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  1. yw of course. another idea is to do a wonderlocke. essentially, you do the same as the nuzlocke, but the pokemon you catch doesnt matter bc each encounter you trade on surprise trade for a different pokemon. if you get one higher than ur highest lv or a duplicate, then u trade again. the rest of the rules still apply. This is more fun in games where you have a national dex bc you can get pokemon you dont normally get. Someone who didnt have the dlc could do this for IOA mons too since you'll likely get a lot of breedjects. However my assumption is TCT wont be accessible till postgame, so this will make wonderlockes more viable since some mons like Nidoran will be unavailable main game but accessible in wonderlockes.
  2. Here's a view link to our SWSH spreadsheet Just copy it into one of your own and it has all the encounters listed and our general rules etc
  3. You should do a nuzlocke. I used to be better at replaying on normal playthroughs, but now I need there to be a nuzlocke to replay (unless the game just came out). When there's death at stake, it keeps things interesting and forces you to be focused. Especially if you're nuzlocking at the same time as your friends. If you need any spreadsheet trackers, hit me up @Habits, @edwinfg and I have nuzlocked SWSH, SM, USUM, LGPE and ORAS together since the IOA DLC came out. We'll be starting XY next week, and then aiming to do Gen 5 also. Then might do SWSH again, or with a wonderlocke or smth fun (this depends on when TCT is available in the story)
  4. RihannaRTT

    Shadow Dragon cancelled btw its an eyesore. I heard someone was working on a 3ds romhack of Fates as a SD remaster but its taking its sweet time and is well unfinished. Three Houses DLC was good. just wish it was a bit longer, but i really liked it. Yuri <3 So I FINALLY did Golden Deer route. love Claude, Hilda, Lysithea very much. I see now why Rhea acts the way she does, but some things still irk me. Edelgard still my girl. I hacked in unlimited durability on weapons + infinite magic ability for everyone bc I hate the limited magic durability system Unfortunately cant hack in a way to change the attack speed system Now I've started Black Eagles in hopes to do Silver Snow. Same alterations - unlimited durability and magic. Planning to use all the monastery staff, Anna and the Ashen Wolves here yup. Might do CF again after that since they added a character to that route in the dlc. (and maybe one day finish Blue Lions poor Demitree )
  5. Never been into Xbox really. I use Nintendo for Pokemon/Fire Emblem esque games and Playstation for Warriors franchise for the most part (and sometimes those are PS exclusives). Also just kinda habit since ive had their consoles since N64/GB and PS1. As for PS5. Well... I'm still holding out there'll be some kind of backwards compatibility for pre-PS4 games. BC for PS4 isn't selling me on a new console coz I have a PS4 so until the (very small) range of games I'm interested in become PS5 only (probably 3+ years from launch), then I'll get it. However if it somehow has BC for PS3/PS2/PS1 - whether by disc or otherwise - then I'd be more likely to get it pretty early since I dont have my my PS3 plugged in anymore and my PS2's laser is starting to fail. Obviously on guarantee on this happening and theres been no announcement, but holding out hope for it somehow.
  6. definitely but thats not a bad thing, she's a cute girl it would be nice to use one i guess but i dont think shes up to much and she comes like so late and in one useless location too. hopefully we can get Snap or Crown Tundra news this month. im 100% confident that they would have announced a competitive mechanic (HA capsule probably) had Worlds not been cancelled. Did hold out hope for it on the players cup stream but a 0.001% chance so i wasnt disappointed when it didnt happen lol. too much risk of it getting out i imagine.
  7. the chimecho stanning always sends me
  8. RihannaRTT

    Been playing Radiant Dawn with some AR codes Fun to give all the Laguz formshift and to be able to forge any weapon and have 99x of each item Three Houses was cute but the monsters scare me particularly the sand worms, anything snake-like is a no. Would be so much better if a) that wasn't in it, b) the attack speed mechanics werent so stupid (Strength/5 really????? Strength/1 was fine in POR/RD/SD), c) the magic triangle and tomes returned (or at least increased uses coz...) and d) the beast monsters were weak to fire, flying units and birds were weak to wind etc. Missed opportunities. The DLC is interesting for me, I haven't had a chance to play it yet but I heard its more limited in class selection and no grinding stages etc? Which excites me bc that's a very POR/RD-esque style. Also I found a save editor I can use when I play it on my hacked switch which is cool yup time to give all the magic users infinite magic like they deserve Think I'm gonna play Shadow Dragon first tho, I've never played it beyond 2 chapters POR/RD dual pack remaster plz
  9. RihannaRTT


    FUCK MEMPHIS OMG. this season SUCKS. Did the pregamers and the mayo alliance really need HOH. I'm so- fuck I got a hit tweet omg
  10. RihannaRTT


    prayer circle for janelle or kaysar to win hoh
  11. RihannaRTT


    Wait I swear I didnt look at the bb22 hashtag before I said that but apparently she's crying again rn
  12. RihannaRTT


    I never saw 8, but I liked her on 13. But I only saw the episodes not the live feeds, so I guess we only like edited Dani. ikr and she was an alternate too. she said "well if you dont want me here, i'll take the cash and go" yes the first thing i saw when i woke up was Nicole crying again we-
  13. RihannaRTT


    Yeah the pregaming is ugly. I hope Janelle and Kaysar win back to back HOHs and fuck it up. She deserves her win. I don't know if there's going to be a jury tbh. They might ALL be jury (and America to break the tie). Apparently Survivor did that for their all stars season. Apparently theyre getting paid 40k to appear and the safety suite looks more than just a room for a once-a-week-for-three-weeks comp. (and Julie said on the premiere "new roomS") Janelle providing the reaction images this season btw