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    Mars didn't lose the case. She CHOSE to settle rather than continue on from the several months of court dates. Mars not sticking around long enough for a win doesn't mean her case is invalid, when she included photo evidence of a smashed in window, photos of Titanic breaking wine glasses in her kitchen after breaking into her home, photos of Poppy wearing a coat that was stolen from her home, a screenshot of a disturbing drawing Titanic made of her mother on Instagram, the fact that there's receipts of Poppy and Titanic stealing Mars' Little Sunny Bite sponsorship, the fact that there's Facebook posts proving Poppy and Titanic started going to Mars' Japanese classes shortly after she was doing it (posted by the school with photos during those times), etc. Not to mention the whole 3:36 ARG based off of Mars' Everybody Wants it All, which you can't say was carried over due to Titanic's direction because he literally had no involvement in the making of that video, it was directed by Tony Katai. Let alone the fact Poppy never gave proof any of those claims were wrong, but instead decided to accuse a likely innocent man of abusing her, just because of a rumor he was collaborating with Mars that literally I was the creator of. She hid the information in the court document she posted because it stated that the case was thrown out after the first hearing due to lack of evidence. Poppy accused a guy of abusing her while they dated, even though there's literally 0 evidence they even dated and the only pics of them together were because of Josh hanging out with Titanic. Not to mention Poppy and Titanic followed Josh through 2017 and unfollowed him when it was convenient.
  2. A L E X


    I mean, when Poppy and Titanic directly bullied and/or harrassed Grimes, Mars Argo, Nicole Dollanganger, Melanie Martinez and stole their work from smaller artists... It's reasonable that Grimes would want to strike Poppy the fuck out of We Appreciate Power and get someone else to feature on it, as well as unfollow Poppy and follow Mars.
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    ... How do I delete all of my old posts at once? awk1

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      Are you embarrassed 

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      @Jae I'd say my obnoxious era finally ended a few months ago, so, yes wendy4

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      by getting yourself perma banned sia3 

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    1. Can people stop saying I stan a pedophile. Thats slander to my image and I have been in stan rehab to redirect my taste. 2. Tinashit can sit down, I'm sick of this trend of wanna be Rihannas popping up every now and then
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    Option missing from the poll: Her music is bad and her vocals on Slumber Party are awkward and unneeded
  6. Maybe its cause they aired "season premiere" commercials for the WRONG episode and the Paris episode is actually episode #2?
  7. [posts in an internet forum thread]
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    honestly all the snippets sound really fillerish / CTTR 2.0s so idrc what happens
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    I love this article about @Hylia
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    Make Me Like You was a cute concept but a messy outcome, while Misery's video/single treatment felt very last minute