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  1. They didn't do this because they suspect he's gay. It's just something they shout at every goalkeeper when he punts the ball as a way to taunt the other team. I suspect most fans do it because of tradition and not because they're against gay people. But I agree that it sends the wrong message and it should stop.
  2. Mariah has probably performed Hero and Vision of Love more times than there are stars in the universe... But what songs that she's rarely, or EVER, performed live would you like to see her do, say, for her upcoming Butterfly Returns show?
  3. Mariah always says she'll perform "fan favorites" and "possibly new songs" but rarely delivers. It's not cuz she doesn't want to, but because she doesn't feel that people want to hear them over some of her greatest hits and her team, worried about ticket sales, probably tells her this too =/
  4. HeatSeeker

    Wow, never thought I'd be labeled as HOMOPHOBIC for generally preferring masculine guys for sex/romance to feminine ones. I have zero problem with feminine guys or masculine women but I can't control what my dick gets hard to or what gives me those special butterflies in my stomach. A person's sexual turn ons and turn offs are BOTH biological and environmental, but they are never something you can just imagine will change and then they do...doesn't work like that. The old folk's home down the street is full of men, but since I'm not attracted to them, I must be homophobic! I am not allowed to have any sort of preferences that I did NOT CHOOSE and since I'm bisexual, according to some people's logic, I automatically have to be attracted to all people regardless of their traits and characteristics! I'm not saying I could never be attracted to fem guys or manly women, cuz it has happened, but in general I'm just not as sexually attracted to them. It has nothing to do with homophobia, misogyny, or discrimination. That really belittles and insults the REAL discrimination feminine gays face. Also I don't vote on polls on which the options are totally biased.
  5. HeatSeeker

    I'm a soda whore, give me either and I'll be happy.
  6. HeatSeeker

    Love it. Rocking it on my latest Insta:
  7. Yikes....I think there should be more research on this/come up with a good alternative before we ban sunscreen. Going to the beach is the thing to do in Hawaii, so that's millions of visitors and residents a year without proper Sun protection.
  8. This would not be good. Less competition means higher prices for customers.
  9. Wow. She's back to her 2008-skinny body.
  10. HeatSeeker

    I love Mariah and Glitter is not AS awful as some people say....certainly it's not the worst movie ever and the soundtrack is fantastic.... But there is no way this is true . (BTW, the film was released September 21st, not on 9/11). It couldn't even come close to $10 million worldwide.... 9/11 and no promo certainly didn't help, but the movie was heavily panned and the public just wasn't here for it.
  11. HeatSeeker

    Yeah, the huge gaps between proper albums nowadays is killing me. Don't want her overworked like in the 90's but waiting 4-5 years is too much for me lol.
  12. HeatSeeker

    This iconic album introduced me to her and made me (and millions more) a Lamb. Still her best 2000's LP. So hard to pick favorite tracks. But even the songs that weren't the best were worth listening to because of the great vocals.
  13. Wow, 20 years later and looking just as good!
  14. I want a new album though
  15. Awesome, love them both