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  1. I really can't get into 99% of latin music, but the video is stellar
  2. I wish we were in Battlegrounds right now because this sent me over the edge
  3. I disagree with all of you completely! The song's unreleased, Nicki wanted to put it on the album and Tracey said no, and it never came out! Doing this whole lawsuit just makes Tracey look desperate, petty, and selfish.
  4. Venom


    1. Doja Cat 2. Halsey 14. Cardi B and then I don't care enough about the rest
  5. I was thinking for a minute like "What do I recognize her from?" and then I realized she was Donna's mom on That 70's Show This is so sad, I hope her family's doing okay
  6. Venom

    Celeb News

    Why are they pretending the song was recorded during covid and wasn't an old reject Are RCA trying to make it appear as though Britney's still actively making music for them?
  7. I see Ashley O is doing well
  8. Venom

    Yes and so are the Addams Family and Mean Girls
  9. I did not watch a single new show this year, I just realized that
  10. This was also probably always a plan considering they explicitly say in the series finale that the webshow would be taking a break rather than ending
  11. Oh this will be going straight in my playlists
  12. Say So is one of the biggest hits (and best pop songs) this year so I feel like it's more so the GP's responsibility than the Grammy committee's? It's a bigger priority to cancel them for nominating Titanic Sinclair, who (with evidence) emotionally abused, at least once physically assaulted, threatened, broke into the home of, stalked, and even launched another female performer whom I don't know to be a parody of his ex-girlfriend over the course of a decade, leading to her PTSD diagnosis. Also off-topic: Not this publication equating an album delay campaign with FreeBritney
  13. Let me rih let me rih introduce myself