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    Updates for everyone. You now have until the same time as the chart closes (Saturday 8pm GMT) to send me your submissions. DO IT. Also, for anyone who played in S7a or S7b, if you toured at all this year (or plan to in the remaining month), then please send me details of the tour via PM or Twitter DM. The tour's start date MUST be in 2018! The details I need are as follows Finally, you have till Thursday 8pm GMT for the Weekly Releases and the same time as usual to the challenge 4 deadline. But even if you don't manage to meet the challenge deadline, make sure you send your submissions by Saturday!
  2. RihannaRTT

    Up[dated to the OP but i'm posting the thread here too so u know where to go for part 3
  3. Mess these kinda things used to be iconic, but the more game-based ones. 1. Little Mix - About the Boy 2. Kelly Rowland - Sky Walker (I have never heard this song ever before) 3. Kesha - Take It Off 4. Christina Aguilera - Morning Dessert 5. Miranda Lambert - Things That Break (I have also never heard this but as I downloaded the album last week, I will soon) 6. Shania Twain - When 7. P!nk - Funhouse 8. Shakira - You Don't Care About Me 9. Reba McEntire - If You See Him, If You See Her 10. Cher - The Winner Takes It All
  4. RihannaRTT

    Here's my FYC post for my artists (as lead) For Your Consideration Billboard (Best Website) Billboard Website Reveal (Best Moment) Karen Smith (Artist of the Season, Best New Artist, Best Twitter User) Troye Sivan & Karen Smith - One of Us (Album of the Season, Best #1 Album) Katy Perry (Best Interview - #12) New York (Best Twitter User) New York vs Lana Del Rey (Best Feud) P!nk (Artist of the Season, Best Twitter User, Best Website) P!nk - ...Enough. (Single of the Season) P!nk - Personal (Single of the Season) P!nk f/ Christina Aguilera, Perrie Edwards, Kylie Minogue and Madonna - Delicious (Single of the Season, Best #1 Single, Best Collaboration, Best Remix) P!nk f/ Kesha - Shoot You Down (Single of the Season, Best #1 Single, Best Collaboration, Best Remix) P!nk - Forever Personal (Album of the Season, Best #1 Album) P!nk - Shipwrecked (Album of the Season, Best #1 Album) P!nk spams 3000 tweets in one week (Best Moment) P!nk vs Wine Squad (Best Feud)
  5. RihannaRTT

    I've updated the OP to say that a "for your consideration" post in this thread is ok but not to PM/tag others for it because it should be genuine submissions
  6. The PI Awards are BACK! And included in that revelation is the return of the two-phase voting process. First off, we have the submissions. This allows for all players within the eligibility period to vote for their favorite releases. The highest submitted releases will then receive a nomination, and the official voting will be open to the public at large next weekend! This year, there are seventeen categories for the PI Awards. However, only thirteen of these will require submissions. If you've been tagged in this thread, it means you're eligible to cast submissions. The eligibility for releases is 6b W4 to 7b W4. However all details will be listed below. This year's categories are... Artist of the Season Best New Artist Album of the Season Single of the Season Best #1 Single Best #1 Album Best Collaboration Best Remix Best Website Best Interview Best Twitter User Best Feud Best Moment We will also be presenting awards for Best Label Executive, Best Label Representative, Best Label and the You Can Sit With Us Legacy Award. However, these do not require submissions. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO For every category listed below, pick your faves (Minimum 3, Maximum 5) I've listed ALL ELIGIBLE ITEMS for 10 of the 13 categories below, so all you need to do is go through the lists and pick your faves!!! For the remaining three categories, they are open-ended and you should cast submissions based on what stands out to you. You CANNOT pick two or more items in the same category by the same LEAD artist. (Example: Katy Perry - Wasted and Katy Perry - Twilight is NOT allowed) However, you CAN pick items by the same person as long as they're not the lead artist (Example: Marina f/ Katy Perry & Lady Gaga - Under the Sun and Katy Perry - Wasted is OK.) Releases where there are two or more "lead artists" are defined by the first-credited artist (i.e. Ellie Goulding & Leona Lewis - Don't Look Back is an Ellie Goulding release). Please don't go begging each other for submissions via PM/mentions, vote based on how you feel. You may do a "for your consideration" post below but don't tag others in it. Vote how you want to, even if you're not 100% clued up. Send your submission in a PM to ME! ( @RihannaRTT ). You have until the same deadline as Challenge 4 to cast submissions. Eligible Voters --- ELIGIBLE RELEASES LIST Artist of the Season Best New Artist Album of the Season Single of the Season Best #1 Single Best #1 Album Best Collaboration Best Remix Best Website Best Interview Best Twitter User, Best Feud and Best Moment do not have a defined eligibility list. Please vote based on your personal feelings for these categories.
  7. RihannaRTT

    originality costs nothing yall
  8. RihannaRTT

    MESSSSSS. I wasn't expecting this to come till tomorrow I woulda done the award thread last night so it was ready skk
  9. RihannaRTT

    week 4 added
  10. RihannaRTT

    Carrie Underwood | Drunk In Heels | Week 5 Single
  11. RihannaRTT

    who gives a fuck. omg stop with these dumb ass threads already the obsession some of you have with ASIB is... Gaga won. deal with it
  12. Welcome to the iTunes Store; the weekly shop where you can get your hands on some of the hottest music around (because it's the only music around). Here's how it works: Anyone on FOTP can vote. The more votes, the better. Vote (in each poll) for as many songs and albums as you like. If there's nothing in one of the lists that you like, click the None option. You can ask others to vote, but please keep the promotion for your material light. You can promote in randomosity threads, status updates and PMs. But don't spam random threads and don't constantly hog the status updates; Once or twice is enough. The iTunes Store will close in 48 hours (8pm GMT on Saturday). Good luck y'all! Don't forget, y'all have just under 34 hours to send in your challenge entries! @Party Monster @Royalty @Sylk @Quill @Chris Pratt @Shiver @Hyun. @gemini. @Divine @Joanne @Popboi @Habits @CHANEL #1 @Ghostface
  13. RihannaRTT

    WEEK FIVE Chart Period: 17/11 - 24/11 Weekly Releases Deadline: 22/11 (8pm GMT) WHAT YOU NEED TO INCLUDE Single or Album Title Type of Release (i.e. Single / Album / Single Remix / Album Re-release) Featuring Artists (if applicable) Release Week (e.g. Week 1) Anything else you wish to include (Backcovers, Tracklists, iTunes Pages etc). Nothing else is REQUIRED to chart. SIDE-NOTE Please send me details of any tour that your artist(s) embarked on during 2018. The start date must be between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2018. Please include these details: Tour Title Number of Shows Start and End Date Tour Setlist Tickets Offered + Individual Prices (in USD) Short Description of the tour (50 words) An image of your artist performing / tour banner (Landscape) @Party Monster @Royalty @Sylk @Quill @Chris Pratt @Shiver @Hyun. @gemini. @Divine @Joanne @Popboi @Habits @CHANEL #1 @Ghostface
  14. RihannaRTT

    don't worry babe, i'm glad we got it out at least im so pleased to be on it
  15. RihannaRTT

    omg ty for ur response, it actually cheered me up a lil wishing for the recovery asap. i can't believe three of yall got struck down by pc issues i just someone has it out for us