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  1. Now why does Nicki accept any paycheck that's given to her
  2. Sharpay Evans

    Not when she had 2 hits that were actually released years ago and the standard album without those tracks doesn't get hype I don't wanna say that she's a role model; Here are a couple things that specifically come to mind When, instead of filing a complaint, she exposed a Postmates worker on Twitter with the probable intent of her followers lashing out When she insisted on breaking Iggy's record and lowkey disrespected her by implying that was Charli's song and ignoring Iggy entirely When she acted childish after that one guy respectfully exposed that he didn't get his cheque for cowriting the demo Truth Hurts was based on When she or Atlantic, lets be real, pulled some fraudulent strings to have her excluded from the eligibility rules for the Grammys
  3. Sharpay Evans


    Reslayal >>>>>>>> Bore > Shits Dance
  4. Sharpay Evans


    I really don't want it to become normal for people to do pre-orders without titles, covers or tracklists It was dumb when Selena did it and it's dumber here
  5. Not Finneas winning producer of the year based on a credits list of almost entirely Billie songs
  6. The ET reporters wanna know what it feels like to be in a relationship
  7. Sharpay Evans

    Lizzo and Ariana are both talented but insufferable
  8. Sharpay Evans

    Here's a site that streams the TV channel 8pm ET (an hour and a bit from how)
  9. Sharpay Evans

    I don't see the point in differentiating a 5 second fad from someone who had 6+ seconds and still isn't going to have a solo smash in the future; Either way they function identically
  10. Sharpay Evans

    I looked it up and they literally just didn't do anything after SuperBowl and eventually broke up that year
  11. Sharpay Evans

    Everybody in the Discord calls Gaga a fad but she had multiple popular songs and 3 popular projects from 2008-2011 + tours... It's not that deep or worth being offended by
  12. Sharpay Evans

    A fictional character from a movie series? The actress behind whom already being in my list? Okay
  13. Sharpay Evans

    I'll be sure to repost my list when someone makes a "Definition of a flop" thread
  14. Sharpay Evans

    Kylie has exactly 1 known song in the US and its doubtful Madonna will ever have another hit so... yeah. Fads!
  15. Sharpay Evans

    Every artist I named is past their prime, whether I like them or not and whether you like them or not; It ain't that deep