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  1. Madonna is the complete package considering she invented what it means to be a modern day pop star.
  2. From your faves, would you prefer 10-12 track albums that are released every 3-4/5 years with every song being cohesive and flawless, or albums with mostly terrible filler and a handful of good songs but are released every 2 years? Use some faves as examples
  3. Most of my pop faves are female because they tend to dominate that area of music, but my rock faves tend to all be male/male-led bands considering they dominate there.
  4. Discussion

    I imagine you saying this like your dupe in the gif
  5. The only legend I see here is Madonna?
  6. Celeb News

    I'm a very low key stan of my own Dangerous Woman 12 track edition I put together
  7. Celeb News

    If Ariana can make that format popular again then I'll stan
  8. Celeb News

    The reason pop records have been so damn messy and full of filler is because of tracklists that have 14+ songs Until the late 2000's most records only had between 8-12 tracks and that is why they're concise with a consistent sound! Albums should focus on one vibe rather than several because then it's just a collection of songs
  9. I think we know which celebrity I'll be entering as
  10. Let's just say that if I didn't see you getting trashed I wouldn't be listening to him
  11. I didn't even know they were fans till after
  12. The only reason I started listening was because you said how good he is True icon
  13. Just when I re-discover Gaga's back catalogue, she probably won't be able to afford to come to Australia
  14. People say a lot more than 'he isn't my thing' which is why I asked