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  1. just 500 more upvotes until you're over 

  2. This is gonna flop, but kudos to them for trying I guess...about time... The original TRL is responsible for many first music loves in my life, primarily my favorite artist (Mariah, 2005). It'll forever have a place in my heart. <3
  3. I'll prob get it anyway. Mario Odyssey looks fun, a breath of fresh air for the jumpman series.
  4. Miley giving vocal advice? Now I've seen it all. But good for her praising Mariah after her ridiculous criticism...
  5. im not saying he's the right answer to establishment politics...but obviously (and sadly) a lot of people felt that way, i mean he won after all.... sexism obviously played a role but one would be foolish to think it's the only major reason she lost. people needed something to vote for, not just against. regardless of how you may feel about obama, he gave people something to vote FOR, with an inspiring message of hope and change...clinton, not as much. what was her main focus? I'm better than this monster? not good enough. she was the lesser of 2 evils and that wasnt enough to moti
  6. while clinton is far, far better than trump on most issues, obviously has way more experience in politics and works very hard...and i have no doubt that some people couldn't vote for her partially or mainly because she's a woman...and i certainly wanted her to defeat trump.... let's not pretend like hillary is this saint that is just oh so "good and makes nice"...and what little girls can learn is that you shouldn't be as corrupt, elitist, lying, two-faced, and warmongering as she is, and maybe you'll have a better shot at defeating an incompetent buffoon like trump, especially in
  7. Well, in our great nation, if you have money and power, you can do anything. Everyone else is fucked
  8. how bad of a climate change should i expect though, since i currently live on a tropical island haha
  9. what an ugly wake up call. from this we learned the amount of scumbags out there...they were hiding in the shadows in large numbers before, but now that their hero trump has stood up and said what they secretly felt, they can advocate their disgusting ways with pride. the establishment and the media hopefully also learned that people are fed up with the status quo and were obviously desperate for change, ANY change apparently...and the right man to implement that change would have been Bernie, but since he was denied the nomination, well, people sadly fled to trump. hopefully next time they
  10. Hillary is definitely too war hawkish. She voted for the Iraq War, led the charge for regime change in Libya as SOS, and now she wants to implement a No Fly Zone in Syria FFS. No Fly Zones have to be enforced...
  11. Yeah, she's clearly above the law. Any ordinary American would be behind bars, but because she has power, she doesn't have to be held accountable like the rest of us. Yay... Just more proof America has an oligarchy right now. That's definitely cause for celebration! ... if you're in the top 1% anyways.