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  1. 5 minutes ago, Max said:

    Everything about these games just seems so basic, nothing‘s exciting. This is the biggest concern I have about them. I never enjoyed gen 4 much to begin with - it even turned the back on Pokémon during hen 4. I only returned during gen 6, which is also when I discovered my now favorite gen - number 5. 


     these lame ass remakes will probably push me away from the franchise once again. katy2 


    The power of gen 4, I guess. katy2 

    Your taste is... concerning girl 🤧 gen 5 does nothing for me 🤧 that’s the gen when I abandoned pokemon


    I don’t love gen 4 either though but all the QOL improvements from newer gens should make it better like ORAS did. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Hylia said:

    So will the members of Team Rainbow Rocket have their respective legendary they were after, like Archie with Kyogre, for example?

    I feel like they will but I'm not sure. We know that each has 5 members but you never know, Giovanni could be like Greevil in xD where u face the 5 pokemon first and then he sends out Mewtwo


    It would make sense tho. Groudon, Kyogre, Giratina, I guess B or W Kyurem version exclusive, and Xerneas or Yveltal exclusive. I don't know about Faba tho; some bullshit about him going to Johto? Maybe Lunala or Solgaleo version exclusive? 

  3. 8 hours ago, Hylia said:

    UB Adhesive swiftly snatched the spot of my fave Ultra Beast. Sorry Nihilego, still love you though! Ultra Space is looking SO much better this time around, they really outdid themselves. 

    Mine is still Pheromosa and then Celesteela. I don’t know if I prefe Nihilego or little Stitch here. I want the squad to be like it’s just a dog when I battle them


  4. For the record, I love the new form. It's basically what Midday should have been in the first place. It's a perfect compilation of both forms to describe an actual half-way point (aka Dusk) and therefore is half of one and half of the other. I'm happy that Reveal Season has started and now we should expect to be getting information on a more regular basis with the one "big" trailer to come either before Worlds or early September imo. 


    If you expected anything else tonight, you were foolish. That's just the way it is.  rih5

  5. Not Can'ti at #1 rip2 asdfhlj. I was expecting to see Overrated Donut there. Surprised Emotion: Side:E (For Emotionless) so low. 


    Slay Joanne. Delete that artpop comment tho. Disgoostin. At least we agree Hey Girl is disappointing but you will not come for Million Jesuses. (Jesusi?) 


    Glory is cute but I don't listen to it often. 


    Graphics are basic. try harder next time kety. (jk, lvu them)

  6. 6 minutes ago, SWINΞ said:

    I'm not completely finished building my team so I'm uncomfortable setting anything in stone but for sure Arcanine, Persian, and Decidueye. And possibly Alakazam.... I'm on the fence. 

    they seem good choices. persian sounds good with dat z parting shot. arcanine was useful for me in BOA and is a nice intimidater; altho isnt the strongest. decidueye is an interesting choice altho idk how useful it will be. Alakazam is a very good mon particularly if you or someone else runs psychic terrain. psychic terrain stops those shadow sneaks and sucker punches. Zam could also go sash or magic guard + life orb. 


    I'd look for a special wall. Arcanine can be a really good pokemon to take hits and morning sun away damage with intimidate and will o for physical if its invested in special but there's stronger special defense pokemon. i'm sure u'll find somethin.