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  1. I'm glad that she was cancelled like the other 5H racist, and I think the choice to work with Cardi B is just as, if not worse than, some pop girls' insistence to work with Dr. Luke!
  2. That "self awareness" was literally a lack of self-worth. You can't expect her to be writing the exact same lyrics she was writing back in 2010 when she's in a much different headspace now.
  3. Sir NOBODY cares about if a song has been performed on tour before
  4. Poppy actively defended/supported Titanic despite his past actions + helped him create an internet 'ARG' out of making fun of his ex-girlfriend Mars Argo, whom he stalked threatened and assaulted. She continued playing up that insulting character for half a decade even still uses that character now in ad deals and videos, and she released more songs written by Titanic last year with his credit hidden. That's not even to mention... her scamming her fans the time she used a promotional website to somehow trace people from her fanmade Discord server the time she doxxed an
  5. The fact that Poppy's an absolutely horrible person and it's surprising to me that you would stan her
  6. In Scooby-Doo (2002), the 5 former members (including a talking dog) of a crime solvers club are forced to reunite in order to discover the truth about why college students are leaving a popular island resort with completely different personalities than when they came; They discover over the course of the film that the culprit is the talking dog's nephew, who intends to take revenge against the group by completing an ancient ritual that involves abducting people, killing them with a machine to take away their souls for himself (making an adverse "cure" for his dwarfism), and giving away their
  7. I don't wanna see any Ariana stans agreeing But they made points (aside from the "slutshaming" Spice Girls or dismissing someone else's struggles because obviously those aren't what she meant in those pictures)
  8. Bottom Bitch - Freaky Prince Bottom Bitch - Snow Bottom B**ch - Mario Streets - V For Vendetta Streets - Venom
  9. On one hand, I want to agree and say that streaming somebody or buying their music/merch/tickets is supporting that person (not necessarily including their actions but regardless of their actions), because that is something I firmly do believe in, and it makes me sick to see people support for example someone who raped, robbed, was transphobic, dadada (Cardi B) or someone who doxxed many, made defamatory claims including accusing someone of abuse for petty reasons, and fiercely defended an abuser for several years while making fun of his victim (Poppy). On the other hand, I think we all n