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    well this isn't what i expected when i asked for a carrie album this year At least we might get a studio version of How Great Thou Art?
  2. That account is nothing but a poser that piggybacks on other people's info. Acting like a direct in February is groundbreaking information when its the most obvious thing ever. However it does seem as if diamondandpearl.pokemon whatever was registered (also legends.pokemon). Do note that they have registered websites before that dont necessarily correlate to their actual project, but DP are the ones next in line so its very likely to be happening regardless. I imagine the legends.pokemon one will be about mythical distributions like there were in 2016. (Unless they decide to name the DP remakes as Pokemon Legends: Diamond & Pearl which is also a possiblity, but less likely. )
  3. oprah oprah oprah im so excited for snap
  4. Very cool trailer. Can't wait for things to explode with Pokemon this year.
  5. yeah its very pathetic. There was no balance at all The Platinum dex helped but its still only 210 mons. I fear that's all will be available during the main story, but we'll have to wait and see. Probably be around May for the announcement and July for any real news tho
  6. Forgot to say @Max you might be interested in my twt thread
  7. Just finding out the gba insertion thing was a postgame feature in the originals. I- well lord I hope not if it returns
  8. yeah honestly the regional dex is the thing I'm most worried about for Diamond and Pearl remakes. In ORAS, there was no real update to the regional dex and its disappointing, especially how they added non-Hoenn Pokemon to the dexnav but only after the Kyogre/Groudon thing. It woulda been more interesting to have them available from the start. So I'm certainly concerned about the same for DP - regardless of whether they do the DP one or Platinum one (DP one is especially bad bc its only 150 vs 210 and one of the things I hate for example is Flint being the fire E4 but having 2 fire types ). So I really want them to update the dex. Or at the very least use the Platinum dex, but use raid dens to introduce non-Sinnoh Pokemon (I really hope they'll be splattered around the region, but concerned they may be in the postgame area only). The Gen 3 insert feature gives a few other options tho yup This is the thing im more concerned about but im sure it'll be enjoyable regardless. I'll definitely use gen 4 pokemon only for my first playthrough for sure, but then after that it'll be fair game for a hopefully expanded dex.
  9. I feel like the gen 3 games are certainly a possibility, especially because the original DP had a "insert slot" thing that affected encounters, so this may be the case here for the remakes. I doubt DS games will ever see the VC for a while. CS and HM are both great. A little bit grindy with the ability/ev training thing but story wise really gripping on both games. Hope they eventually make a third game in the CS universe.
  10. As expected, the New Year's space station thing was a waste of time. Rayquaza was cute I guess. All the fools who thought they'd get anything from it being warned well in advance nothing would happen and still acting cheated after. Pokemon fans are truly the worst sometimes, its sad. Anyway there's a lot of exciting things happening this year with the 25th anniversary. I'm expecting a massive direct in February with tons of pokemon announcements - although I don't think a main series game announcement will come till May unless its just logos ala Sun and Moon announcement. But still there's Pokemon Snap, probably the reveal of a new mythical soon, possibly ports of old games for the Switch + connection to HOME, and probably other spinoffs (I notice theyre doing Pokken in the next Players Cup, perhaps highlighting that Pokken 2 is coming soon). Excited to see what's happening. (PS Max do u like my new look )
  11. my faves list was done before the Crown Tundra, but this was the top 10 (final evos only, excluding regional variants) Hatterene Cramorant Inteleon Cinderace Eldegoss Dragapult Appletun Frosmoth Arctozolt Runerigus Hatterene; Gardevoir but talented Cramorant meme king and if we included G forms then queen ponyta and ms articuno
  12. on Friday what? i said February specifically the 27th which is Pokemon Day. There may be a direct/presents before that in January but if not expect tons of announcements on Pokemon Day. I wouldn't expect the remake announcement then unless its a logo only reveal bc remakes usually get revealed around May
  13. We'll have to wait till February but I definitely expect some ports. Not sure if they'll do DS ports but we'll see.
  14. Yeah Pokemon is 33% owned by Nintendo so it's not becoming multi platform anytime soon. First party games is what keeps the Switch successful. They've started celebrations for the 25th anniversary next year. I'm assuming we're gonna get a presents or direct pretty early in the year. I don't think DP remakes will be announced then though, they'll wait till April or May. I'm more assuming that the Pokemon Day celebrations will reveal a new mythical, Switch ports of the early games, Snap and Unite info and other TCG/merch stuff. It'll be a good year.
  15. The horses are so good. Although Spectrier really lacks coverage. The Galarian Birds have the same problem (well Zapdos has good coverage) but I wish they got their previous STAB types as moves; Zapdos and Bolt Beak should have been perfect for each other, and there's no reason Moltres shouldn't get Burning Jealousy and Freeze Dry/Frost Breath for Articuno. Maybe theyre waiting till gen 9 to distribute Bolt Beak like they did with Darkest Lairiat this gen. The tapus got so screwed. None of them got terrain moves and Bulu didnt get Play Rough either. They knew they'd be broken with them, but its so sad everything gets Rising Voltage/Expanding Force except for Koko and Lele. Maybe in Gen 9. Competitive is gonna be fire for a while
  16. Finished the tundra, for the most part. Thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as I stayed away from the leaks. Been playing since it came out so it took around 8 hours to finish. My pokedex is almost done. I believe it's only the version exclusives (and Spiritomb which im not sure how to get yet). Besides that, basically just Dynamax Adventures and Terrakion/Virizion to get now. Will probably start it on Shield to get the other exclusives later, but gonna look thru all the info I missed now EDIT turns out Lileep and Electabuzz aren't version exclusive after all oops EDIT2: cant find electabuzz line anywhere in the encounter details. i-???
  17. Analysed my results by giving 1st place 489 pts down to last place 1pt, and working from there. Nothing surprising on the Generation side for me, I have the most nostalgia for the first two and then I've been active again since Gen 6, so makes sense this is where I was more invested. And the one generation I didn't play while it was actually happening being last. Absolutely checks out. Typing results on the other hand... Normal going from 5 overall to last place when you average the score by the number of mons I'm honestly SHOCKED that neither Water nor Psychic made it to the top 5 on Average score. Grass being #1 makes sense even tho Water is my fave bc Grass is so consistent as a type - my lowest grass type wasn't even in my bottom 70, thats how consistent it is. The other types (particularly Flying) are great "passive" types imo where I don't think of Flying and think what an awesome type, but all the Pokemon in there are usually awesome for other merits who just happen to be flying type etc. Bug's a little lower than I thought but otherwise the lower ones here are as I'd expect.
  18. its homophobic yes at least it gets Trick Room
  19. Cofagrigus is one of my most despised pokemon. Fortunately runerigus saved that line
  20. I just spent the last few hours ranking all Pokemon before the release of CT. Final evolutions only, no forms. Not fully accurate, but the general gist of it is correct. My results: LINK / IMAGE LINK
  21. Finally did that sorter. Only did the gym leaders + E4 one though. Pretty accurate I think. I knew what my top 3 would be in advance, I think they've always been that way. I think Agatha used to be ahead of Lorelei for me before (not 100% sure) but LGPE having Lorelei with that extra role in Route 10 just edged her ahead. I have to laugh at the Kanto e4 positions: 4-5-6-72 BruNO indeed 1 Misty 2 Sabrina 3 Erika 4 Lorelei 5 Agatha 6 Lance 7 Blue 8 Clair 9 Wallace 10 Brock 11 Allister 12 Olivia 13 Mallow 14 Lana 15 Melony 16 Raihan 17 Leon 18 Nessa 19 Marlon 20 Iris 21 Viola 22 Falkner 23 Opal 24 Acerola 25 Karen 26 Fantina 27 Tate 28 Gardenia 29 Steven 30 Liza 31 Blaine 32 Shauntal 33 Grimsley 34 Whitney 35 Cynthia 36 Trace 37 Morty 38 Flannery 39 Nanu 40 Brawly 41 Will 42 Lucian 43 Aaron 44 Volkner 45 Koga 46 Elesa 47 Malva 48 Lt. Surge 49 Janine 50 Marnie 51 Hapu 52 Bugsy 53 Roxanne 54 Cheren 55 Olympia 56 Valerie 57 Milo 58 Bede 59 Phoebe 60 Hala 61 Kabu 62 Diantha 63 Ilima 64 Kiawe 65 Jasmine 66 Wattson 67 Giovanni 68 Chili 69 Mina 70 Norman 71 Cilan 72 Bruno 73 Candice 74 Chuck 75 Pryce 76 Burgh 77 Lenora 78 Bea 79 Korrina 80 Grant 81 Siebold 82 Kahili 83 Glacia 84 Sidney 85 Juan 86 Winona 87 Crasher Wake 88 Skyla 89 Clemont 90 Drasna 91 Drayden 92 Ramos 93 Wulfric 94 Caitlin 95 Piers 96 Cress 97 Bertha 98 Maylene 99 Sophocles 100 Roxie 101 Roark 102 Molayne 103 Drake 104 Brycen 105 Gordie 106 Alder 107 Flint 108 Wikstrom 109 Clay 110 Byron 111 Marshal
  22. Yeah absolutely. I think the enhanced version or sequel would have provided Gen 6 megas for the starters, legendaries, maybe things like Talonflame, the fossils, Goodra, Florges etc. The train tracks could have been exploited too. Although to be honest maybe it was for the best it didn't get released. Sun and Moon really was helped by it releasing in 2016 after GO's hype. Also we assume it would have been released November 2015 which was also the time of the attacks in Paris, and given the context of the "ultimate weapon" and Kalos being based on France... would have been really unfortunate timing. So maybe for the best.
  23. So here's some info Firstly, it's not actually the source code but a development repository which is a completely different thing. The first commit for Sun and Moon was October 2014, the first commit for USUM was February 2016 and the last commit was May 2017. Because we know that research & development and concepts and things have to be worked on first, it's safe to say that this confirms essentially 3 years production time for a new gen, and 1.5 to 2 for a remake/enhanced version. Which I think was said before at one point, but this essentially confirms it. It also confirms (similar to Pokemon Bank back then) that there were 2 IDs for Gen 6 that went unused, but we see they're marked as Kalos Reserves. So pretty likely that this was either a sequel or enhanced version of XY that was for 2015 and scrapped probably early on - since SM started in October 2014. It was definitely planned at the end of 2013 I think but got scrapped within that time - probably so Sun and Moon could be ready for the 20th anniversary). There's also beta maps flying about. Melemele's isnt that different, just that theres a route going through the middle of the island now (and no sign of Melemele Meadow, Kala'Ebay or Seaward Cave). I haven't seen the others. Very interesting stuff going into CT next week!!
  24. stunnery. If you still have the link, post it. Misty and Sabrina are my top 2 I know that much.
  25. multiple ways! I'll use my main file first but I'll be using CT-only Pokemon and catching a new team from them like I did with Isle of Armor. I imagine that the only legendaries in the dex will be Birds, Regis and UBs and Calyrex and the others will be Dynamax Adventures, so I'll probably not include Dynamax Adventure Pokemon for my team. Can't wait to get the new birds <3 <3 <3 Then - it depends on whether CT is fully postgame or available during the game - but the 2nd time I play will either be a nuzlocke (including IOA or CT, if CT is during the game) or a wonderlocke (base SWSH only, but chance to get IOA/CT pokemon through wondertrade)