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  1. just 500 more upvotes until you're over 

  2. holy $#!t that's amazing....who else has a hit that challenges its own peak 20-plus years later
  3. This is gonna flop, but kudos to them for trying I guess...about time... The original TRL is responsible for many first music loves in my life, primarily my favorite artist (Mariah, 2005). It'll forever have a place in my heart. <3
  4. Celeb News

    Miley giving vocal advice? Now I've seen it all. But good for her praising Mariah after her ridiculous criticism...
  5. how bad of a climate change should i expect though, since i currently live on a tropical island haha
  6. seriously wouldn't mind moving to CAN...
  7. Hillary is definitely too war hawkish. She voted for the Iraq War, led the charge for regime change in Libya as SOS, and now she wants to implement a No Fly Zone in Syria FFS. No Fly Zones have to be enforced...
  8. Yeah, she's clearly above the law. Any ordinary American would be behind bars, but because she has power, she doesn't have to be held accountable like the rest of us. Yay... Just more proof America has an oligarchy right now. That's definitely cause for celebration! ... if you're in the top 1% anyways.
  9. Celeb News

    icant ...do i even wanna know why?
  10. Politics

    Trump being worse doesn't mean we should ignore Hillary's startling, dangerous shortcomings. Unfortunately for you, people are beginning to wake up (hence her struggling to win against a clown right now).
  11. Politics

    It's all Russia and the FBI's fault and the fact that she's a woman! ....OR maybe the decades of corruption, lying, cheating, warmongering, hunger for power, shady deals, lack of leadership, cozying with elitists at the expense of the working class, rigging of the primaries and so many other SUBSTANTIVE, factual reasons she's a terrible candidate are to blame. I mean, Trump is an incompetent, bigoted monster and she's bareeeely able to hang on despite all her money and media favoring and him continuing to shoot himself in the foot. I still prefer that Trump loses of course, but this is her and her team's fault. There's a reason she's literally the most disliked and untrusted democratic candidate EVER. If a real progressive female without all those skeletons in her closet were running, like Elizabeth Warren, she'd be SHITTING all over Trump.
  12. Lol Debbie Wasserman Shultz Jr. Just more proof that the primaries were not fair. Ugh, and now we're stuck between a rock and a hard place this election. SMH. Sure Trump is worse, but getting Hillary still means getting a lying, cheating, corrupt, power-hungry, warmongering, irresponsible, arguably illegitimate candidate that's in bed with Wall Street, the pharmaceutical companies, big money, Republicans and the regressive establishment and will do anything for political gain and doesn't really look out for the little people. Thankfully, the president doesn't have that much practical power, and thanks to Benrie and other progressives people are beginning to wake up to the madness, but it's still depressing.
  13. Johnson is clearly ignorant when it comes to certain things like foreign policy (#Aleppo) and his economic policies are too right-wing, but any Sanders supporter who shares his views knows that Jill Stein is way better issue-by-issue than any other candidate, including Hillary. Trespassing? If you mean when she was trying to get into the debates then she should be applauded for that not criticized. The debates are clearly rigged by the 2 major parties to prevent anyone else from rising. Until we open the debates and until the mainstream media actually covers third party candidates, we are always going to be in this "lesser of two evils" situation instead of voting for someone who we like, trust, and know will fight for us regular people. This year is the worst with the 2 most disliked and untrusted candidates ever. Polls show most people voting for Clinton are mainly voting against Trump, and vise versa. And if you say, well there simply isn't enough interest in other parties that's wrong. Most people in America consider themselves independent, not Democrat or Republican. They just don't have a voice because the other parties have substantially more money, mainstream attention, and shut anyone below 15% in the polls from the debate--a ridiculous high number because how can the third parties get that high without being on the debates since they get such tiny coverage? And if you mean she went and spraypainted to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline she should be commended for being the only candidate to even mention that extremely important issue, let alone stand with protesters to show her support. You can make the argument that you shouldn't vote for Stein because you don't want to risk Trump getting elected, that's reasonable. If you say her policies will be tough to push through Congress that's a legitimate argument. But don't step all over Stein saying she's crazy. If by crazy you mean she's the only candidate not bought off by corrupt donors (her donations come from working people like Sanders), she's the only candidate that will actually combat climate change effectively (that 99% of scientists keep warning us about; Clinton STILL pushes fracking...), she's the only candidate that will fight for a single-payer healthcare system (that Bernie supports), the only candidate (who understands foreign policy...sorry Johnson) that won't get us into more unnecessary war, and the only candidate that's consistent been on the progressive side of virtually every issue and didn't have to be forced to flip flop there like Clinton...then yes she's crazy. And the whole Putin loving or anti vaccine thing that the media accused her off is completely BS. They just can't find something legit to fight her on. I'd vote for Hil in a swing state because unfortunately the media blackout means Stein has no chance of winning. But if someone wants to vote for the person who most aligns with their political views and decides that's Stein (any sane liberal would come to that conclusion) they shouldn't be demonized. It isn't the voter at fault in that case, it's Hillary for not doing enough to earn their vote. But no, the establishment said Hillary was the most electable and rigged the primaries...lol. If it was Sanders against Trump the race would already be over.