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  1. here

    i never meant for my name on here to become representative of how often i'm online imitates art ig jj4 it's been forever

  2. Other

    Talk about a Christmas miracle, geez. I really like Fine China. Maybe it doesn't need to be as long as it is, but I also didn't get bored, and while it's not her best melodically, I was so intrigued by the lyrics. In my opinion it veered away from the usual, which I really appreciated. And in general it's a very beautiful song. EMGHW V2 is really nice, and it certainly has a different feel to it, but the first version has been one of my all-time favorite Lana songs (amongst released and unreleased) for a while now, so while I'm disappointed that I didn't like V2 better, I'm not surprised. Be My Daddy is really fun, and I like BBM Baby V2 though to be honest I don't feel as though I'm familiar enough with the first version to really appreciate this second one.
  3. Other

    Will I be burnt at the stake if I say that "Resistance" is still better than this? Don't get me wrong, it's probably the second best leak we've gotten this year & definitely would've been interesting to see on UV, but I just have a lot of love for "Resistance."
  4. Game

    Hold Up - 74 Don't Hurt Yourself - 76 Sorry - 42 6 Inch - 38 All Night - 36 Formation - 36
  5. here

    every time i say i'm gonna get back to using FOTP regularly, i never do. maybe this time i'll be able to keep my promise jj2

  6. here

    i should really start using FOTP more. i miss it :(

  7. here

    maybe i'm overreacting, but LEMONADE is a masterpiece, and i don't use the term "masterpiece" lightly. not only is it raw, emotional, and sexy all at once, but it's incredibly well made and a great reminder of the importance of entire albums as opposed to just singles. it's an experience. i was not expecting that at all. and this is coming from someone who isn't even a die-hard fan of beyoncé (in fact this is the first album of hers that i've listened to/watched in full).

    1. BJORK

      I still need to process it but I just find it "very good" atm

  8. i wasn't too keen on the verses of Underwater but i liked the chorus. tbh i think Clay > White > Underwater > Avalanche > Chimera
  9. even though station is one of the best on LWH and underwater isn't that bad of a song (though clay is undoubtedly the best), i appreciate that you put Låpsley, AURORA, and HANA as your top 3 of the 6. ...#HuntyLEARNS ?
  10. here

    "island" & "these days" are the best songs on "don't you" and that's just the facts maisy

  11. here

    finally listened to AURORA's album and @Hunty Bear was [unsurprisingly] wrong again bc TTEOAC is one of the best on the album! oh well ! maisy

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    2. Ghost

      @Hunty Bear was On the Electric Chair supposed to be Under the Water? rip2

    3. Hunty Bear

      omg yes idk what I was thinking when I penned that drag name but wow rip2rip2rip3 did I lie though? the correct answer is no jj2jj4

    4. Ghost

      @Hunty Bear it's not one of my faves, but i liked it. the chorus took a very different direction than i expected, which was a pleasant surprise. lyrically it's nothing special, but i like it. 

  12. here

    i wanna make some album edits but i don't know which to do. also still waiting on the joyride tracklist so i can make a back cover for my joyride edit

  13. here

    i haven't been on here in ages and also i'm pretty sure i missed my one-year mark but anyway can someone sum up what i've missed ? 

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    2. Ghost

      @Hunty Bear in that case.....................nvm ! maisy

    3. Hunty Bear

      the audacity I'm screaming jj4fall3lmfao1 








      rat :)jj4 

    4. Ghost

      @Hunty Bear thanks ! xoxo jj2

  14. here

    dear god -- first AURORA, birdy, and låpsley, now gwen & little green cars too. this is too much. march is going to be such an amazing month for music and i am too excited for words.