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  1. 1. Can people stop saying I stan a pedophile. Thats slander to my image and I have been in stan rehab to redirect my taste. 2. Tinashit can sit down, I'm sick of this trend of wanna be Rihannas popping up every now and then
  2. Option missing from the poll: Her music is bad and her vocals on Slumber Party are awkward and unneeded
  3. Maybe its cause they aired "season premiere" commercials for the WRONG episode and the Paris episode is actually episode #2?
  4. here

    iconic bop, im shook, 2017 slaying


  5. [posts in an internet forum thread]
  6. here

    queen of live performing


  7. Discussion

    honestly all the snippets sound really fillerish / CTTR 2.0s so idrc what happens
  8. here

    a SONG


  9. here

    chi1 the Doggy Style instrumental leaked and I got really bored


  10. here

    I just found out the date of the first time I ever ejaculated, and it was in a GagaDaily status. Tragic.

  11. Celeb News

    I love this article about @Hylia
  12. Celeb News

    Make Me Like You was a cute concept but a messy outcome, while Misery's video/single treatment felt very last minute