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  1. RihannaRTT

    Sure. Hope things go well with the move
  2. RihannaRTT

    Hi everyone! It's the start of a brand new week. Things will still be rather slow until sign-ups close on Friday, but in the meantime, there's a few things you can do. First, it's important to say that the OP of this thread will be updated every so often to reflect any new objectives; on Friday, we'll be opening Label Signups where you sign to one of six labels - Atlantic (Troye Sivan), Capitol (Katy Perry), Interscope (Lady Gaga), RCA (P!nk), Republic (Christina Aguilera) and Universal (Ariana Grande). Stay tuned for that and keep checking back regularly to this thread. Week 1 is an elongated week of 16 days to adjust for the sign-ups, whereas the follow-up weeks will be 7 days. Each week revolves around the same structure: Release Music -> Toot & Complete Trending Challenge -> Chart on Sunday. Every week you should release some music for your artist (in THIS thread). The other two important things weekly is 1) To complete a trending challenge for each artist (see THIS thread). This counts for 20% of your single and album sales, so it's important to complete one every week. And 2) Tooting on Tootland (popindustry.org). Your toot count reflects 30% of your single sales and 40% of your album sales weekly, so make sure to log on and toot whenever you can. You have until Friday each week (until February 5th for Week 1) to release music and complete your trending challenges. Your toots count right up until the chart comes out on Sunday each week. Any questions, let us know. See ya'll on Friday! @RihannaRTT @CHANEL #1 @Habits @Hyun. @edwinfg @sexotheque. @Feoba @Sour Candy @GlenCoco @Kai @Royalty @V For Vendetta @mylifelies @BabyMario44 @CharnyBoy @Lynk @Tahj @Chris Morlock @Simón. @LÉON @Adamescence @Luca
  3. RihannaRTT

    Labels will be open on Friday. The labels are Atlantic Records - run by Troye Sivan Capitol Records - run by Katy Perry Interscope Records - run by Lady Gaga RCA Records - run by P!nk Republic Records - run by Christina Aguilera Universal Music Group - run by Ariana Grande
  4. RihannaRTT

    No, it's one challenge per artist every week. However you could do the Music Video one next week (Week 2) for the same song as you did for Single this week.
  5. RihannaRTT

    You can have as many albums as you want. We don't have restrictions on that now, other than a 1 per week rule. What you can release each week: 1 Official Single OR 1 Remix of an Official Single 1 Official Album OR 1 Reissue of an Official Album 1 Promotional Single 1 Promotional Album Unlimited Non-Charting Releases Of course, just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Most people will be doing 1-2 albums max per season.
  6. RihannaRTT

    Most players don't really use it, but if theres a group of 5 or more who want it, then we could add it back. I'd advise just advertising for collabs on tootland. If you change the globe icon to the mail icon, that's how you do a private DM
  7. RihannaRTT

    There's a signpost in the PI Lounge thread's OP which tells you everything going on and what you should do. If you're ever unsure at any point, check the OP there. I'll be updating it during the season. For now, the main things are releasing music by February 5th, writing a mini-challenge by February 5th and getting your toot count up on Tootland so you chart high! (We'll add another thing next Friday which will be label signings, but dont worry about that for now).
  8. RihannaRTT

    A reminder to everyone that releasing music is just the first step of your goal towards chart domination. Your chart points will be determined by Digital, Radio, Streaming and Trending: Digital - A google form posted when the releases close where each person buys exactly 20 singles + 10 albums Radio - An average score given to you based on the judges votes. (They won't score their own) Streaming - The number of toots you make, so whenever you have free time log onto Tootland, chill out and tell us about your day! Trending - The score received for your trending challenge - due by the time the releases close! Week 1 is longer because of sign-ups so you have until Feb 5th to release, but work on Tooting and your trending challenges in the meantime!
  9. RihannaRTT

    sure thing, incoming PM!
  10. RihannaRTT

    coming right up
  11. RihannaRTT

    sure sure coming right up
  12. RihannaRTT

    yep pretty much. if they have non-music ventures in real-life, you can choose whether or not to reference them (for example, you can choose whether Meghan is/was a judge on The Voice UK), but actual music is a no-no.
  13. RihannaRTT

    The main rule is that your song titles must be different from any songs officially released by your artist. We'd generally advise against using lyrics released by that artist. You could technically use a song title from real life as part of the lyrics, as long as the song title is different, but its advisable to stay away from that completely. You can collab with any artist you want, but if it's somebody else in the game (player or judge), they'd need to agree to the collab. If the artist isn't playing, you can collab with them no problem at all.
  14. RihannaRTT

    oh yup yup, i'll get on it