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  1. A L E X here

    Hi tea.gif


    ... How do I delete all of my old posts at once? awk1

    1. Jae

      Are you embarrassed 

    2. A L E X

      @Jae I'd say my obnoxious era finally ended a few months ago, so, yes wendy4

    3. fab

      by getting yourself perma banned sia3 

  2. A L E X here

    I just saw an advertisement on the forums for Lorde's album


    1. Onika


    2. Alex.

      i saw an ad for trump once

  3. A L E X

    Just like the forum will be lucky if the show makes it past one episode
  4. A L E X

    hope to make it in season two
  5. A L E X

    Madonna, MJ and Cher
  6. A L E X


    John Wayne Dancin in Circles Just Another Day [end of era]
  7. A L E X


    I have nothing to say, except, buy Runaway Runaway on Bandcamp and iTunes.
  8. A L E X

    Add me heaux @Venus as a Boy
  9. everybody look at this user literally stating how his fave's a shitty person, so I don't have to