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  1. SEPTEMBER 2 DEMI DEMI LOVATO REVIEW: Anyone who listens to radio or follows popular music in the slightest (or, I guess, enjoyed 2008 Disney Channel) knows the name and voice of Demi Lovato. The 25 year-old singer, whose sixth LP, Tell Me You Love Me, comes out later this month, already has a decent array of hits under her belt -- among them "Heart Attack," "Cool for the Summer," "No Promises," and more. But despite her pop influence, listening to 2013's Demi was my first time sticking with Lovato's music for an entire album. I'd also like to preface this review with the notion
  2. i'm doing this alongside a friend (she's picking all the even-day albums) so 9/2 is demi's self-titled album & 9/3 is alvvays's debut album (also self-titled). hoping to get those two up sometime today and still waiting on my friend to lmk what we're listening to for 9/4. glad you liked this though!
  3. SEPTEMBER 1 BIG FISH THEORY VINCE STAPLES REVIEW: Big Fish Theory, the latest LP from California rapper Vince Staples is my first experience with the rapper's work outside of 2015 track "Norf Norf" and his collaboration with Jhené Aiko on 2013's "The Vapors," so while I wasn't nervous, I also didn't know what exactly to expect. Overall, I enjoyed the record, which is an easy listen not surpassing 40 minutes. It certainly has a masterful cohesion to it, and there is a dark, eerie, sometimes gritty, sometimes woozy sound to the production. Unfortunately, however, there were many poi
  4. update: LFL review coming tomorrow bc i'm tired. following our icon lana and delaying releases xoxo

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  5. stay tuned for your favorite ghost's track-by-track review of LFL coming later today! it's gonna be killer jj2

  6. I've risen from the dead to let you all know that Summer Bummer is undoubtedly the superior of the two tracks. Groupie Love is really good and very sweet and I think Rocky's feature works much better on that song, but it's also a safe song. SB, though? If Carti would shut up and stop mumbling in the background for literally all 4 minutes 20 seconds of the song, it'd be even better.
  7. i never meant for my name on here to become representative of how often i'm online but...life imitates art ig jj4 it's been forever

  8. Talk about a Christmas miracle, geez. I really like Fine China. Maybe it doesn't need to be as long as it is, but I also didn't get bored, and while it's not her best melodically, I was so intrigued by the lyrics. In my opinion it veered away from the usual, which I really appreciated. And in general it's a very beautiful song. EMGHW V2 is really nice, and it certainly has a different feel to it, but the first version has been one of my all-time favorite Lana songs (amongst released and unreleased) for a while now, so while I'm disappointed that I didn't like V2 better, I'm not surprised.
  9. Will I be burnt at the stake if I say that "Resistance" is still better than this? Don't get me wrong, it's probably the second best leak we've gotten this year & definitely would've been interesting to see on UV, but I just have a lot of love for "Resistance."
  10. probably G&R if i had to choose one. ^ I SCREAMED AT THIS. fr though, HM is such a beautiful song, even if it's a bit sparse.
  11. Hold Up - 74 Don't Hurt Yourself - 76 Sorry - 42 6 Inch - 38 All Night - 36 Formation - 36
  12. every time i say i'm gonna get back to using FOTP regularly, i never do. maybe this time i'll be able to keep my promise jj2

  13. Jesus, so this is what I miss after not being on for a couple weeks? I just listened to all the recent leaks; I'm really excited. I love GTGA & the new version of "Motel 6," and I was expecting something a lot worse from "Other Woman" based off the commentary I read beforehand. As for the snippets, those are actually killing me. I will probably be dead really soon if we don't get YTH & FC in full. Aside from those, I'm most excited for "Resistance," "Be My Daddy," and the "Brite Lites" demo. "Your Girl" is really nice, too, and lyrically reminds me a bit of "1949," what with the