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  1. we definitely do need a vacation
  2. seems like u need a vacation
  3. i know what the she's outdoing her last album in a much much much worse climate. it's like she got 3-4x bigger.
  4. The way I saw something last week on twitter about "pop females who outsold 200k in 2017" and Witness was the only 2017 album on the list and the others were like Joanne, 25 and something else and well... 200k cancelled. --- On a side note, since I can't be bothered to thread it. She's done just short of 50k in the UK within 3 days! (For comparison, Joanne did 26k in one week, and Witness did 16k in one week). She'll probably end up around 70-80k there and then there's Australia.
  5. P!nk (RCA) 360-385k SPS, 340-370k album
  6. Happy birthday @Habits!

    Queen of being old. 


  7. Was just listening to Shania's greatest hits and I had ZERO clue that Honey I'm Home was Shania karaoke anthem and iconic song. MIFLAW found dead in a ditch. my shock when the chorus began and i was like i love this song
  8. Y'all suggesting me to keep Karen in the charticles made this happen whew.
  9. she did with the album that came out that year tho
  10. you're par for the course right now, it seems keep it up.
  11. As I said on twitter, most of y'all did a really good job this week. A lot of 80s+ for me and ones that were close behind too. Some of y'all looked at what the listed requirements were and went above and beyond, doin what I would have done too, and that's where you won out. Personality came through too. Keep it up!
  12. Yes this was for you as well
  13. PS, if anyone hasn't had time to do their entries, feel free to still submit them, and we'll be open to scoring them. We'd hate for you to miss a week or two coz something came up. Just message us to let us know!
  14. I was gonna ask one of the two of u for an interview again, but I thought where's the fun in that