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  1. Just a quick FYI, this week's MC scores will come as soon as they're available. Thanks for joining everyone, see you next season!
  2. Hi everyone! We've battled it out on the charts for five weeks, and now we're here! Moments away from finding out who the winner is! As a reminder, let's quickly go through how this works. In our new format, at the end of each season we'll showcase the Artist Rankings. These Artist Rankings include both the judges and the players. Every single Chart Point (CP) from your artist - as lead credit - this season will be counted in this calculation. The winner of the season will be the player with the highest CP for the season, and will receive 2 months VIP! Judges are not eligible to win. The
  3. Hi everyone! The season is almost over. But before we reveal the winner, it's time to show you the current snapshot of the charts - therefore the whole All-Time Charts and the Chart Database. This season, these are displayed as Google Sheets, although a PDF version of the all-time charts is available also. Please look through them and discuss your releases. Congrats to everyone on their success. Additionally, a Silver certification has been added for 100 Chart Points, adding to our roster of Gold (150), Platinum (200) and Diamond (300). (NOTE: You can click Data -> Filter Views -&
  4. As always, here's this week's toot numbers But as a bonus, here's the numbers for the whole season
  5. AscENDed PICTURED: Hyuna's chart success We made it! At last, the season finally draws to a close. Five weeks of music releases, Metacritic reviews, tours, charts, Rihanna’s spam, complaining about Rihanna’s spam, a listening part—oh wait no, but still, lots of fun. We hope you enjoyed this season as much as we have, and we invite you to join us again for a new season of fun in the sun this Summer! But first, let’s get to this week’s chart! With her first number-one to date, Hyuna tops this week’s Hot Singles Chart with the Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
  6. Hi all. The final digital store is now available. The digital store is a weekly google form where players can buy music released in the event. This form will count towards your success on the digital charts, and therefore also affect the overall major charts. However there are a few notes to read before filling in the form. Here they are: You can only submit this form if you are playing this season of #PopIndustry You are only allowed to submit this form ONCE, period. Do not submit more than once - even if you control multiple artists. It's ONE form per player. It a
  7. From Season 9B onwards, these changes are being made: All entries MUST include both a text element and an image element. Clarification that entries should be around 300-500 words; they don't have to fit within that, but they should be as close to that range
  8. Y'all can start posting your final entries now! Here's P!nk's Tour challenge https://drive.google.com/file/d/14-b81Klt03BLymXx-ppSZpLPYcPwM2E9/view?usp=sharing and Carrie's album challenge https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LifdpFGIrskbnLXljtQ_6G4-zpKAfFLg/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hi all. The Billboard Box Office has now closed its doors for this season. Tickets have been sold, money has been earned, songs have been performed and we're about to reveal all! The five top-grossing tours of this season are... 1. P!nk - Perfect Life World Tour - 198,600,000$ 2. Rihanna - Ascend to the Throne: One Night Virtual Tour - 185,000,000$ 3. Troye Sivan - World of Mania - 172,600,000$ 4. Normani - Diamonds Are Forever Virtual Tour - 172,500,000$ 5. The Weeknd - The Nightcrawler Digital Show - 148,500,000$ Full details about the Season 9 Tours, and the lis
  10. Hi all, this'll probably be the last lounge update of the season. As always, this is a reminder you have around 48 hours to submit your releases for the final week and complete your final trending challenge! In addition, you also have just under 48 hours to buy tickets for the tours on sale this season! Like always, this weekend will have a digital store form and charts on Sunday, but after the charts we'll be revealing the winner of the season, artist rankings and updating the all-time charts. Also remember to send in your instrumentals if you have any for the Listening Party
  11. Carrie Underwood | Southern Charm Official Album | Week 5 Tracklist Sorry to Bother You, Ma'am Dishwater Blonde Turn On the Charm Southern Doll I'm On to You, Babe! Ghost of a No-Good Man Cry Another Night Desert Sunrise Quarter Moon Can't Live Up to a Rose Queen of the King (If I Did) A Little Less Drinkin' Two Long-Stemmed Glasses If I Ever Left This Town
  12. Carrie Underwood (f/ Christina Aguilera) | Dishwater Blonde [Remix] Single Remix | Week 5
  13. P!nk | Want You Tonight | Official Single | Week 5 P!nk | Cut You Into Pieces | B-Side (Promotional Single) | Week 5