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  1. :3

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Pretty good, not too much has changed in my status quo and I can't really complain on a personal level. How is your cat?

    3. RihannaRTT


      oh that's good for you. aw thanks for asking, he's doing great now. he'll be 5 this year and he's the sweetest demon.

    4. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Glad to hear it! cry7 Yeah I remember when you first got Mew as a kitten, time flies. 

  2. Came back to participate and I flopped. yas and slay.
  3. sent Won't be able to join the results but I'll try and log in for this every week x
  4. I actually like Quaxly3 a lot. I like them all tbh. Not sure which final I prefer tbh, bc Sprigatito3 was alright but not as slay as Sprigatito2. Eviolite Floragato stan I fear.
  5. Hi all, just a reminder that PI is starting on March 25th. If you'd like to play this season, or any future season, maks sure to join our Discord before then (linked in the above post), as it's integral for the new sign up process. This is the last reminder and we won't tag you again. See you there xoxo!
  6. Scarlet yas gaga Violet yas gaga Game of the Millennium is here
  7. Hi everyone! Today, we have some exciting news to share regarding the upcoming season of #PopIndustry. If you've been tagged in this post, it's because you played in one of the seasons last year! Enough of the introductions, let's spill the news #PopIndustry now has its own official dedicated Discord server, and it's opening today! This will be an important and compulsory part of the event going forward, so it's highly recommended you join us sooner rather than later if you're intent on competing again in future. Click on the link below to join the Discord server. The start date
  8. Weekly Releases are now CLOSED. See you next year
  9. Kandi (f/ Kesha) The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing [Tracy Young Dance Mix] Single Remix | Week 5
  10. Weekly Releases - Week 5 November 26th - December 3rd (7pm UK Time) NOTE: This is the final week of the season
  11. hi you can't do both a new official single and a remix of an old one on the same week. choose one
  12. Kandi | The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing Single | Week 4 Official Theme Song for The Real Housewives of Pop Industry Kandi | Twisted Hearts Promotional Single (B-Side) | Week 4
  13. Made it to Veilstone. Been taking my time. Having a lot of fun Obviously with a remake, particularly one so 1:1, it's not as exciting as a brand new game but it's still very enjoyable thus far. Looking forward to nuzlocking it. Hideaways are great and very useful. Love the music and battle backgrounds, and the ball capsules. Some random things like the bag adding new items in the middle instead of the end of the list is a bit head scratching, but mostly it's just a cool convenient version of Sinnoh and I'm enjoying it for once. Multi use TMs being dropped was weird but at least m