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  1. This is gonna flop, but kudos to them for trying I guess...about time... The original TRL is responsible for many first music loves in my life, primarily my favorite artist (Mariah, 2005). It'll forever have a place in my heart. <3
  2. I'll prob get it anyway. Mario Odyssey looks fun, a breath of fresh air for the jumpman series.
  3. Photoshop messes aside, Me. I Am A Cow was a superb album so I can't wait to hear what she has in store for us next, especially since her voice has been in pretty good condition! Here's to hoping it actually gets decent promo too.
  4. Mariah's had 1,000 hits, but few have stood the test of time like Always Be My Baby. It's so innocently addictive, refreshing, and could still be a hit today.
  5. They were going to but they rescheduled cuz even they don't wanna hurt the Queen. Tbh.
  6. She has been sounding AMAZING on the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour. Wow! Dem Growls! And I can't believe she actually performed LOVERBOY. I thought she'd duet with Madonna before that happened lol. Was very happy to see that, Glitter movie was bad, but the album was awesome. Her vibrato is in check too; sounded great on Without You. This is looking like a great year. Keep her happy Jame$ Packer
  7. I'll just be happy with this FINALLY reaching top 20 on the BBH100!
  8. All I Want for Christmas is #16 on iTunes! This song just refuses to die, every fucking December people are here for it. Who else could???!!!
  9. Also I'm not surprised #1 to Infinity flopped. For people that had already bought the single "Infinity", it had no new songs, unlike when she released the original #1's which came with several bonus tracks. They should have put more effort into it.
  10. Ugh I'll always be pressed at Emotions' peak. I just don't get it...after such a HUGE debut album, and ANOTHER #1 hit as the lead...maybe they burned some people out since there really was no break between the end of the debut and the start of Emotions. And Ugh at Elusive Chanteuse. The singles were messy but the album is great. What Mariah said about it being a "body of work" meant to be listened to in full instead of by individual tracks is true. It deserved more.
  11. I'm not sad about Infinity flopping as it's one of the few singles from her I never really got into. The melody is nice but the production is a complete mess.
  12. I don't get why Say Somethin' flopped so hard after three top 10 hits. That song is still fresh and fun. I also don't get why Bye Bye couldn't hit top 20. It was her first ballad from an album that had plenty of hype at the time, and sounded like a hit. I know she didn't promote either much, but they should have benefited from momentum she had. And speaking of promoting, had they put any into Almost Home and prominently featured it in the movie, it could have easily gone top 20 for her.
  13. Is that the OFFICIAL tracklist? I'm guessing that's it except they're not adding on the other new songs till later. I'll be disappointed if Infinity is the only new track! Yeah, I understand they want to make some changes to distinguish it from the original #1's collection, but they could have been bonus tracks instead. Not that the alternate versions are bad by any means!
  14. She'll be on Ellen tomorrow