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  1. Sharpay Evans


    But she was already nearly an adult
  2. Sharpay Evans

    Chile don't try and grab onto & twist a comment from months ago about my then-stanlist just so happening to be mostly white people, just because you're bitter over me disagreeing with you in that Selena Gomez thread. Your bad attitude and personality have really shown for me not just recently, but as long as I've been aware of you. Fix it.
  3. Sharpay Evans

    Celeb News

    "whether it was a savvy record label; it wasn't" F in the chat for Big Machine Records And also the direct Scooter dragging
  4. I don't get where the "she can't write" comes from. She's written on some good ass pop songs. Madonna has had some awful worse-than-hell moments in her career as a songwriter, but nobody's gonna call her a bad writer when her good moments come up first. And also, your behavior in this thread in general does, in fact, indicate you are a "talent only" person.
  5. Sharpay Evans

    I don't think Tinashe had a chance. I don't listen to her, I don't know her history, I could be completely wrong ab what she is but I could see another label getting a frontloaded hit with her before losing that hype, maybe dropping a lame follow-up or sumn, and nothing really happening and this thread at the end of the day will still be created anyway. Ava/Normani teas.
  6. I really don't get arguments that someone shouldn't succeed as a musician if they can't sing or dance live. There's one now-considered-main pop girl in particular who has shown herself to be able to do both but still spammed lazy music, disservicing the good tracks by giving them 0 time to breathe before she puts out another generic rehash of her #1 hit. And anyways I also don't understand what Selena's acting chops have to do with anything; she obviously at least could act when you consider Wizards of Waverly Place.
  7. Chile 90% of musicians can not sing, let it go
  8. Sharpay Evans

    Celeb News

    Pls he makes decent music and doesn't deserve this
  9. Sharpay Evans

    The 2nd or 4th alternate cover not being the main cover is proof enough of her idiocy
  10. It's gonna be a night to remember, big fun, it's gonna be the night to last forever, we'll never ever ever forget


  11. Sharpay Evans


    She should have put out the album by now considering its already had 3 whole leaks with 2 including tracklists/covers but go off with another single I guess
  12. Sharpay Evans

    Are we surprised? Were there lies?