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  1. See Section 4 https://fotpforums.com/topic/148550-pi-the-music-industry-season-6/
  2. These questions sent.
  3. If anyone is wondering where all the threads went, I moved most into the General Info subsection and the pure chart ones into the new Billboard Charts subsection. xoxo. I'll attempt to move older charts into the chart archive subsection tomorrow.
  4. Hope that radio blacklist is comfortable hun.
  5. Season VI-a: Week One Saturday, April 1 - Saturday, April 8 (You can post your releases starting today; Monday, March 27) WHAT YOU NEED TO INCLUDE Single or Album Title Type of Release (i.e. Single / Album / Single Remix / Album Re-release) Featuring Artists (if applicable) Release Week (e.g. Week 1) Anything else you wish to include. Nothing else is REQUIRED to chart.
  6. *reserved*
  7. *reserved*
  8. The Billboard Charts make a return for #PopIndustry: Season VI. This thread is used to track all weekly music releases. If you wish for music to chart, you must post your weekly releases here before 6pm GMT (BST during Summer) of the Thursday of the chart-week. This is YOUR responsibility. If you forget to do this, your material will not chart. For information on the way the Billboard Charts are calculated, please see 'The Billboard Charts: EXPLAINED' thread. If you wish to learn about the other releases your artist has had prior to Season VI, please see the '#PI: The Chart Database' thread. The '#PI: The Music Industry' thread contains all information relating to the rules and regulations of the industry. It is important that you read it before releasing any music within #PopIndustry. As stated in that thread, there are no compulsory or restricted releases over this season, and you can freely release music throughout the entirety of the season. But there are some key guidelines that must be followed. These are as follows: You can ONLY release music by being involved in the game. Both contestants and judges will release music. If you do not sign up for the event, you cannot release music. As there are no eliminations this season, you will be able to release music right through the entire season. Only ONE official single may be released, per lead artist, per week. Featuring on another single does not count as your single for that week. You may announce other promotional or buzz singles on twitter, for the experience or just for fun, but they will not count towards the chart. If you choose to 'Remix' a single, it will count as your ONE and only official single for that week. You may not release a remix and a new official single in the same week. In addition, you cannot release a remix on the same week as the original single release, or after the single has left the charts. Only ONE album may be released, per artist, per individual part of Season VI. This means that you can release one album in Season VI-a, and one more in Season VI-b, if you so choose. You can choose to 'Re-Issue' your album, ONCE per season. You may not re-issue your album on the same week as the original album release, or after the album has left the charts. WHAT YOU NEED TO INCLUDE Single or Album Title Type of Release (i.e. Single / Album / Single Remix / Album Re-release) Featuring Artists (if applicable) Release Week (e.g. Week 1) Anything else you wish to include. Nothing else is REQUIRED to chart.
  9. This thread will house the Chart Database throughout Season VI. For those unsure of how musical releases, and the charts, are processed in #PopIndustry, see the the '#PI: The Music Industry' and 'The Billboard Charts: EXPLAINED' threads. The Chart Database itself is a collection of all releases from #PopIndustry to date, and also contains the current All-Time Singles and All-Time Albums charts. You can download the entire Chart Database below. DOWNLOAD HERE Within the download you will find three sheets; the Chart Database, the All-Time Chart (Singles) and the All-Time Chart (Albums). The latter two sheets show EVERY single and album respectively that has charted in #PopIndustry since the start of the event, including their ranking on the all-time charts using the new format. Each release also shows their chart-peak, weeks on chart, and their total chart points. You can click above the chart-peak and total chart points columns to show the complete chart-run and weekly points respectively. The other sheet in the document is the official #PopIndustry Chart Database. This is important to ALL players; in particular new players who have never played before. You are allowed and encouraged to use material which your artist has used previously in a #PopIndustry season for discussion points on twitter and during your tours. How do you know what your artist has released? That's where the Chart Database comes in. It lists all artists to have released music within #PopIndustry; either as a main or featuring artist. It includes all charted music they had released, along with all the chart stats which operate in the same way as the All-Time Chart. This allows for effective comparison between your own releases for existing players too. To open an artist's database, simply click on the cross below their name on the left-hand side, and the data will be un-grouped. Simple as that! Please note that Google Drive, while a great host, does not have access to the same tools major spreadsheet services do. Therefore, please open in a dedicated Spreadsheet package if you wish to view in full. If you do not have one, see below for Mobile Versions. Mobile Versions (in PDF format) have also been created. You can access these at the links below. They have restricted features but show the bulk of what is required. You can access them at the following links: #PopIndustry Chart Database #PopIndustry Singles All-Time Chart.pdf #PopIndustry Albums All-Time Chart.pdf
  10. Welcome one and all to the dark abyss known as the world of the #PI Billboard Charts. A hellish location so enticing, that once you enter, you never leave. (Unless you're a flop and you get kicked out with your ass hurt like every Wednesday night). This thread is only important for those who wish to know the ins and the outs of the Billboard Chart formula in #PopIndustry. You do not have to read this, if it's not your thing. Remember to read the '#PI: The Music Industry' thread first as it's important for everyone involved in #PopIndustry. There are 3 minor charts and 2 major charts. The 2 major charts will be posted on Saturday evenings between 7pm and 8pm GMT (BST during Summer). These charts are the Hot Singles Chart and the Top Albums Chart. These are the "official" positions for your single and album releases. These charts will be active from Week 1 of each season. The three minor charts are known as the Digital Songs Chart, the Radio Songs Chart, and the Streaming Songs Chart. These will not be posted in full, as these are only made in order to make up the combined Hot Singles Chart. However if you wish to know individual positions, you may post in the official chart threads or PM me for information. These are available to artists and record labels upon request. The Digital Songs chart is the first of the minor charts. This chart tracks single releases and their "digital" popularity, i.e. those who are buying the song. A thread known as the iTunes Store will be released every Thursday at 6pm GMT and will be open for 48 hours. You may get anyone on FOTP to vote for your releases. The iTunes store will do both singles and albums. Please note that you MAY promote around FOTP, but please keep the promotion light. You CANNOT disturb non-related threads and spam the status updates. Excessive spam may result in official forum warning points. However, there's nothing wrong with some light promotion in one or two status updates, your signature, randomosity threads and the like. I am here to offer advice if you are unsure of how much promotion is too much. The Radio Songs chart is the second of three charts which make up the Hot Singles Chart. This particular chart shows how much payola your label is paying out compared to other labels. In other words, the three judges will look at all the release and score them out of 10 each. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR CHALLENGE ENTRY SCORES! These will be sent to the judges at 6pm GMT on the Thursday. An important note for the other judges; if you do not vote on time, your votes will be replaced by someone not playing in the season. You have been warned. The Streaming Songs Chart is the final of the three charts to make up the Hot Singles Chart. This chart is created based on your online activity; i.e. the number of tweets you have every week. The tracking period is 18:01 Saturday - 18:00 Next Saturday. Please read the individual Twitter Feed threads for more information. The Hot Singles Chart remains the same as Season V. It is based off the three minor charts similarly to the official Billboard charts. This methodology is 40% Digital, 40% Radio, 20% Streams. This is the OFFICIAL singles chart! The Top Albums Chart is based entirely off the poll votes in the iTunes store as it only accounts for official "sales". These will be posted alongside a Charticle (Chart Article) between 7pm and 8pm GMT on Saturday evening. Singles and Albums will LOSE 25% of their popularity weekly. This means that after four weeks, they will generally stop charting. If a single remix or an album re-issue is released, the original single / album will stay at the same popularity as the week prior for that week only; allowing it to chart overall for one week longer. This year, we are introducing the functionality of 'Rolling Charts'. What this means is, for releases from Season VI onwards, any song that has not charted for its full chart-run by the end of the season, will continue to chart in the next season. As no one will be eliminated during the season, no releases will be removed from the chart before they are expected to. An official demo has been prepared showing exactly how all the charts will work. It is not necessary to check it out, but may help you understand. You can download it HERE. In addition to the demo, the Chart Database and the All-Time Charts have been updated prior to Season VI. You can find more information on these in the '#PI: The Chart Database' thread.
  11. you're forgiven.
  12. Kim's australian sister.
  13. both are gonna flop lbr on the charts, so good luck with that.