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  1. ezgif-3-d40d4f8b7127.gif

    1. Princess Aurora

      A New Meme is born


    2. I Brings That Levity

      I can't at the way she runs. Even her running looks stiff




  2. Sharpay Evans

    Music Video

    Pls it looks low budget, like a student film
  3. Sharpay Evans

    Music Video

    I will never get tired of her dissing Sc**ter
  4. Were you genuinely expecting her
  5. It's quite good, you should watch it Just be warned that, like the show is known for, the finale is kinda tragic
  6. Fr this would be the perfect lineup if you removed Leslie and added Emma
  7. All the people Ryan got back But where the FUCK is Emma
  8. Sharpay Evans


    That was a very short wait huh
  9. Sharpay Evans


    There was really no excuse to not have this out weeks ago, but anyways I hope her team becomes competent for this I want Ms. Sarah Tanno to have read some books about how to do makeup for this era, and I want Richy to have played some Just Dance or watched old Michael Jackson performances or something so he knows what choreography looks like!
  10. Sharpay Evans

    I'm sorry, aren't you always against Selena because she's not a good vocalist
  11. Sharpay Evans


    I found it https://vk.com/video-90130223_456239525
  12. Sharpay Evans


    It used to be on Netflix for a good while, don't know why its non-existent now Disney owns it now ofc, and I see they've striked down some YouTube uploads of it. I guess the condom costume was too much!
  13. Nothing makes me more second-hand embarrassed than seeing gays pretend a soundtrack single was good because it went #1 eve1

  14. Sharpay Evans


    Not this being better than 75% of the actual album