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  1. She did as part of Destiny's Child with a song for the Life soundtrack. But it doesn't matter either way. - Frankly it's disgusting that she had to be forced into doing this by trolls and the media. Instead of denouncing the actual rapist, they focused their efforts on attacking the most successful woman (at this moment) who had worked with him. There were other male and female artists who have worked with him more recently. But only because Gaga is currently successful did they go after her - the other artists clearly wouldn't have gotten them the clicks they wanted. They wouldn't dare attack any men of course. It's just anything to tear down a successful woman. And "stans" using this kind of bullshit to fuel unimportant stan wars should be ashamed. It says a lot that people cared more about "Lady Gaga worked with R Kelly six years ago" rather than " R Kelly raped women".
  2. It goes from one thing to the next to the next "I'm not apologising" "I already apologised, but not really" "I'm still not apologising" "I apologise that you got offended, not for anything I've done" "Why would I ever apologise?" "I'm done apologising (even though I never did)"
  3. I'm home from the Caribbean now so happy 2019 everyone! 


    and I bring a new avi with it gaycat1 

    1. Jose

      do you play duel links?jj2 

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      Yes moo6 My friend code is 751-392-331


      They're releasing actual cards for the Duel Links format in 2 weeks (known as Speed Duels) and I've ordered 3 of each starter deck for those too moo9

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    @Chris Pratt - as the only winner of the Banhammer prize - has chosen @Régine Filange to be banned for 24 hours. Thank u, next, bitch. (I put this gif in everybody's ban notices btw, I'm so mean ) -- FYI, I will be away for the next 2 weeks so if your prizes aren't delivered to you within 48 hours, please contact the admins and remind them. They are busy so be patient, thanks.
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    life isn't fair and speaking of not fair...
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    I have to sleep asap coz I need to be up in 6 hours for a flight but thank you very much for this post. It's well thought out and I'm pleased to have someone go through everything and tell me things straight. Thanks to everyone else who has posted or will post when they return from their ban coz I likely won't be here over the next 2 weeks. As for some of what you mentioned - I actually got confused when writing the story coz I thought Kelly was a hero and then I checked my plans and realised she was Team Xtine so I purposefully made her like not intentionally kill Britney members, but by accident I did this whole story in like September (right around the time Cardi got into that fight with Nicki). There was one year where I didn't have it written in advance and I got ill and had to delay half of it, so now I try and get it done before the end of September. I spent about 10 hours purely writing the story for this year - and its shorter than the others. - I agree with most of you guys saying less heroes if they come back. I actually did SO many calculations when planning because I usually plan out every scenario and try and see the probability of winning/losing - and the point of the heroes was to try and up that number since half of the members would die on the final day - but it obviously didn't work out that the numbers would get smaller. One thing I had thought of was only allow x number of people to go to each location but i thought that would be too restrictive. It's something that needs fine-tuned for next year but there was no way of doing it without a proper test-run this time around. - Thanks to all who have thought the RPG idea is a good concept. It's something I would certainly like to look into. It would require focus to actually plan out but it could be really good if done right. It may also allow for the return of the butterfly effect - for example if you said no to helping the guy up, then you didn't get a certain extra question later on - kinda like the actual PS4 game where your choices actually affected which events would happen in the game. Again thank you for this post. It's great to have feedback. If you're curious about the other seasons, the threads are all in this section so you can always go back and read them if you want. I do sometimes, just for the fun of it
  7. RihannaRTT

    Team Britney (For Glory) 1. @Mystique - Winner (Day 2 - Forest) 2. @Violet - Dead (Day 1 - Volcano) 3. @Hyun. - Dead (Day 4) 4. @Chris Morlock - Winner (Day 2 - Beach) 5. @Simón. - Winner (Day 1 - Town) 6. @SWINΞ - Dead (Day 4) 7. @350.000.000 records sold - Winner (Day 2 - Beach) 8. @Galaxy - Dead (Day 1 - Battlefield) 9. @Sean - Winner (Day 2 - Forest) 10. @Luca - Winner (Day 3 - Lake) 11. @Jae - Winner (Day 1 - Town) 12. @Sylk - Dead (Day 4) 13. @Diaboliq - Dead (Day 3 - Meadow) Team Christina (For Liberation) 1. @Party Monster - Winner (Day 1 - Town) 2. @Habits - Winner (Day 2 - Hero's Choice) 3. @Maria - Dead (Day 1 - Lake) 4. @Chris Pratt - Winner (Day 4) 5. @Ghostface - Winner (Day 1 - Hero's Choice) 6. @Hunter. - Dead (Day 2 - Harbor)) 7. @billie. - Dead (Day 3 - Battlefield) 8. @Urbanov - Winner (Day 4) 9. @ChristinaAguileraismyidol - Dead (Day 2 - Harbor) 10. @Shiver - Winner (Day 1 - Town) 11. @Entea - Winner (Day 3 - Hero's Choice) 12. @Hylia - Winner (Day 1 - Town)
  8. Hey y'all. I'll be leaving for Christmas vacation early tomorrow morning which is why Until Dawn was slightly earlier this year. And of course, we'll be returning next Christmas for the fifth instalment. This thread is for me to explain some of the changes that occurred this year and for you guys (the winners - and the losers when they recover from their bans lol) to give feedback and tell me what you thought of the game, what other ideas you have for game suggestions and prizes and your thoughts on the story. Everything about the event basically. Battle Formations This is one of the major changes to this year's event and really fit with the war theme I had gone for. Now it's not something I could manage every year but I am personally underwhelmed that the amount of people who made it to day 4 was so low in number (and that's my own fault for doing Heroes as well as this). Was the Rock-Paper-Scissors idea of the Formations something you liked? Let me know if you'd like this again. Heroes Again, another addition. This time the ratio of winners to losers is insanely high. In part, this is because of the Heroes which allowed people to win in advance of the final day. Is this something that you liked or would you prefer everyone to continue onto the end? I'd probably reduce the number next year but it was another idea of this war-strategy concept I used this year. Butterfly Effect Changes So as you guys know, the Butterfly Effect kinda took a backseat this time. Your decisions still affected your life status but decisions by other users did too. and also you were no longer restricted to where you could go. (however this does make things harder to balance). What are your thoughts on this? Would you like it to have more of a meaning in the future, or do you like the unrestricted feeling? The Map Until Dawn will always be a text-based story and you guys know I can write paragraphs after paragraphs for this game. I tried my absolute best after your feedback to cut down the story to just the necessities and some little shades - cutting out most of the creativity and lore. Did it help you read the story? Did you still find it entertaining? Do you like the map as a graphical suggestion? Is there anything else I should be doing graphically for the event? Prize Changes First of all, I decided that the Name Change prize was basically trash and deleted it. The warning point removal prize was also pretty underwheming so I decided y'all can donate it this time - as well as it being prepared with the iconic Banhammer prize - which remains a group decision out of fairness (although it would help if more than one person won it). Finally, I added 3 day bans as well as 3 month VIPs so things got riskier but with a better reward. Is there any prizes or punishments you'd like to suggest for next year? Other Suggestions Is there anything else you'd like for next year? Personally, I'm thinking of overhauling the event to be sort of RPG-like; where instead of just ONE decision, you'd have like 5 decisions a day to send me (by PM); things like "this guy has fallen, do u help him up". And with a point-based store that you get from the event which can get you better prizes or an extra life or even toying with other members. Is this something you guys would be interested in? Let me know. Thanks again for playing. See y'all next year
  9. This thread is for those of you that won a prize in Until Dawn 4. You must claim your prize to activate it. All you need to do is post in here and say you want your prize and one of our @Administrators will sort you out. If you won a VIP; you can either claim the prize yourself, keep it till your current VIP runs out or donate it to another member. If you won a removal of a warning point, it must be used now. If you don't have any, you can donate it to another member. The warning will still show but the point will be removed. The banhammer prize will be decided via PM and not in this thread. Expect a PM shortly. Prize Winners 1 Month VIP - @Mystique @Chris Morlock @Régine Filange @Habits @Sean @Luca @Entea 2 Month VIP - @Simón. @Jae @Party Monster @Shiver @Hylia @Ghostface 3 Month VIP - @Urbanov Removal of a WP - @Chris Pratt
  10. RihannaRTT

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, Worse than tooth and nail, the sword and shield. Through thick and thin, you supported your kin, Did what you must so that you might win. Cheers for the allies and heroes, oh so brave, For the others, the sadness of an untimely grave. Though none will remember without a witness, Until Dawn returns next year, Merry Christmas! Thank you to everyone who signed up this year. As you know by now, this has been my fourth year hosting Until Dawn here and – of course – I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Congratulations to those that won big – please remember to claim your prizes in the Prize Thread (which will be up shortly). My sympathies to those who flopped harder than Tinashe – you will receive your punishment shortly (and apologies to the person who gets hit with the public banhammer; sorry not sorry - you can blame @Chris Pratt this year as the only winner of this prize, oops). I hope you’ll all take your chances again next year. Please leave me feedback in this year’s Feedback Thread if you have a moment - which will also be up shortly. See you next year. Merry Christmas! xo.
  11. RihannaRTT

    GROUP J – WINNING TEAM (CHOSEN FORMATION) THE NICE LIST Congratulations! You have won 3 Months of VIP! If you already have VIP, you can save this till your current VIP runs out or donate it to another member. Don’t forget to claim your prize in the Prizes Thread. Merry Christmas! @Urbanov
  12. RihannaRTT

    GROUP I – LOSING TEAM (NON-CHOSEN FORMATION) THE NAUGHTY LIST Too bad! You have ‘won’ an extra special one-week ban from Battlegrounds. This will be made active after all groups have been posted. Merry Christmas! NO. ONE. SMH.
  13. RihannaRTT

    GROUP H – DAY 1 LOSERS THE NAUGHTY LIST Too Bad! You have ‘won’ an extra special Two-Day Ban. You have until all the results are posted to say your goodbyes. Merry Christmas! @Violet @Galaxy @Maria