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  1. release a Cosmic Love Music Collection instead
  2. She's finally doing the album after everyone's already heard it She confirmed in the comments that she's gonna spam with 5 or 6 singles, including My Name Is Dark next and then 4am.
  3. I think of the phrase "ROFL"
  4. Venom


    Moonlight vs. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) Dangerous Woman vs. Blazed Be Alright vs. The Light is Coming Into You vs. R.E.M Side to Side vs. God is a Woman Let Me Love You vs. Sweetener Greedy vs. Successful Leave Me Lonely vs. Everytime Everyday vs. Breathin' Sometimes vs. No Tears Left to Cry I Don't Care vs. Borderline Bad Decisions vs. Better Off Touch It vs. Goodnight n Go Knew Better/Forever Boy vs. Pete Davidson Thinking Bout You vs. Get Well Soon
  5. Venom

    Not when its her weakest song period
  6. I hate the unneeded cover change so much
  7. Venom

    The first looks like itd be a bonus poster in J-14 or something Second is iconic tho
  8. Why's she stepping back, she was right
  9. Damn, Planet Hollywood's really struggling since Britney retired Good for Kelly