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  1. I guess that's better. I just hate to see where the franchise has gone after being a superfan of The Sims 2 and a fan of The Sims 3. EA/Maxis has proven time and time again that they don't care about what their audience wants (i.e. doing Star Wars after it was dead last in a poll with dozens of options, putting the skintone update months away when the average person could make it in a couple hours with the proper tools, etc.) and they've proven that money is the biggest priority to them (i.e. the fact you now need 4? packs to get the complete Seasons experience you could get with 1 pack for TS2 or TS3). It also doesn't sit right with me that they get the opportunity to center a pack around the everyday culture of a place that isn't the US/UK, only to give the spotlight to snowboarding and already be seeing complaints about cultural inaccuracies and a lack of research. I hear they're also putting a personality overhaul of sorts in this pack, something that obviously belongs in the base game and has been requested for YEARS. I feel like they could've easily put that in a basegame update, put snow activities in a Seasons update, and devoted this pack soley to Japanese culture, but EA probably figures scattering all their content randomly across multiple packs is an easy cash cow. I think it's gross!
  2. She just strikes me as a bad fit for this kind of thing, considering the times she has ignorantly accused the community of bullying EAxis + how she's always the very last person to recognize their bullshit Most of the game's deeper community dislikes her for those reasons
  3. Venom


    I respect Kylie, but the leader of the modern day disco revolution (if so even exists) is Carly Rae Jepsen
  4. Deligracy is a blind follower who sees any criticism of the game as hate + James is her boyfriend so...
  5. Was anyone ever gonna tell me Madonna performed a mashup of Hung Up / Feel Good Inc with Gorillaz or did this just come into existence via mandela effect?
  6. Venom


    The nerve comparing these 2 pop girls to Alanis
  7. It's a little different when the artist in question's sex song resume includes "dick bicycle" and "lick the bowl". Shouldve went with a different theme
  8. The majority of people still stan her, let's not pretend the blackfishing left a negative impact on her career
  9. They let her do hip-hop/trap music with little to no complaint, so clearly that wouldn't be an issue
  10. Two shit people who don't take responsibility for their actions and ignore eachother's actions, a perfect match
  11. Venom


    Not her haircut as a candy cane Girl give it up
  12. I wonder who will play JLo
  13. Something feels so off to me about paid livestreams... Just do an open free one and accept tips
  14. The way this album feels a lot older than 4 weeks