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  1. Discussion

    Do you like Blondie?
  2. Discussion

    Everything has to be shipped to Australia and converted to my dollar as well, so last night alone I spent in excess of $250 to complete my Marilyn Manson singles collection If you're from America, check out Discogs. You could buy so much insanely cheap
  3. Discussion

    I do want to get into Tori, but I still buy CD Singles/albums online to put in my player and her discography is huge so it'll be expensieve
  4. Discussion

    I've just never been able to listen to soundtrack/musicals, I find them boring I like live albums though
  5. Discussion

    Yes, I see you stan Kate Bush's best tribute act!
  6. Discussion

    I just don't get how people do this
  7. Discussion

    Do you listen to mostly pop music, or another genre? For example, I listen to pop sapringly and usually play hard/alt rock and experimental music... but who doesn't love a bop?
  8. Discussion

    I still think Witness should have been the lead. A lot of people assumed the album would be political like CTTR instead of the liberation idea and she got dragged
  9. Just spent $250+ getting all of Manson's CD Singles shipped to me If any of ya'll would be interested in the audio files when they arrive, lemme know
  10. Game

    Britney: 15 In The Zone: 85 Blackout: 50 Circus: 30 Femme Fatale: 50 Glory: 45
  11. Review

    LAV is one of my favourite Madge records, probably my fav of her first three 'basic' records so ya'll can stay pressed
  12. Game

    Who would rate this less than 10
  13. Game

    Rebel Heart could have had some killer songs but the execution was just terrible. Too many people were working on the record and considering she took such a damn long time making it, the final product's production and mastering feel really fucking rushed. What is with some songs being quieter than others? Not even rating it
  14. I listen to music so loud Most of the stuff I play is quite heavy rock so I like to feel it
  15. So done with every thread being derailed into another Fossil vs Little Mange