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  1. Other

    I really loved it for ages but listened to it recently and realised it's low-key trash... still better than a couple of her other records tho. Thank god Kylie said she wasn't interested in recording an IP 2.0
  2. Other

    Impossible Princess is so overrated It's my least favourite of her 'imperial' period (1994-2007)
  3. Game

    My favourite WTG track, 8
  4. Discussion

    Rebel Heart is pretty bad It was nothing new and the album's tracklisitng/mastering is unforgiveable... very rooky.
  5. Discussion

    A proper reinvention with a consitent look (a hall mark of her whole brand), a cohesive sound and NO s*x songs. Not because of agesim but because it is quote-on-quote reductive at this point.
  6. Other

    BTD is a great record but I think it deserves its score, maybe low 70's at most. The production becomes far too repetitive.
  7. Game

    Don't get the hate for this song. It's one of my favourite 80's Madge tracks, 10
  8. Game

    Some songs - even if you don't personally enjoy it - you have to agree are just good, so 10.
  9. Sis I think they overracted too, but let's not
  10. Game

    I actually like Madonna's album titles, especially for a pop girl. Not ya'll doing MDNA like that tho
  11. Discussion

    Thank you Katy. Just stick with the 10-12 tracks, I feel like Prism suffered because of this
  12. Game

    I mean it's a good song and I have no faults, but it doesn't make me feel any kind of way so I'll give it a 7.
  13. Photos

    That top is really cute
  14. Unreleated but your Matilda quote
  15. Game

    10. In a career filled with dance anthems, this one of the strongest of them all. The latin inspired section is flawless, and the video is amazing.