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  1. Haven't been on because of the election coverage, but I stayed up all night and wanna cry. This is not what we wanted. (Well, the SNP rising is yes, but the overall UK situation, no.). An absolute horror story this is about to be over the next few years... and all because of the English yet again. So done with them. This is why we can't have nice things. Scottish Independence plz Nicola cry8 

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Great night for Scotland and the SNP, a disaster for the UK as a whole. 


      Hardly surprising though as Corbyn failed to really connect with the working class in the North. 

    2. RihannaRTT


      Yes absolutely for the SNP. That and I suppose nationalists winning in Ireland too showcasing a more divided UK stance is a good thing and a problem for BoRAT for sure; mainly Scotland's landslide but Ireland was historic too. 


      Corbyn... urgh. He had his own problems sure and he could have handled things better overall and what not, but the fact is the media is mostly to blame for his loss - both now and in the last election - and will continue to be to blame for future Labour leaders. All media stations are basically on the Conservative side because the Conservatives will lower taxes for them and allow free reporting (of lies and slander) in return for their support; whereas they will always slander a Labour candidate out of fear they could win and increase their taxes or enforce stricter reporting standards. There were 1500 mentions of Jeremy and Antisemitism in the British media in the last 3 months... and less than 150 of Boris and racism; not to mention that 3 Conservative MPs were investigated for antisemitism too but that was hidden from the public too (alongside the NHS issue). It's only a problem to the media when they want it to be, and it's a cycle we'll never really fix until the older generations die off and the need for traditional media perishes with them. 


      So upset and annoyed right now with everything. Just want Independence. Absolutely hate myself for voting against it in 2014. Really played myself thinking we'd be respected more by England, but no. Well, never again. 



    3. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Yeah that's true. Theoretically Brexit could be solved by Ireland being reunited, Scotland going independent and England continuing as the sinking ship that it is. Sadly the first two of those are not going to happen and i fear we'll be dragged in to the latter regardless now. 


      I agree there was a clear media bias and plot against Corbyn and they glossed over most of the Fridge's mistakes. Do you remember the grilling when Corbyn didn't turn up to a debate a few years back, yet except Andrew Neil and Andrew Marr practically roasting him for the Turkey he is the papers barely reported about Boris refusing to appear. 


      I was too young to vote in 2014 which is really annoying, but if Boris refuses another referendum it's only going to make things worse as the feeling that England controls Scotland is only getting bigger as the days go by. It's interesting to note though in this election more people voted for Anti-Brexit parties than Pro-Brexit parties...