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    Release order and stop at MA MA was originally intended to be a sequel to AC and the story makes a lot more sense when presented that way; the prequel stuff only came to be after the backlash from going glam left the era dead in the water. HW is a great record but its basic plot is just a retread of AC's concept of a disenfranchised youth starting a failed revolution then killing themselves.
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    It's certainly frightening to think about but WHO doesn't think it will be a global emergency.
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    Make your way from 1973's Buckingham Nicks album through to present day. Everything always has that Stevie feel but her voice changed over the decades and the music was usually made in an attempt to stay current so it reflects its time; as an example, some songs demoed over various albums can have a completely different arrangement than what was previously attempted. It's my opinion Stevie is best enjoyed moving chronologically, mixing the solo and group material. And if you like a particular sound, she has plenty of unreleased material for just about every era
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    If you believe her rape claims, which I do, she was blacklisted from working in Hollywood after the Weinstein incident. She pretty much had to take any role she came across.
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    If anything her legacy has a tendency to be downplayed among the GP
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    I typically enjoy his songs when I hear them but I never really feel the desire to play them. They never seem to be anything more than pleasant.
  7. Not one person in the entire class came to the gay kid’s defence
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    I had the same problems with Daisy Jones. The writing style kept the characters at arm's length and I don't feel that I connected with any of them as a result. I also took issue with the fact TJR made no real effort to individualize Daisy from the women she was based off which made her almost one dimensional. I love anything to do with the 60s/70s rock scene so I enjoyed it on a superficial level but I was mostly disappointed. I think the upcoming TV series will probably expand upon its source material to flesh out the characters and be one of the few times a book is improved upon in its screen adaption.
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    There's multiple slot machines inspired by famous people all over Vegas and I'm assuming elsewhere.It's a good marketing ploy for fans to lose their money
  10. Total bullshit that is fed to us by those in power to keep us down. Kindness is a two way street.
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    There are no rules about how to act after a break up. Go get it
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    Sickening good or sickening bad?
  13. There’s a ton of resources out there if you’re at all confused. We’re living in a very modern world now so I’d suggest a quick googling session to acclimate yourself with it. After reading some of the disappointing replies in this thread I’d suggest the same for most of the people commenting.
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    Babble babble bitch bitch
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    Yeah you're totally missing the point.
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    How the victim perceives and is affected by abuse has nothing to do with what the act sounds like on paper. Learn compassion.
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    Perfectly said. I can understand where @Hermione is coming from with their comment but the line can't be drawn that easily between what is and isn't.
  18. I may be a little more receptive to this if she was any older and living with a mental illness for a couple of decades. She is just way, way, way too young to rule this as the only option left.
  19. I wasn’t aware legal euthanasia could be used in patients with mental health issues I definitely support assisted suicide but something like this is a grey area and should be case by case, not one steadfast set of rules.
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    Just listened to Antichrist Superstar for the first time in what must be over a year. He truly did that Now I can’t wait to listen to all the remixes and soundtrack inclusions from that era But for real, it has been a long while since I listened to him properly so I planned to make my way through his discography a couple months ago but stopped at the Smells Like Children era. Now I get to experience so much great music again I’d kind of forgotten about, especially the triptych.
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    TPE starts out quite strong and dips around the middle Considering he only contributed the lyrics and melody to those songs, the repetitive writing left a lot to be desired. HUD suffers much the same problems but is reasonably consistent most of the way through.
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    Celeb News

    Literally me. I’ve dabbled but never been bothered to carry it on daily
  23. It came on the radio a few months ago and my sister - who was born in '87 and has no knowledge of Kylie outside of her hits - started singing along to the chorus I doubt that she'd remember any other songs from Impossible Princess, with the same going for the GP that she represents Kylie needs to get over whatever she has against the song and give the Australian people what they want
  24. I'm done with the Did It Again neglect At the least it should be an Australian exclusive considering it's recognised and remembered here