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  1. The way I bought the DVD weeks ago only for it to be available on Youtube This is a really nice gesture and good fundraiser idea though. Might watch it later
  2. The NBC special Hairspray LIVE! featuring Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron, Jennifer Hudson, Kristin Chenowth and more is available on Youtube for free, for a limited time, to support the Actors Fund for COVID emergency relief. There are just over 28 hours left to watch the show in full (TIMER). It will no longer be available after May 31, 7pm BST / 2pm EST Unfortunately due to rights restrictions this show won’t be available in LATAM, CEE and Asia
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  4. The answer is: it depends. Depends on the type of artist you are, depends on the type of success you want and it depends on the time period. Back in peak digital age ie 2010/11, the answer was every 1-3 years, with the standard being around 2. 2 years between most Taylor Swift albums, 2 years from TFM to BTW to AP. 2 years from OOTB to TD and then TD:TCC. 2 from Funhouse to GHSF to TTAL and so on and so forth. some artists (Rihanna) did 1, which was also very good success wise but did kill the longevity of album releases. some artists did 3, which would help first week but sometimes the hype wasn't worth it. Anything past that was a concern unless you were an Adele type of artist. Nowadays though. The streaming era has changed things. You don't release singles post-album now, and that changes things. The standard now is I would say every year to 18 months, with some artists releasing multiple times in one year, and the longest you can really stretch now is 2 years. Little Mix stretched Glory Days 2016 to LM5 2018 and going from their biggest album, even with a reissue in between, to their smallest is a bit of a testament. The GP doesn't have the patience anymore; you can hear all the songs automatically and you have a much larger catalogue to listen to on streaming platforms. Combine that with the fact that albums aren't even as much of an event anymore bcoz of the impact of playlists, it says a lot. Still depends on your audience and the genre of music you release, but it's a completely different ballgame now. Re-releases used to be an important event releasing 1-2 years after the original, but now suddenly a "re-release" is a deluxe edition 1 month after release. It's just a completely different game now and the artists have to adapt to it.
  5. Thank you for this. We don't normally feature WN&D threads, but we're making an exception this time. This is super important to bring awareness to. What's gone on is horrendous and it has gone on for far too long, and it should not be allowed to continue. Every single time, they expect us to forget about it and it happens again two weeks later. It needs to stop. Please everyone, take the time to read up on the facts and what you can do to help. Donate if you can but even if you can't, sharing it and bringing awareness is also super important. Even the little things help.
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    When I first listened, I wasn't sure of the i e i e i e intro, but I actually really liked it. It's one of my faves 3 listens in
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    Legend Sine from Above
  8. Sine from Above plz It could smash in Europe at least
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    sending now
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    Yeah similar feeling. For the most part, I like the Mamma Mia or Cher versions of available versions better. Maybe because Mamma Mia was one of my favorite movies as a teenager (still is, tbh) and I watched it so many times and it was the introduction for me to most of their songs (except like Dancing Queen and the other super big ones). Can't wait for Dancing Queen Vol. 2 But I'm still looking forward to checking this out (if it happens ). They should do a new song as a collab with Cher now
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    I've been watching a lot of videos about below deck and the housewives and other bravo related shows on youtube, and I found out Bethenny only took like 7000 paycheck or something for Season 1 BUT she was able to keep 100% right to her products, whereas Bravo got a cut of things like Ramona Pinot etc. And that's how she built her empire. a legend
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    the way she shaded Bethenny with that "you're a COOK not a chef" bs, like girl what have you done? I like Aviva so far but yeah I can tell things are floating below the surface. One day I will watch all the RHs
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    Kelly being one of the only two to show up but still gets shaded Like who? Any others from RHONY? I don't detest anyone (even on Below Deck) as much as Kelly so far. Do you watch other Bravo shows also?
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    Alex and Simon everyone else bringing things and she brings Simon the fact none of them wanted to go I don't think I hate anyone more than Kelly honestly, such large shoes to fill.
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    omg yes it was shown in Season 4 and Jill was mad coz the shoes hurt or something
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    aaa sksksks iconic. I want to like Jill but the way she just deteriorated every season and got stuck in Kellyland was so...
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    forgot to respond but no im half way through. got to the episode where ramona goes to aviva's home with her creepy dad also some real housewives shows (and below deck) are coming to netfilx now too! also saw this pic and had to tweet it. i screamed
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    correct yeah i logged in earlier so checked for a little bit but wasn't feeling up to it ty ty <3
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    Would love to attend but I was busy in the early weeks, and now I'm kinda ill again so not fully up to it
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    my slay without bonus points 2nd highest score this week and last week, and tied first the week before
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    WIG I saw, I came, I conquered had 6 top answers but was second in three. Was gonna say So Fetch for the final question but choked it to promote my hit #Popindustry #1 You Can't Sit With Us. Otherwise I woulda been first this round The way I usually think about this more and these were a last minute thing and I slayed
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  24. This rumor was doing the rounds and I can confirm Alexa says this. Screenshot is from my Alexa app Whether or not it's accurate or a mistake is yet to be seen.
  25. Moved to BG before this thread gets messy/messier