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  1. How much time have you got? It's a long list...
  2. Rumor

    basically this. also it's more relate-able to have that extra part in the title than only some person's name that they know nothing about.
  3. Celeb News

    I am so happy for her and Craig congratulations queen.
  4. Bitch, so do I, but I'm not about to try and knife a bar-full of people for no goddamn reason. How dare you use this as an excuse for being scum. I'm actually upset and offended. And even more so now that I've read the above line. This guy is nothing more than an imbecile, but the hatred you can feel from the chat screenshot is actually palpable; it's terrifying. It's also gross that anyone would agree to defend this twat and to use the above as an excuse for it; you could say that it's just what a lawyer has to do, but it just makes you a trash person with no morals, taking on that case. I'm not even gonna comment on the "it's not gonna solve anything" comment implying that we are a problem... bitch, you're trash too.
  5. This is old news. But she slayed the first 2 weeks im so proud of her. she looks AMAZING. she sounds AMAZING. ditch this flop DJ Camper era and go make some good music again plz EDIT: by the way, this isn't like X Factor/The Voice. It's a show for actual famous singers (although usually it's local artists). Apparently, Charli XCX is doing the same, or a similar, show too.
  6. u suck
  7. omg wasn't there a password fuck up from the season before i had to fix
  8. I know I did it. coz you bailed on me you little bitch
  9. or your Twitter Account Creation Role
  10. This (second option) popped up in the recent Digimon game and I couldn't resist
  11. The current date is: Sunday, 21 January 2018 girl. It's gonna be at LEAST another 2 months if not more like 4.
  12. What is your timezone? Just so I can send you Only Told The Moon with enough time for you to download it before it gets deleted jj2 

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      Whatever you want to. I dont usually have troubles. tina1 just PM me when u ready

    3. Anna-wa

      Okay but I never do this so suggest me a website aretha1 

    4. RihannaRTT

      Zippyshare works aura1 

  13. changed my mind. cancel SLC for Consequences SLC is probably the best choice for single 3 tho
  14. Also my ranking for now 1. Somethin's Gotta Give 2. All These Years 3. Real Friends 4. Consequences 5. I Have Questions 6. Crying in the Club 7. Never Be the Same 8. Havana 9. Scar Tissue 10. She Loves Control 11. Inside Out 12. In the Dark 13. Into It 14. OMG
  15. are they good quality of any kind? if so, i'd like them too