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  1. Christina Aguilera being completely ignored just sends me

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chris


      Her and Gwen fall5 


      Kinda shocked Kesha didn't get a pity joke fall5

    3. jrdn


      They should've changed Kesha to Dr. Luke. dead2

    4. Chris


      Jinkies no jj4 

  2. Call me Buffy with the body
    I just slipped into my savage and come over like a walkie
    My fish like Takamaki, like a side of me with saké
    So I put it in my mouth and suck it out like edamame, yeah

  3. gun in my purse bitch i came dressed to kill who wanna go 1st

  4. Am I the only one who does not understand the reference made in the status below me

    1. V For Vendetta

      V For Vendetta

      Yes ari8 


      Dua Lipa - Good In Bed (remix) - Club Future Nostalgia bey1


  5. It's a little different when the artist in question's sex song resume includes "dick bicycle" and "lick the bowl". Shouldve went with a different theme

    1. Tama


      Had the sample been manipulated to match her singing, I would have liked it more. Or had she sung the chorus differently. Idk. Anyway, stream The Rarities dahhhling!

  7. Entea

    I thought this was Declan when I first heard it