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  1. this one will definitely have more than 63 but I did see a comment saying it better have all Pokemon and I'm thinking ... if the original didn't even have half of Gen 1, how do you expect this to have almost 900
  2. the original is sooo good, even tho it only has 63 pokemon. really excited now as its one of my fave games the rotom finder was a hint i knew it
  3. a talentry yes on another note, pokemon snap omg
  4. yeah I was really hoping Ice/Psychic, Electric/Fighting (with Bolt Beak?? hello?) and Fire/Dark (well actually I thought Fire/Ghost coz phoenix rising from the ashes motif but...) - so it is rather upsetting they're all flying, but whatever, they're still cool. Yes I'm super excited for Let's Go Johto also I love Johto sm but it's unplayable to me now. Gold/Silver is actually more playable than HGSS because of how slow Gen 4 is as a game, whereas Gen 2 kinda looks cute with the nostalgia factor. Also hoping they fix the level curve bullshit (there should not be lv17 wild Pokemon when the trainers are lv37...). And the thought of replaying that with new leader designs, new wild locations (one of the most exciting things of LGPE was seeing Oddish in R1, and wild Butterfree/Beedrill in Viridian Forest). Expecting it to be fantastic. I'm so hyped for that. (I knew a new game announcement wouldn't come tho, so wasn't really disappointed in Unite coz I never expected anything else - it has it's own presentation because Tencent wanted one for it so...) I am excited for Sinnoh remakes tbh, for some different reasons. First of all, the same as Johto where Gen 4 is hella slow and unplayable. So I'm looking forward to actually enjoying it. But also because with the addition of Wild Areas, I think the pokedex will be expanded greatly and it'll be super exciting. Plus all the new changes that have happened since G4, I would like to see it happen. Definitely *more* hyped for Lets Go, but also hyped for Sinnoh. As for the sequel. I don't have much proof. But there was one quote where some NPC says "i wonder what Route 10 would look like if all the snow disappeared" and I'm just thinking like HELLO? SEQUEL? Funnily enough, in BW2, Route 10 was the route that got hit by the landslide and became inaccessible So I'm thinking that would be cool. Plus since Gen 5 has heavily inspired this gen, it would be nice to have a sequel at the end. 2020 - DLC 2021 - Sinnoh Remake 2022 - Let's Go Johto 2023 - SWSH Sequel That to me sounds like a reasonable pattern. the SWSH sequel might be a reach but I'm confident on both DP remakes and Let's Go Johto happening - not sure on the order of those two though. I'd expect Sinnoh first bcoz DP came before HGSS, but you never know
  5. Tapu's with the new moves Koko with Rising Voltage Super hyped. The Galarian Birds typings are disappointing tbh; losing their elemental typing but keeping flying. rip sad. The 17th's direct had tons of Johto stuff in the background and Espeon and Umbreon with Eevee in front of Let's Go Eevee, so I'm 100% sure it means Let's Go Johto is currently being worked on. I definitely think a (traditional) Sinnoh remake will come too this gen. And I kinda think we might get SWSH2 like BW2 but it would make Gen 8 as 5 years long, so idk... I thought so! It took me a while to follow back coz I was like "who is this" when u had a different pfp then I put the pieces together eventually
  6. I think most people were more excited for The Crown Tundra, yeah. But I was surprised at how much we got, the Isle of Armor seems to be about 1.5x the size of the wild area, and the story was actually a bit longer than I anticipated, and there were a few nice surprising features too. Really enjoyed it. Still need to finish off the Restricted Sparring and get 3.28m watts for the dojo but other than that, we're done. Definitely looking forward to TCT and seeing my babies Articuno, Zapdos and their ugly stepsister's Galar Forms in game A lot of the Crown Tundra stuff was datamined - not anything serious but the list of returning Pokemon and stuff like that. have you seen it? PS
  7. yup how r u doing? did u enjoy the IOA?
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  12. Yes, feel free to make a thread I don't have a taglist but if anyone on any staff team wants to help when you manage to open a thread, they could tag members and members no bg for you (as long as its only done once) Prize-wise, depends how long the event's gonna run. Is it a one-day thing or more? If it's one day, the winner getting 1 month VIP sounds ok for me. If it's like spread across 3+ rounds, then the winner getting 2 months and runner-up getting 1 month is fine
  13. new trailer i recommend checking the website bcoz the trailer doesnt give info on anything. the website is very detailed. IOA releases in 2 weeks. i may update the OP with more details later