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  1. yup. I already hacked them in last year after they were released in Japan
  2. Some updates ahead of Season 9C Fashion Challenge has been renamed to Fashion Design Challenge, allowing you to write a description instead of sketching (your choice). Advertising Challenge has been renamed to Promotional Activity Challenge with some new requirements, allowing for a more open range of entries As announced before, entries now have a 1000 maximum word limit. See you in October
  3. Updated with some more blue/red font to correct/incorrect predictions after the trailer.
  4. Updated the OP with all the new info. Turns out that Arceus will indeed have online trading which is awesome Starting to warm up to the action system now too
  5. Holy shit I wasn't expecting THAT much to be shown omg They SNAPPED BDSP having all the old features returning is a serve. Underground being expanded and adding new areas to the region that allow you to get pokemon not in the regional dex. I WON. contests look so cool, love to see customization and following pokemon. And honestly I still believe they'll bring back megas too. Gym backgrounds look so good pls. I'm so hyped now. Arceus whew lord. The regional forms and evos i wasnt ready. The basculin evo what a serve, same for the braviary form chile. Really like the look of
  6. not really expecting anything new in it bc Arceus is clearly the focus and ILCA are doing BDSP. But I could see new megas being a possibility, in addition to revised gym designs or some random new character (like Aurune / Lisia in ORAS) I'm very intrigued what theyre gonna show though bc they could surprise given its 28 mins, and there's still more time before the release dates. Very curious as to all the Arceus stuff they'll reveal too.
  7. its been 84 years. FINALLY the presents is 28 mins long omg theyre coming with everything
  8. Hi everyone! We've battled it out on the charts for five weeks, and now we're here! Moments away from finding out who the winner is! As a reminder, let's quickly go through how this works. In our new format, at the end of each season we'll showcase the Artist Rankings. These Artist Rankings include both the judges and the players. Every single Chart Point (CP) from your artist - as lead credit - this season will be counted in this calculation. The winner of the season will be the player with the highest CP for the season, and will receive 2 months VIP! Judges are not eligible to win. The
  9. Best Selling Singles and Albums of the Season (So Far) All-Time Charts (updated for 9b): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19j9GP6MkfiIqId9jnB9TwIzCwIZkfocuxbDn4uDLbAU/edit?usp=sharing Chart Database (updated for 9b): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-SNjC8de6m0iZToxDk9ZM4vFa30XAskKU5bzFPCOPFk/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Until the End (of This Season) Check out our new Tootland Layout! It’s cute, huh! The long-awaited end of the season is finally here. Tomorrow we’ll be wishing that the season was still going as we sit depressed and bored out of our skulls. But tonight, we’ll be revealing all, like Christina Aguilera or Rihanna on Tootland after a few too many drinks! The winner of the season will be revealed tonight alongside the updates to the All-Time Charts and Chart Database, but first we have the small matter of the weekly charts to deal with. This charticle will be special
  11. Hi all. The Billboard Box Office has now closed its doors for this season. Tickets have been sold, money has been earned, songs have been performed and we're about to reveal all! The five top-grossing tours of this season are... 1. The Weeknd - The Nightcrawler Tour 2022 - 166,000,000$ 2. Megan Thee Stallion & Normani - Apathetic Hot Girl Tour - 152,500,000$ 3. Lana Del Rey - Who Framed Lana Del Rey?: The Tour - 134,800,000$ 4. Katy Perry - Upon a Star World Tour - 134,000,000$ 5. Kesha - The Dancing/MADness Tour - 129,500,000$ Full details about the Season 9 T
  12. Hi all. The digital store is now available. The digital store is a weekly google form where players can buy music released in the event. Each week, you MUST select an exact specified number of singles and albums. This number will be decided by the total number of releases. If you go over or under, it won't let you submit the form. This form will count towards your success on the digital charts, and therefore also affect the overall major charts, so it's important to submit each week. However there are a few notes to read before filling in the form. Here they are: You can only su
  13. WEEK FIVE Kandi - Album Challenge - https://drive.google.com/file/d/13wI9ZaRvX06gFwHFRatVlbUGUojwssbB/view?usp=sharing