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  1. And would you question a heterosexual couple who didn't adopt? No, you wouldn't.
  2. Just letting ya'll know that my Courtney Love era is dead oprah14  

    1. Hunty Bear

      moved onto a better diva! oprah10 

  3. I don't doubt that her activism comes from a genuine desire to change the system but she has a transparently narcissistic need to be seen as a leader of the sexual assault revolution and that self importance is rather off-putting. Also her comments stating that anyone who didn't vote for Hillary hates women and that the entirety of middle america is a poison are the kind of sweeping statements that do nothing but give her misplaced rage some validation. Let's also not forget she conveniently dismissed her work with Victor Salva and hasn't mentioned it since. And I don't really see her comments regarding Alyssa Milano @Hylia as 'ruthless' but rather an enemy by association mentality. 'Don't you think I know these people?' tells us nothing. Since divulging her past I do empathise with her but she comes across as someone who just likes to hear the sound of their own voice.
  4. Discussion

    Actually very true. I hadn't considered it before but 'Cowgirl' is always mentioned when discussing Madonna's reinventions.
  5. Artists have been keeping to the East Coast. Where else is she to go other than Perth which pretty much everyone else skips now? Adelaide has regularly been ignored for a while now.
  6. Celeb News

    Pretty much this. As someone against capital punishment you could imagine I'm not about to revel in the suicide of someone who was pretty much a convicted pedophile. In saying that, I wish we could remove the stigma so people who have these illicit feelings toward children feel safe to come forward and seek therapy before they act on their impulses.
  7. It just wasn't finished He had Revelation #12, Saturnalia and HUD already written but with no music to accompany them. They delayed release for those songs because they 'tell the story' and I can't imagine a label releasing a seven track album these days.
  8. Rumor

    Well it is Reputation's best song
  9. Celeb News

    Chicago West sounds like a hotel or smth
  10. Album

    She reads MNation? Rebel Heart is her worst album
  11. Album

    Most importantly who will she choose to produce?
  12. My thoughts. I doubt an album will come this year if she hasn't even begun working on it and we've got no evidence that she has I realise she can keep things concealed but an artist of her stature would surely have an insider leak of some sort by now.
  13. I described the setting without embellishments. It was negative no matter which way you spin it and I was pointing that out. I don't think you're getting my point either because I'm not confused about the age of consent law or saying you're supporting his actions. Age of consent has been used as a crutch in this situation and you're effectively working as Devil's Advocate. You yourself acknowledged that sexual assault is a murky area and I agree that oftentimes things can be misinterpreted but he knew what he was doing when he offered her a ride home. His actions resulted in a deliberate attempt to get her alone in a confined space where he knew she was defenseless. Predators get away with this kind of abuse because their victim is of legal age and they have the law working on their side. They place them in these intimidating situations and (generally worried for their immediate safety) they will agree to whatever is happening. That isn't regret for bad sex - that is assault. These kind of crimes need to be assessed by situation because there are so many variables at play that you can't just make a decision based around one law. Call it sexual assault or call it misconduct, I don't care. This man never faced any repercussions for what was clearly an abuse of his power.
  14. Whether she was 12, 14 or 17 doesn't change the fact that this teenagers youth pastor propositioned her for oral sex... while in his car... under false pretenses... in secluded woods... at night... and alone. There is nothing in the way he carried it out that could be seen as anything but predatory. He knew exactly what he was doing and that he had the power. As far as we know she never made any advances towards him previously so I'm not sure how his actions could be justified with an age of consent crutch considering his demand would have come seemingly at random. How often are you propositioned for sex by someone you know and trust, especially in a teenager/adult relationship? He held a position of authority over her as the youth pastor and literally lied to get her into his car. This was premeditated. And it's not a matter of assuming women are incapable of defending themselves so don't twist it; there would be plenty of men who are too scared to say no in fear of repercussions, not to mention the many women who would fight it. But just consider for a moment the position he put her in - alone in the woods with no one around to hear. I'd imagine you'd be coerced into whatever he says in fear of what else he might do if you didn't. I'm not accusing you of this specifically but I'd imagine if he were a 50yr old man at the time of the assault rather than 22 and only a few years older, the skeptics would be looking at it differently.