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  1. RihannaRTT

    PS the timing is 7.30pm BST like the weekly releases I will be reminding you of that tomorrow
  2. What is the Box Office? Primarily the focus of the charts is based on singles and albums. However, the music industry also revolves around touring. Therefore, those with tours in the same year as the event may sell tickets to their shows on the Billboard website. That's where the Box Office comes in. We allow you to tell us details of your tour and then purchase tickets to other shows throughout the year! How do I sell tickets? (16 October - 24 October) You will be able to register new tours during the semi-final week of any part-season. To have your show(s) registered with the Billboard Box Office, you should post your tour details below. These details should include the following information: Tour Title Number of Shows Start Date (must be within the current year) End Date Ticket Types + Prices Short Description (30-50 words) Tour Setlist (for 1 Date) Tour Poster or Performance Picture (about 470px/320px) How do I purchase tickets? (24 October - 31 October) On the final week of each part-season, all players will be given the chance to purchase tickets to other events from the current part-season. You are given $1,000 per part-season and may buy as many tickets to as many of the events as you like. However, you may NOT buy tickets to your own shows. You can purchase tickets at the link below. NOTE: You may only purchase tickets with ONE Billboard account; your budget only applies once regardless of how many artists you manage. https://popindustry.wixsite.com/billboard/shows @CHANEL #1 @Hyun. @Habits @billie. @edwinfg @Liam @Sylk @Ariana @Venus XCX @Lachlan @Hunty Bear @Party Monster @Ghostface @Royalty @Maraj @Luca @The Hawaiian Queen @mylifelies @Andres @Enigma
  3. Same energy legend1 

    Gigantamax ButterfreeRelated image

  4. RihannaRTT

    you might wanna type the tracklist here too btw i cannot read that @billie. also reminder to post ur tracklist or send it to hyun.
  5. there will be a 6th challenge yes altho we may post it before the 28th out of fairness
  6. I'm super excited for this challenge to see what you guys draw. As a side-note I'd like to say that while you CAN use paint to draw, we would still prefer you to hand-draw a sketch instead. If you have a smart phone the app "PhotoScan" is pretty good in my experience for getting scanning anything on paper. For Mood, you only need to choose fabrics, no notions (fasteners, closures, buttons, zippers). Have fun with this challenge everyone!!
  7. RihannaRTT

    Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez // Goodbye Earl // Single // Week Five A Dixie Chicks cover
  8. RihannaRTT

    P!nk // All the Poetry You Never Heard // Live Recording (Album) // Week Five P!nk // Black Knight // Single // Week Five
  9. RihannaRTT

    you aint slick
  10. RihannaRTT

    Hey beautiful friends! Today, I'd like to present my newest album and one of my all-time favorites in the seven years I've been on #PopIndustry. If you have a minute and you'd like to support me, please vote for All The Poetry You Never Heard in the above polls. Thanks. Love y'all!
  11. Welcome to the iTunes Store; the weekly shop where you can get your hands on some of the hottest music around (because it's the only music around). Here's how it works: Anyone on FOTP can vote. The more votes, the better. Vote (in each poll) for as many songs and albums as you like. If there's nothing in one of the lists that you like, click the None option. You can ask others to vote, but please keep the promotion for your material light. You can promote in randomosity threads, status updates and PMs. But don't spam random threads and don't constantly hog the status updates; Once or twice is enough. The iTunes Store will close in 48 hours. Good luck y'all! @CHANEL #1 @Hyun. @Habits @billie. @edwinfg @Liam @Sylk @Ariana @Venus XCX @Lachlan @Hunty Bear @Party Monster @Ghostface @Royalty @Maraj @Luca @The Hawaiian Queen @mylifelies @Andres @Enigma