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  1. September 22 is the rumour come thru legend
  2. asdfhlj. a Colton Haynes tea. [is obviously flaming] "we love you king, come out plz" [after coming out] "we don't use. trash. ugly. who? bye"
  3. Asdfhlj reliving this mess. Iconic.

    love u @Rich Bitchlmfao1 


    1. Habits

      I can't at you being this shady dead2



  4. Pokemon's Tiny Tourney is over. Ended up with 8-7 on Day 3, so 28-17 overall. Really pleased. 

    Well done team clap3 


    1. Zachary

      YAAAAAAAS BITCH!!! knew you could do it antm1

    2. RihannaRTT

      Thanks icon giveup1 proud of myself. With the Battle of Alola, I came 5th in the UK. Maybe I can come Top 20 - and very likely Top 50 - with this score.  (hopefully cry3 )

    3. Zachary

      omfg thats so good cry3cry3cry3

  5. The BBC iplayer skipped SAD and Power I WANT A FULL REFUND
  7. Another 10 wins to 5 losses in today's Pokemon Tiny Tourney. 20-10 after two days. Let's pray for another positive daily score tomorrow in the final day.ny10



    1. Zachary

      im so salty i missed the sign ups lmao, but good luck sis hug1

    2. RihannaRTT

      There's always next time @Zachary ! Now that we're in hype season, I'll try and list these tournaments on my blog and participate in them.

      I'm 20-10 so far and was 31-14 in the BoA and 25-20 in the AF. So if I get another 5 wins to tie AF, i'll be decently pleased. If I get another positive score tomorrow (8+), i'll be really happy, and if I somehow tie my BOA score (11-4 tomorrow), I'll be ecstatic, but i'm not counting on this. 


    3. Zachary





    Talent truly does win



    1. Malfoy

      What does this mean antm1

  9. Rumor

    It's for Adult Radio only, coz theyre obviously not going to play "damn, man, this bitch is a stan" on HAC and AC formats. She NEEDS this for album sales; and the albums market is not going to be the 20 yo's listening to pop; it's gonna come from the Soccer Moms listening to HAC/AC. A ballad is what she needs on HAC and SAD is obviously the best of the three traditional choices (MYM/IMYS); with MYM being kinda one-tone the whole song (as in the final chorus doesn't have an extra push; which radio usually requires for ballads) and IMYS... not even gonna go into detail. (I love all 3, but come on). SAD has the final chorus push.
  10. Game

    Teenage Dream: 45 PRISM: 50 Witness: 50
  11. Ew. They're so tacky. Legend Miley + ha family will be fine. (Noah needs promo tho)
  12. quoting and mentioning me? i see u not doin so well boo boo @Pageant Material
  13. Discussion

    came in here to post this clock them Yeah it's the third single. I mean, if they want they can try and say its the second since BA got "replaced", but the tea is it was still the second single and just underperformed so they moved onto the third quickly. SAD would be the 4th single, but usually when discussing singles people refer to actual pop radio singles, in which case SAD doesn't count for that; since its for a different format. It might cross over if SS stalls and SAD does well on Adult Pop, HAC and AC.
  14. Game

    OOTB 15 Teenage Dream 35 Prism 35 Witness 60
  15. Discussion

    Next to Me Pendulum SAD, MYM and Power are runnerups