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    welp I can always emulate I guess
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    Always feel like my collection is big and then you post yours and I feel minimalist afterwards Lemme think, I have had All 4 Playstations Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Advanced SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, 3 Nintendo 3DS's (a Old 3DS, a new 3DS and a 2DS) Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii (x2), Wii-U, and 2 Nintendo Switches I have 2 big TVs I use; one in my bedroom and one in my computer room. In my bedroom, I have 2 Switch Docks and also my region free bluray player. In my computer room, I have 1 switch dock, another Switch charging cable, my PS4 and my PS2 plugged in. I would plug in my Wii too but my PC is strong enough to run my faves on Dolphin so... I'm hoping the PS5 having FULL backwards compatibility rumors are true because I LOVEEEE my PS2 games but my PS2 needs repaired coz the laser is faulty and idk when i can be bothered to do that I also lowkey want to buy another N64 (since my brother stole mine ) but I read something last year about a new console that emulates it and can run them in HD? IDK if anyone knows more about it? Finally The reason I have 2 docks / charging stations for the Switch is because 1 of them is a CFW Switch and the other is my regular one so I like to make sure both are charged. I play the Switch on TV 95% of the time, usually with a pro controller.
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    ok wig? unexpected announcement but sure! Haven't listened to club since it came out but homecoming queen is fantastic so im excited for this. haven't heard her past albums yet.
  4. I very much doubt it. The song was nominated for Record of the Year, the album for Album of the Year and she won 3 (?) Grammys in the Americana category last year also. She clearly got the nomination (and various wins) fairly because it was acclaimed, it just doesn't have views because of it's genre. It's also very unlikely to be her because Brandi has very little power in the industry and the artist managed their way onto the committee and is also represented by a member of the board; meaning it's someone with a lot of power in the industry. And that usually comes from being part of the most successful genre(s)... This example being for Song of the Year also implies its someone who did not have a ROTY nomination, although that's not confirmed --- EDIT: starting to think it's In My Blood (assuming its 2019 awards, not 2019 nomination process) Nominated for SOTY but not ROTY Nominated for SOTY but not Pop Solo Performance Lost both SOTY and Pop Vocal Album indicating he wasn't that popular of a choice Performed In My Blood but had to share the performance with Miley Cyrus Popular enough to manage their way onto the committee with a bit of help (and perpetuates the "boys club" claim in the lawsuit) Signed to Island Records which, while successful in itself, is part of UMG; one of the big three record labels, plenty of power there.
  5. There's a LOT more to this story than just some nominations being tampered with. Not only does the document claim that the there are problems with sexism, racism and other forms on inequality within the academy, but it also says that she was sexually harassed and targeted because she was a woman - and that the same has happened to other women in the academy. And that the last CEO allegedly raped a foreign female artist. It's so disgusting and foul The full document is here: On the subject of the SOTY claim; we don't know if it meant the 2019 show OR the 2019 nominations (ie for the 2020 show). You would think that we're talking about Ella or Shawn if it's 2019 because those are the two who didn't have a ROTY nomination also. But then you read the artist made their way onto the committee AND they're represented by a member of the board. Their manager must be very well known...
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    Yeah I havent listened yet but I'll give it a shot, I do rly love the artwork
  7. According to an eBay seller, this is the tracklist 1. Wave feat. Mike Sabath 2. Nice To Meet Ya feat. Nicki Minaj 3. Funk 4. Babygirl 5. Workin’ On It feat. Lennon Stella & Sasha Sloan 6. Ashes 7. Lie To Me 8. Here To Stay 9. Blink 10. Genetics feat. The Pussycat Dolls 11. Evil Twin 12. After You feat. AJ Mitchell 13. Another Opinion 14. No Excuses 15. Have You Now It does match with her emojis. Interesting that she reworked After You The Nicki Minaj feat
  8. merged coz it was ap but yes it does seem like they suspended her (and will soon fire her fully) because they didn't want their wrongdoings to be exposed. Hope she exposes or builds a watertight case and sues them
  9. RihannaRTT


    This is a gym for high profile clients who do this type of thing all the time. This arrangement between Taylor and the gym is nothing new. The private session is offered by the gym themselves. If the gym didn't want to offer these kind of sessions, they wouldn't. You can't blame Taylor for... expecting to receive the service that she paid for? The only people at fault are either: a) the directors of the gym for not informing other clients about the procedure or b) the clients themselves if it was mentioned in the terms and conditions which they then didn't read. And let's be real, we know Justin is the latter.
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    album of the decade is here already omg April is gonna be blessed 😭
  11. The Galar Newcomers competition is open for registration. From the 16th to the 23rd!! Go to the Versus Stadium, then online competitions and register for it! The competition is double battles, with only Pokemon that are new in Gen 8 (ie Gen 8 mons and Galar forms) are allowed. The competition is the 24th to the 26th. Also note they are streaming a VGC Regional this weekend too!!