking in, but you'll learn to play along" - Ashley McBryde, 2018 @Shiver @Royalty @Party Monster @S&Maniac @QueenCedar101 @Popboi @Cosmic @Joanne @Hyun. @Music Meister @Chris Morlock @Chris Pratt @Maria @Dookie Quill@Hylia @Jon. @Habits @CHANEL #1
  12. Well, hello, hello! Welcome to the iTunes Store; the weekly shop where you can get your hands on some of the hottest music around (because it's the only music around). Here's how it works: Anyone on FOTP can vote. The more votes, the better. Vote (in each poll) for as many songs and albums as you like. If there's nothing in one of the lists that you like, click the None option. You can ask others to vote, but please keep the promotion for your material light. You can promote in randomosity threads, status updates and PMs. But don't spam random threads and don't constantly hog the status updates; Once or twice is enough. The iTunes Store will close in 48 hours (8pm BST on Saturday). Good luck y'all!
  13. While I have you all here, before the iTunes store opens. I wanna let y'all know about some changes to the charts. As you can see, we no longer have weekly Weekly Releases PDFs; we have one for singles and one for albums. Peek into them, and you'll see every song / album that has been released in #PI; and also, now, assigned an ID number! I will be updating the old charts to match this style over the coming weeks and hopefully get the database and year-end charts ready for the end of the season.NOTHING that affects you all is changing. It's just the background process of putting them together. Y'all can continue in the same way you used to iTunes store coming shortly. @Shiver @Royalty @Party Monster @S&Maniac @QueenCedar101 @Popboi @Cosmic @Joanne @Hyun. @Music Meister @Chris Morlock @Chris Pratt @Maria @Dookie Quill@Hylia @Jon. @Habits @CHANEL #1
  14. WEEK FOUR Chart Period: 21/04 - 28/04 Weekly Releases Deadline: 26/04 (8pm BST) WHAT YOU NEED TO INCLUDE Single or Album Title Type of Release (i.e. Single / Album / Single Remix / Album Re-release) Featuring Artists (if applicable) Release Week (e.g. Week 1) Anything else you wish to include. Nothing else is REQUIRED to chart. @Shiver @Royalty @Party Monster @S&Maniac @QueenCedar101 @Popboi @Cosmic @Joanne @Hyun. @Music Meister @Chris Morlock @Chris Pratt @Maria @Dookie Quill@Hylia @Jon. @Habits @CHANEL #1
  15. reminding yall have like 19 hours to get ur w3 releases in. @Shiver @Royalty @Party Monster @S&Maniac @QueenCedar101 @Popboi @Cosmic @Joanne @Hyun. @Music Meister @Chris Morlock @Chris Pratt @Maria @Dookie Quill@Hylia @Jon. @Habits @CHANEL #1