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  1. Reminder: This entry and ALL of the other entries are due on SATURDAY evening. So, if I were you, I'd start working... now Also reminder that you have till Thursday 8pm GMT to post your final Weekly Releases and till Saturday 8pm GMT to buy tickets for the Billboard Box Office. k bye @CHANEL #1 @Habits @Hyun. @billie. @Party Monster @Quill @Shiver @Royalty @Ghostface @Yoncé. @Desnudate @Joanne @Luca @Popboi @edwinfg
  2. oh wow congrats legend
  3. RihannaRTT

    Katy Perry | Aladdin | Film Soundtrack | Week 5 1 Arabian Nights 2 Inside Every Door 3 One Jump Ahead 4 One Jump Ahead (Reprise) 5 Proud of Your Boy 6 These Palace Walls 7 These Palace Walls (Reprise) 8 Pretty Lady 9 A Million Miles Away 10 Follow Your Heart 11 Friend Like Me 12 Prince Ali 13 A Whole New World 14 Love This Guy 15 A Million Miles Away (Reprise) 16 Proud of Your Boy (Reprise) 17 Prince Ali (Reprise) 18 So Much More 19 Love This Guy (Reprise) 20 Love Comes 21 A Whole New World (Reprise) 22 Someday Katy Perry & Brendon Urie | A Whole New World | Film Mix | Week 5 Carrie Underwood | Spring Break | Album | Week 5 1 Little Bit of Heaven 2 Think Again 3 Up Loud 4 Water Ride 5 Usually 6 Two for One 7 Margarita 8 Marina 9 Tennessee 10 That Old Oak Tree 11 If You Don't Like Me 12 Thanks Carrie Underwood | If You Don't Like Me | Single | Week 5 P!nk | Serious | Single | Week 5
  4. Baby One More Time Crazy In Love Single Ladies Lady Marmalade Irreplaceable Genie In a Bottle Womanizer What a Girl Wants Baby Boy Come On Over Baby 3 Hold It Against Me Check On It
  5. RihannaRTT

    PURCHASE TICKETS (WEEK 5) MARCH 23RD 2019 - MARCH 30TH 2019 (8PM GMT) How do I purchase tickets? (Week 5) On the final week of each part-season, all players will be given the chance to purchase tickets to other events. You are given $1,000 per part-season and may buy as many tickets to as many of the events as you like. However, you may NOT buy tickets to your own shows. You can purchase tickets at the link below. NOTE: You may only purchase tickets with ONE Billboard account; your budget only applies once regardless of how many artists you manage. https://popindustry.wixsite.com/billboard/shows @CHANEL #1 @Habits @Hyun. @billie. @Party Monster @Quill @Shiver @Royalty @Ghostface @Yoncé. @Desnudate @Joanne @Luca @Popboi @edwinfg
  6. RihannaRTT

    8 hours @CHANEL #1 @Habits @Hyun. @billie. @Party Monster @Quill @Shiver @Royalty @Ghostface @Yoncé. @Desnudate @Joanne @Luca @Popboi @edwinfg
  7. RihannaRTT

    my birthday is so powerful it ended your concert THE IMPACT THAT HAS
  8. RihannaRTT

    vote for my Aladdin soundtrack for Katheryn, gays
  9. RihannaRTT

    Vote for Katy's Aladdin <3
  10. RihannaRTT

    48 hours to post your tours everyone!!! @CHANEL #1 @Habits @Hyun. @billie. @Party Monster @Quill @Shiver @Royalty @Ghostface @Yoncé. @Desnudate @Joanne @Luca @Popboi @edwinfg
  11. Welcome to the iTunes Store; the weekly shop where you can get your hands on some of the hottest music around (because it's the only music around). Here's how it works: Anyone on FOTP can vote. The more votes, the better. Vote (in each poll) for as many songs and albums as you like. If there's nothing in one of the lists that you like, click the None option. You can ask others to vote, but please keep the promotion for your material light. You can promote in randomosity threads, status updates and PMs. But don't spam random threads and don't constantly hog the status updates; Once or twice is enough. The iTunes Store will close in 48 hours. Good luck y'all! @CHANEL #1 @Habits @Hyun. @billie. @Party Monster @Quill @Shiver @Royalty @Ghostface @Yoncé. @Desnudate @Joanne @Luca @Popboi @edwinfg
  12. RihannaRTT

    SEASON 8A - WEEK FIVE MARCH 21 - MARCH 28 (8pm GMT) WHAT YOU NEED TO INCLUDE Single or Album Title Type of Release Featuring Artists (if applicable) Album Tracklist (if applicable) Release Week (e.g. Week 1) Anything else you wish to include. Nothing else is REQUIRED to chart. @CHANEL #1 @Habits @Hyun. @billie. @Party Monster @Quill @Shiver @Royalty @Ghostface @Yoncé. @Desnudate @Joanne @Luca @Popboi @edwinfg NOTES: 1. This is the LAST WEEK of this season. Get your final releases in! 2. You have 48 HOURS to post your tour information!!!
  13. RihannaRTT

    Carrie Underwood | Think Again | Single Remix | Week 4
  14. RihannaRTT