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  1. here

    Hi tea.gif


    ... How do I delete all of my old posts at once? awk1

    1. Jae

      Are you embarrassed 

    2. A L E X

      @Jae I'd say my obnoxious era finally ended a few months ago, so, yes wendy4

    3. fab

      by getting yourself perma banned sia3 

  2. here

    I just saw an advertisement on the forums for Lorde's album


    1. Onika


    2. Alex.

      i saw an ad for trump once

  3. Just like the forum will be lucky if the show makes it past one episode
  4. hope to make it in season two
  5. I was pressedT when I made the ancient comment. Now all I have to say on this topic is: I'm an agnostic atheist.
  6. Madonna, MJ and Cher
  7. Single

    John Wayne Dancin in Circles Just Another Day [end of era]
  8. Discussion

    I have nothing to say, except, buy Runaway Runaway on Bandcamp and iTunes.