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    She did ALL of that. Also the painting saying "Mom, I am a Rich Man" The Cher appreciation
  2. Cher but you actually said that, so all is good.
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    Y'all can let me know after you decide if its legit or not. I'll just change the title in the meantime
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  5. Hello Pokemonsters! It's been a long three months since the first Sword & Shield trailer dropped. Since then, we've had very little information and are finally entering info season where reveals will be a lot more common. The first of these reveals will happen TONIGHT - at the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference; which will cover a range of topics of interest to Pokemon fans. This conference will take place at 9pm EDT tonight but is not expected to reveal major details on Sword & Shield. However, a Pokemon direct focusing on these games has also been announced for June 5th at 9am EDT. There's a range of possibilities about what might get revealed there, but first, let's recap the information we have so far. If you haven't seen the Sword & Shield trailer, you can view it below: So where do we begin? Well, with all games, the main focus has to be on the Pokemon themselves; so here we have Grookey - the grass monkey, Scorbunny - the scorching fire bunny, and Sobble - the water-type sobbing bubble of sadness. Not much else is known about the starter Pokemon other than their designs and current typings thus far. While its currently impossible to say for sure, the suggestions for final-evolution typings include either Grass/Rock or Grass/Psychic for Grookey, Fire/Electric or Fire/Steel for Scorbunny and Water/Ghost for Sobble. Next we'll look at the region itself. Behold the Galar region. Evidently based on the United Kingdom, there are different theories on whether the region is indeed flipped upside down or just jumbled about. However, the map shows that there's a hefty bit of countryside at the bottom of the map, and a very lake-district / Loch Ness feel above that. Followed by massively big cities in the upper half of the map as well as references to Stonehenge and other UK historical details. Finally, it should be mentioned that the region has been designed to follow the shape of a sword, but any reference to the Shield title is non-existent. Some other important information from the first trailer includes; the return of old Pokemon in the new region (such as Pikachu, Hoothoot and Minccino) and the return to previous traditional game methods of random encounters, the potential heavy focus on train services - which may indicate a portion of the game or a fast-travel feature replacing Fly, character customisation which was later confirmed by newer screenshots, and... the grand return of Pokemon gyms. While no real information has come out about these gyms, we also see the player wearing a UK football-like uniform when entering a stadium (which possibly could be one of the gyms). These gyms will most likely play a bigger story focus than ever before. That's all for the information from the first trailer. Whilst there wasn't that much concrete information displayed, there has been a lot of speculation after many potential hints being found within the trailer and the region map. However, I've decided just to leave this post as the facts for the current time being. With a 15 minute Pokemon Direct on the horizon for next week, there's bound to be many, many more facts in future. In the meantime, don't forget about tonight's press conference! That's all folks!
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    The concept of the event was in the works since 2015. That's the truth. I've been wanting to do it for that long but never found the time. It was mid-March this year that I decided I'd have time and should do it now or never. So it was a few weeks of planning, re-concepting a few things and the map details (the original one was only like 1/3 of the size of the current manor), and researching some potential murder ideas. And then it was like at least 4-8 hours per chapter? For writing, and coming up with the room details, riddles and the quiz etc. I was gonna do 7 murders at first but thought I better bring it down to 5 coz they were taking so long to write. I'd love to do it again but it won't be extra soon because of how long it takes to prepare
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    to be honest i never even thought of this, since i often just fling in random names. But I knew better than to excuse Hyun. from these areas, so I guess the logic worked out after all
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    QUIZ ANSWERS DAY ONE Why was Bradley Cooper at Rue Manor? - Gaga asked him to come and help her After leaving the party, where did Lady Gaga immediately go? - The Master Bedroom When was the time of death? - 3pm to 4pm Where was the gun found? - Gaga's right hand What was the letter found in Gaga’s study? - A suicide note Did Gaga actually write the letter? - Yes; intentionally written by Gaga If someone else was in the study, how did they escape? - They hid behind the door Which of these objects were not found in the bag in Gaga’s room? - Credit Cards Where did the open window look out to? - The Seaside Cliffs What were the keys for? - A Speedboat Where did Gaga go swimming earlier today? - She never went swimming Which of these was Gaga not wearing at the time of death? - Her necklace How did Gaga die? - Murder Who is the Gamemaster? - The Killer Who is the killer? - Hyun. DAY TWO Who has the code to the panic room? - Bradley Cooper How can the panic room be locked down? - From the inside How else can someone get in or out of the panic room? - There is no other way in or out of the panic room Which of these objects were not found in the parlor? - A piece of the smashed vase covered in blood and fingerprints Why was the vase shattered on the floor? - The killer shot it Why did the victim go to the parlor? - They received a letter promising exclusive info Excluding the bedrooms, where else did the Last Known Whereabouts group explore? - Nowhere Who else did the killer intend to kill today? - SWINΞ What was found in SWINΞ's room - A fully-written letter and pen Where did SWINΞ go while the others were at the barbeque? - The Wine Cellar When were the victims killed? - After the panic room was unlocked Which gun was used to kill the victims - A Pistol Which of the following was not found in the shrubbery outside the open window? - A box of pistol bullets How many bullets were fired today? - 4 Who is the killer? - Hyun. DAY THREE Why did SWINΞ and Chris Morlock leave the pool? - They were physically asked to leave Where did edwinfg go earlier that day? - Gaming Room What were SWINΞ and Chris Morlock doing in the gaming room? - Meeting with another one of the guests Which of these objects were found in the gaming room? - A used piece of cellophane Where was the bin located in the gaming room? - Behind the door Which of these events were caught on camera at the poolside? - Habits's awful drag performance Whose phone was never found? - All of the victims' phones were found Which of the victims died first? - edwinfg How did edwinfg die? - Murder When did the victims who died of poisoning ingest the poison? - At different times during the day What type of poison was found in the walk-in pantry? - Cyanide How did the killer poison the chocolate that killed SWINΞ? - Injected it with a syringe How many boxes of chocolates were there? - 2 Which clue from the previous murders relates to this one? - None of the above Who is the killer? - Hyun. DAY FOUR How many people visited the rose garden today prior to the room exploration stage? - 3 Where was the victim killed? - The centre of the rose garden At which area of the rose garden was blood not found? - The side-entrance path What was found in the mini-swamp? - A steel pole What was found in Hyun's room? - Bradley Cooper's underwear Which of the following were not found in the victim's room? - Laptop Who signed the letter? - No One What did the letter say? - The sender knew a way out of the manor Which of the following did the victim not do earlier in the morning? - Eat breakfast Where were the marks found on the victim's body? - All of the above What else was discovered in the morgue? - None of the above Where did the killer go earlier in the morning? - The Gym What was found in the chest? - Bradley Cooper's towel and clothes Which of the following statements is not true? - All of the above Who is the killer? - Hyun. DAY FIVE How did the killer know that the victims would go to the pool? - They always went for a swim at the same time every day What time did the killer first leave the party - 7pm Which of these items were not found at the poolside? - An inflatable rubber ring What was found in the locked cabinet? - A saw What was the problem with the CCTV footage? - It was deleted Where were the wounds found on fab.'s body? - The arm and the ankle How many units of alcohol did Yoncé. drink the night before? - 0 Units Approximately, when did the victims die? - 10pm How did the victims die? - The lights fell into the pool as they were swimming Where was the beetle found? - In a small puddle of water next to the pool Which country was the beetle originally from? - Martinique How did the beetle end up at the mansion? - It arrived in a box of other shipments Which of these statements is true? - The plant pot had nothing to do with the murder Which of the following statements is not true? - The small puddle of water came from the outdoor pool Who is the killer? - Hyun.
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    RIDDLES - CHAPTER FIVE RIDDLE 1 Here we go, just one last time, The final test, can you solve this rhyme? In order to evolve from a duck to a swan, Your ugly ass needs to put your best dress on. How to avoid looking cheaper than a dime? Look through Gaga’s outfits from the days of her prime. In the area where you’ll probably find Shawn, There you’ll find it, hurry up, come on. RIDDLE 2 Congratulations, you made it to the next stage, Well done you, now you’ve come of age. The next location; previously unexplored, It’s your choice to go here, on your own accord. Look for the place where the like-minded engage, Who you’ll find there? A priest or maybe a sage. Here’s what to do if you want your reward, Get on your knees and pray to the lord. RIDDLE 3 Two riddles broken, one more to bend, Congrats to you, now you’re really on trend. What do you win, I wonder. Something nice? The best prize of all; my honest advice. I’m not really that cold, honestly, I just pretend, But you’re warming up so much, almost at the end. So what should you do for the final exercise? Cool yourself down, yuh, that should suffice. ANSWERS 1. Walk-In Closet 2. Chapel 3. Walk-In Freezer EXCLUSIVE CLUE Congratulations! You figured out the final clue. Making your way to the walk-in freezer, you’re anxious of what to expect. However, entering the freezer, you see… food. A lot of food; frozen meat, frozen fish, frozen vegetables and more. Then you look to the ground and you see a box. Inside the box are many blocks of ice. You look at the label on the front which reads; “Ice delivery from Martinique. Note: Ice will defrost in approximately three hours.” Unsure of what to take away from this, you continue to explore the freezer, finding nothing. Suddenly, you start realising the truth. With a brand new wealth of knowledge, you return to the rest of the group.
  12. RihannaRTT

    RIDDLES - CHAPTER FOUR RIDDLE 1 Here we go, we’re onto day four, After today, there’s only one more. This is the stage where the riddles get tricky, Don’t look at me if you start smelling something fishy. Matter of fact, that might be the clue you’re looking for, Where should you go, where do you explore? My suggestion; a magnificent ocean city, A shark tank, some dolphins and an octopussy. RIDDLE 2 There we go, now you’re well on your way, Where to you ask? Hm, maybe a holiday? Is this the truth or just another of my trials? Find the answer and you’ll surely be all smiles. So here’s the itinerary of the rest of your day, You could leave this place, if only there was a bay. To Barbados, Tenerife or the Scottish Isles, This grand vessel could surely go for miles. RIDDLE 3 Onto the final round, it’s time to go all-out, You’ll soon know where I’m talking about. Listen, and listen well, you little bitch, Don’t interrupt me. Talk shit, get hit! A place for the gays to cure their drought, Desperately waiting in the locker rooms, I have no doubt. Have you figured it out yet, or are you just gonna quit? The room I’m talking about is where you get fit. ANSWERS 1. Aquarium 2. Cruise Ship 3. Gymnasium EXCLUSIVE CLUE Congratulations, you made the right moves and it paid off for you; like any good workout session. It’s not a coincidence that this result then takes you to the gymnasium on the upper floor. You look around the machines, although nothing really looks out of place; until you notice one of them is out of order and seems to be missing a steel pole. Only then do you look down at your feet and notice a chest. Forcing it open you discover the missing towel and clothes of Bradley Cooper. Knowing all that you do, you return to the other guests waiting in the conservatory.
  13. RihannaRTT

    RIDDLES - CHAPTER THREE RIDDLE 1 A brand new day, a brand new question, It’s time you learned to fight; to fight with aggression. Congrats, you’re at day three now, you should feel pride, Because those other poor unfortunate souls, well, they straight up died. So where to go today? Let me provide a suggestion, It’s true what they say. Leona Lewis is an expert in this profession. There’s a whole life to live, when you choose to go outside, Now, there’s a million reasons, go strike out on this ride. RIDDLE 2 Congratulations friend, you passed round one, But don’t slip up now, or else you’ll get outdone. You think you’re so good, so strong, so smart, Well, we’ll see. Can you figure out this part? Before you entered here, you were simply just one, But by the end of your stay, you’ll only be none. Don’t cry now, I hate to see you fall apart, To solve this riddle, just go back, back to the start. RIDDLE 3 Well done, good job, it seems you’re not so faulty, After all, to lose out now would be extremely costly. We’re here now, we’re onto round three, But will you succeed? Can you find the truth tea? A little more sugar, and a little less salty, Your efforts to this riddle so far; nothing but paltry. What an answer to a riddle that certainly would be, Just swap the l for an n, and then you’ll see! ANSWERS 1. Stables 2. Manor Gate 3. Walk-In Pantry EXCLUSIVE CLUE Congratulations, you figured out the clue! You make your way to the walk-in pantry to look for anything out of place. However, the area seems to be filled with nothing but closed cupboards. Naturally, you open each one and find… absolutely nothing. That is, until you’re about to leave and notice the bin behind the door. Inside the trash can is a half-eaten box of chocolates, a bottle with an almond-smelling liquid and a syringe. You try to make it make sense, and suddenly, it clicks. You return to the group knowing you’re now one step ahead.
  14. RihannaRTT

    RIDDLES - CHAPTER TWO RIDDLE 1 Wake up lads, it’s a brand new day, Congrats, you’re alive; now you’re really on your way. To where, you ask? Only I know for sure, I think today, you’re gonna go on a little detour. Where you’re going, it’s not that far away, Only to Africa, to Agrabah, to a village near Marseilles. A place for everyone with a magical allure, Take a seat with your popcorn, you’re off on a grand tour. RIDDLE 2 Congratulations, you answered the first riddle, Honestly, I’m surprised. I thought I’d play you like a fiddle. Whatever, soon, you will learn, The next clue you want; it must be earned. The chapel or the lake? No, somewhere in the middle, Don’t you get fooled now in this area of twiddles. A twist one way, and at the other, a turn, What you’re looking for is by that great grass fern. RIDDLE 3 That’s it y’all, you’ve passed stage two, You finally learned to think and its long overdue. Nearby, you’ll see bushes growing grapes, Solve this riddle; dig, delve and scrape. Wanna know more, well here’s something I’ll tell you, Leave now, its this exit you should run to. Not too far from the black and yellow tape, The passage you want; from the house to the landscape. ANSWERS 1. Home Theatre 2. Hedge Maze 3. Fire Escape EXCLUSIVE CLUE Congratulations. You solved the riddle, aren’t you smart? Your smarts reward you handsomely; with an open passageway from the fire escape into the mud and grass surrounding the manor. You carefully trek through this area until you come to a closed-in area. You peer through the bush in front of you. Suddenly, you trip in the mud after seeing the sight of the parlor’s open window. You begin to stand back up until you see them; bullets in the ground. Your eyes widen as you see something else. You pull the object out to see that it’s a pistol with a silencer attached. Now, knowing the truth, you return to the rest of the group.
  15. RihannaRTT

    RIDDLES - CHAPTER ONE RIDDLE 1 Here’s the first riddle for you to solve, Yes, you must, if you wish to evolve. Stay away from the guitars, the cigars and memoirs, Don’t even try to search the outdoor hectares. For this riddle which you need to dissolve, You need only find where destiny revolves. Don’t go underground near the parked cars, Instead, go up, go high, look at the stars. RIDDLE 2 You passed stage one, but now we reset, This game you’re playing, you won’t soon forget. Here’s what to do, take this advice as hymn, Where to go? Near the indoor gym. That’s right, the first floor is definitely dead-set, Seek it out, I promise, you won’t regret. Don’t you get it yet, are you really that dim? Listen up boys, you’re going for a swim. RIDDLE 3 Congratulations, you’re now at stage three, So here’s what you need to do if you want the tea. Outside the mansion, there you’ll find your closure, Be careful, it’s steep so don’t fall over. Not too far from the chapel’s flame tree, You’ll find them there, overlooking the sea. Also a landmark, the centerpoint of Dover, Go there, go now, it’ll all be over. ANSWERS 1. Observatory 2. Indoor Swimming Pool 3. Seaside Cliffs EXCLUSIVE CLUE You cracked the riddle! Making it to the Seaside Cliffs before anyone else, you look around and see nothing but impassable fences. Instantly, you look back and see the open window of Gaga’s master bedroom. But you don’t understand why. Then, you look out at the sea down below you. All is as it should be, but wait… what’s that down there. It looks like, some kind of speed boat? “Oh!”, something clicks. Knowing this vital piece of information, you return back to the group.