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  1. I hope she does release a new song now tho If You See Me plz since she teased it given up hope we're getting witness till the day or day before the album.
  2. u spoke too soon sis. it still cuts off in the places it did
  3. I just skipped through the uploaded one and it IS messy got to swish swish and the way it cut off and "i didnt make that promise"
  4. does it actually work or is it messy
  5. the way she was like "......... this is called 'Roar' "
  6. ASDFHFLJ not it ending on "its a hard knock lif..." fuck i despite this bitch so much but i love her even more
  7. did we just hear its a hard knock life was that directed at us for expecting witness/IWSY
  8. aSFFHLJ A TROLL I HATE THIS BITCH "i wanna see you. i wanna witness you... this is called roar" cunt
  10. what is she even talking about?
  11. "an old coupon expireee" -- "i didn't make that noise" *buffers* literally what
  12. "your game is tired. you shou" *buffers* that's clearly not the only thing tired...
  13. I'm prepared for the connection to suddenly go to Roar did she even do BA? did we miss it
  14. they were playing something and she was like "what would u do after we leave if u need an uber to go home, but i put out a new song and you're low on battery"