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  1. More legendary: I Will Always Love You vs My Heart Will Go On

    Everything about MHWGO - the vocals, lyrics, instrumental and movie it is attached to - is memorable. IWALY is one of the most iconic songs of all time but people only check for the final chorus whereas you can sing the entirety of Celine's.
  2. Bizarre Shane Dawson tries selling his underwear for $100k

    Is he still around? I used to watch him in high school when he did those skits in like 2010.
  3. Discussion Words is so good!

    Sitar is essentially an Indian guitar, definitely not that I assume it's some sort of synth with a Middle Eastern vibe.
  4. Other Lady Gaga backstage with fans

    Wait what?
  5. Other Old Money - Appreciation Thread

    Listened to Ultraviolence again recently and forgot how amazing it was. The perfect penultimate track.
  6. Discussion Rank the collabs on Lust for Life

    Tomorrow Never Came - Sean sounds very similar to John, it's so weird. Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems - Stevie is my top two with Hole and I'm wearing a shirt with her one it right now, so I wish this was my favourite. Summer Bummer - Really grown on me! Groupie Love/LFL - Appreciate both equally.
  7. General News Humans sold for $400 in Libya slave trade

    I think he meant he to point out a human life costs less than an ipad
  8. Remember when a basic no1curr British band blocked Britney & Madge from no.1?

    Britain and Aus normally share these type of things but idk her too
  9. Reverse racism is real

    Whitney's version is obviously the most successful but it will never 'practically' belong to her. Most music fans rightfully consider it Dolly's song and her version is definitely remembered; there is a large group of people with myself included who prefer the original for its understated nature.
  10. Other Gaga confirms there was never "any plans" for a The Cure music video

    Ty for letting us know seven months later
  11. Celeb News Russell Simmons accused of Sexual Misconduct

    The Hollywood abusers are dropping like flies. I've heard a conspiracy that Weinstein was finally exposed to distract from the Vegas shooting
  12. Discussion Is 'Roulette' about HIV sex roulette parties?

    I can see the parallels you're pointing out but it was definitely not written with that in mind. Those lyrics could be applied to a lot of alternate meanings.
  13. Lust for Life Discussion Thread

    Not when it's one of LFL's best songs But Yayo is her worst, yes! OT: album is messy, learn to edit your record girl.
  14. Game Rank Tove Lo’s studio releases

    I haven’t actually listened to any of her albums oops Just like the fact she is edgier now!
  15. Game Rank Tove Lo’s studio releases

    LW/BL >>>>>>> QOTC. She's developed a great persona with the past two releases.