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  1. Lucifer's Angel... my goodness, what is your issue? You purposely went through all my posts just to vote them down... WOW. You really are a special kind of pathetic aren't you... such a child! I'm sure that 'poorly educated, immature internet troll' may be a status that you relish whilst behind your keyboard, but believe me sweetie, it's time to grow up. If you don't like or disagree with my posts (or indeed the posts of other users), then ignore them... don't go on childish vendettas to try and bring people down to your level. There is a reason why your community reputation on this site is the the poorest. Grow up sweetie, dont be pathetic all your life. Good day to you.

    1. Galactic-Tiger


      wow what a meltdown, sweetie. I could have easily get your reputation negative, but I didn't cuz I downvoted only the posts I disagree with. The posts in which you praise Madonna, for instance, do not have my dislike and I'll never downvote those posts.  Unfortunately, 90% of your posts are very disrespectful towards Madonna and her latest album, and that is why I downvoted them. Why would I ignore such posts when I have the right to like them or dislike them? 

  2. Hurrah. I love the Erotica clip, but soooooo wanna see the rest
  3. When she started teasing the themes and the looks for the album, it looked pretty great. However, when the album finally dropped, it was beyond disappointing. Bad collabs, messy production, horrible robotic vocals, hollow politics, and no real structure or lasting power... it aged like milk. Its pretty much an album that will be totally forgotten by the time she brings out her next work... lets hope that that one is leagues better than this one
  4. 1. Oh Father 2. Rescue Me 3. Secret 4. Like a Prayer 5. Express Yourself 6. Where's the Party 7. Everybody 8. Dress You Up 9. Nothing Really Matters 10. Hanky Panky 11. Erotica 12. Think of Me 13. Open Your Heart 14. Stay 15. Causing a Commotion 16. I Want You 17. I'll Remember 18. Deeper & Deeper 19. Vogue 20. Skin
  5. True Blue is in my top 5 Madonna albums... its a brilliant piece of work. So glad that she showed some love to White Heat and Jimmy Jimmy, though surprised that she didn't 'feel' Live to Tell all that much
  6. What defines a 'pop princess' these days.... well, youth and a vagina it seems. Its a pretty meaningless title
  7. For a moment, I thought it was the good Kylie.... but its just the Jenner bint.
  8. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi VS Love At First Sight Especially For You VS Tell Tale Signs Shocked VS Step Back In Time I Guess I Like It Like That VS No World Without You Where Has The Love Gone? VS Surrender Cowboy Style VS I Don't Need Anyone Light Years VS Under The Influence Of Love More More More VS Give It To Me Loving Days VS Slow The One VS 2 Hearts Cupid Boy VS Closer Mr. President VS Sexercize Music's Too Sad Without You VS Love
  9. I was happy to see her love for Love Song. That song is such a brilliant song, I have never understood why so many fans cannot see that.
  10. No. Its a good song, but nowhere near any of the best
  11. 1. Oh Father 2. I Want You 3. I Want You (Orchestral) 4. You'll See 5. This Used To Be My Playground 6. I'll Remember 7. One More Chance 8. Live to Tell 9. Something to Remember 10. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 11. Rain 12. Crazy For You 13. Forbidden Love 14. Take a Bow
  12. The scientific evidence shows that we evolved on this planet
  13. Absolutely not! No evidence has ever been presented to show that any of the millions of gods that have ever been worshipped on this planet have ever existed. The so-called holy texts themselves often tell contradictory accounts, and everyone seems to have a different view of what their god supposedly is and what he stands for. Whilst I would never claim that god absolutely doesn't exist, so far, in the past several millennia, no reliable evidence has ever been presented to confirm truth in the myths.
  14. It wouldn't really bother me. I am lucky though, baldness is not common in my family. My father, both grandfathers and great-grandfathers all had full heads of hair to the end