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  1. Dolly's is far superior... much more more genuine which a song of that subject should be. And no, you don't need to have written a song to sing it with some honesty before ya'll try it.
  2. Does it even need to be asked at this point
  3. I literally thought the person sent me a knock off copy
  4. In short: Britney had the bigger career, Beyonce has the longer one. As of right now, Britney is more iconic because she is already an immortalised legacy act well past her peak. On the other hand, Beyonce's career is still going. In saying that, I think it'll begin to wind down now simply because I can't see anywhere else she can go... she can't keep retreading the visual album which is what she is kind of known for now. Legend status isn't based upon actual raw talent and never has been, so in 30 years I see them both being seen as iconic as each other.
  5. I think it seems risky compared to what she followed it with a year later, LOUD.
  6. If someone refined Katy's clunky lines for her (chinese water torture/open sesame/wasted zombie etc) her lyrics wouldn't be half bad...
  7. Discussion

    Madonna's tour didn't sell amazingly here though, the dates were spread so far apart because they were expecting to add more. After it was clear that wouldn't happen, they changed them around and cut her time here shorter. Australia is much more into seeing legacy acts live atm, people Like Blondie and Alanis Morrisette. Pop girls are struggling to sell when they come here recently but those acts sell out.
  8. Discussion

    Well we know why Gaga isn't coming back to Australia, which I'm high key pressed about Poor Katy tho, she thought her tour would sell probably. She just added a third date in Sydney when the first two are struggling to sell. Her team are a mess.
  9. Discussion

    Mona Lisa, but the released version on Chaotic
  10. Other

    You've done such a good job again You should remaster more of her unreleased
  11. Discussion

    Gaga's team were giving away free tickets outside the arena for the Australian artRAVE dates after the 2 for 1 tickets didn't sell, people got free upgrades and the upper tiers were sectioned off. Katy is pulling a Gaga Sis you ain't slick, we know this thread was created with some salt
  12. Celeb News

    Wait is this for a new album or something Sis needs to take a hiatus.
  13. We should set a date
  14. Literally wtf. John, I'm Only Dancing (the most common sax version) was the first song I heard from him, it's amazing
  15. She'd do stuff from her time in Crystal Castles I'd assume