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    Industrial rock basically screams early Marilyn Manson with Trent Reznor producing their first two records. Amazing band that this forum loves to hate. My favourite band/artist of all time is Hole; literally could listen to just them the rest of my life. All three records are different to each other and encapsulate the time they were released, so I'd give each a listen because you're bound to like the style of at least one. If you haven't explored Britney's actual albums I'd try that and if you like the NY scene (eg new wave) then Blondie. Sonic Youth are another amazing NY band, but from the genres you described I doubt you'd like them much. PJ Harvey is amazing too. She's another artist who plays around with her sound so there is a lot to like. I have a lot of artists I'd love to suggest but they're mostly rock or vintage pop (not really what you asked for) and three of them are already in your awards (and they're not Gaga ).
  2. The Pale Emperor / Heaven Upside Down 1. Killing Strangers vs Revelation #12 2. Deep Six vs Tattooed in Reverse 3. Third Day of A Seven Day Binge vs WE KNOW WHERE YOU F*CKING LIVE 4. The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles vs SAY10 5. Warship My Wreck vs KILL4ME 6. Slave Only Dreams To Be King vs Saturnalia 7. The Devil Beneath My Feet vs JE$U$ CRI$I$ 8. Birds of Hell Awaiting vs Blood Honey 9. Cupid Carries A Gun vs Heaven Upside Down 10. Odds of Even vs Threats of Romance This was really hard. Pretty much all the songs are tied but I forced myself to pick
  3. Discussion

    Getting tickets will be a mess, Australia is so thirsty
  4. I didn't mean that. Referenced the fact a comment about appearance is lazy.
  5. I can't with everyone going wild over this. 'Clap backs' are so lame when they involve physical appearance, he obviously had nothing to say
  6. Achievement

    Wow you can tell the fan base really love it! XOXO
  7. Isn't this just a fan myth though? There are no receipts for it
  8. Chris Morlock upvotes a Rosé post
  9. When I first went up I did the usual fan babble about Charmed and then thanked her for supporting the gay community (one of my idols as a young kid being so vocal about it always had an effect on me so I let her know). She actually took it in the direction of women's rights and asked if I'd support it; it came off more like a joke but you could tell she was serious about it. She was lecturing about it being the time for women, and that assertiveness even towards a fan puts people off whereas I respect it. She was really nice and welcoming when it was my turn to talk but had enough gall to bring up her point of view to a random that approached her. I love when she calls other celebrity's out or cusses people down on social media.
  10. The backlash following her comments concerning gay misogyny was ridiculous; being labeled homophobic when she has done nothing but support our community put the writing on the wall - we were called out and didn't like it. I met her a couple years ago and she was one of the most interesting people I've spoken to. I originally approached her because I love Charmed but have been following her social media presence since then.
  11. I've always sympathized with her. The past couple years the media have made her out to be just an 'angry woman' but after learning more about the treatment of women in Hollywood it's obvious why she'd be bitter. Kii, I hope she continues to come for the beloved male stars who always sell themselves as a beacon of feminism.
  12. Oh I see. I remember Rose McGowan mentioned in the past being blacklisted from Hollywood around the turn of the century before she went on Charmed. I wonder if it was in connection with this because we know she was a) a victim of Harvey's and b) stifled the first time she tried to speak up?
  13. I've faced tonnes of homophobic attacks in the past and would never raise my fists unless it came to a point of having to defend my physical safety. Not about to police how other people should react to racism/homophobia but vitriol won't heal hate. But yeah, there is a huge difference between people's reaction to the white and black girl fighting. Hypocrisy.