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  1. Why does everyone hate Pete Davidson? moo12 

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    2. Urbanov

      Cause he trash 

    3. River Song

      He said he felt proud that Bill Clinton was eye fucking Ariana

      He said he felt bad for the dude who groped Ariana

      He said that he thinks of his dead dad who died in 9/11 being burned alive while he had sex with Ariana 

      He made fun of the bombing at her manchester concert 



    4. Satori

      He gross inside and out? 

  2. Courtney Love

    Enjoy the wait, Courtney's been writing her memoir for 10yrs now
  3. Courtney Love


    More More More Love At First Sight Can't Get You Out of My Head Fever Give It To Me Fragile Come Into My World (The single version that was used in the 2002 reissue) In your Eyes Dancefloor Love Affair Your Love Burning Up And the all of the bonus tracks and b sides Nothing but bops My favourite Kylie album Don't you feel the fever like I do? Imagine saying Impossible Princess is her best Ya'll are the same people who trash Some Kind of Bliss
  4. Courtney Love


    I recently bought a vintage Sony lbt-n650av with the original three way speakers online. They're quite large but some of those 90s systems are known for being excellent players and the one I bought is in pristine condition.
  5. Courtney Love


    I'm not sure whether it has been officially sent to Aus radio but ARUTW plays a hell of a lot here. I think they could easily push it as the second single.
  6. The album hasn't been out half a year Changing the artwork and having the only bonus material be three acoustic tracks doesn't warrant a reissue, and slapping it into a box set with a book and tarot cards just lets her hike the price up.
  7. Courtney Love


    I don't think you're understanding the whole point I made earlier Gaga is only now insinuating she's never been a fan of Madonna and distancing herself from comparisons. Those comments you replied with were made in 2016, whereas before the diss in 2011 she was happy to label Madge an influence. Gaga is a huge fan of classic pop and rock and spent a lot of her early career discussing those artists. Receipts? I was obsessed with her from 2008-2014 so had to hear a lot about them
  8. Courtney Love


    Gaga thanked Madonna in The Fame's liner notes and said something to the effect of there being no bigger Madonna fan than her. You've just fallen for Gaga flipping the narrative and distancing herself from Madonna after getting dissed Do I blame her for being bitter? No. Getting called reductive by one of your influences would suck, but let's not play this 'Madonna seems like a nice lady' act when you spent your childhood looking up to her.
  9. What is the name of that porn site so I can report it?
  10. Just realised The Fame has like three different tracklists moo12 Region specific tracklisting hasn't been common for decades, Gaga why? 

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    2. The Plague

      because illuminati moo12 

    3. Dr. Slay

      3 hours ago, Quill said:

      Don't forget that the Canadian version of The Fame has an extended intro version of 'Money, Honey' orangu1

      Why didn't she have the intro for the final album version I-

    4. Electric Light

      So is Dua Lipa and Glory moo12

  11. Courtney Love

    The phrase 'Make America Great Again' has become a meme though? While the tweet can appear to have racial undertones if we choose to look at it that way, a Gaga fan account posted it so we can assume they love pop music and made a joke about the supposed mainstream decline of Hip Hop.
  12. Huh, I forgot about the new residency already
  13. I'm really the only person who looked his meth look, huh.
  14. Titanic's sinking was nothing more than a horrible accident; you're no more likely to perish on this ship than you are any other. Outside of our own opinions on the ethics of building a Titanic 2, there's no tempting fate buying a ticket.
  15. Courtney Love

    I wouldn't mind seeing her if she comes to Australia but she's already cancelled twice and the ticket sales were tragic