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  1. Venom here

    I was so fucking cringy in 2015 what the hell brit3

    1. Entea

      Nothing's changed ny1

  2. Venom

    That's just reality I guess Normani and Cardi are having more mainstream appeal in 2019
  3. Venom


    Hope it's to be unreleased unleaked
  4. Venom


    Gaga's also looks like it's old or slightly worn out because pieces of the bottom of the white outline are missing
  5. Venom here

    Thank u, next


  6. Venom

    "All the chicks just wanna be like me" *copies voice style and appearance from Britney Spears*
  7. Venom here

    I started to illegally download "purchase" Britney's CD singles and gave up after ...BOMT era

    Recommend me music to fill my library with


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    2. Mariah's 18 #1's

      omg nvm i just saw you said SINGLES bye 

    3. Chris Morlock

      If you like rock/metal: In This Moment, Marilyn Manson, Halestorm, Pierce the Veil, Badflower, Ice Nine Kills


      Otherwise, if you didn't already, Kesha, Lana, Halsey, Ariana, Miley, Ava Max, Marina, Avril Lavigne up to her self titled. 

    4. Venom

      • I refuse to listen to Ava Max, I think she's trashy
      • I don't like Halsey as a person and I have trouble separating artists from the art
      • I feel lowkey weird listening to Kesha because I listen to Kim Petras and other Dr. Luke-signed artists and don't completely believe that he's guilty of rape like 99% of society.
      • I already listen to Lana, Ariana and Marina, and have heard Miley and Avril's music before
      • I'm not really a real metal person and I don't support Marilyn Manson because he supports Poppy & Titanic Sinclair
      • etc


      Basically, for reference, I generally feel positive towards: Deee-Lite, the Victorious soundtracks, God Help the Girl, The Brunettes, Lizzo, the 1975, Marina, Declan McKenna (male fave), Mars Argo (female fave), Ashley Tisdale, Britney Spears (except for Britney Jean), Paris Hilton (except for her EDM phase), Kim Petras, Slayyyter (except Platform Shoes), Miranda Cosgrove, Ariana Grande, Years & Years, Fitz and the Tantrums, Emily Browning, pre-2018 Allie X, pre-2016 Lady Gaga, Twenty One Pilots, Foster the People, Grouplove

  8. Venom

    Her entire brand was that she's a low budget Britney Spears, except Jessica is a dumb blonde instead of being misunderstood for one
  9. Oh god, I just know from the specific group of artists that this will be basic as hell
  10. I don't know how to feel about this On one hand, I do think the whole situation in general is ridiculous and a fucking random teenager who will look back and facepalm in a few years shouldn't have gotten this media coverage in the first place; But on the other, I see where people in this thread are coming from. Also the amount of money he's asking for is insane
  11. Venom

    I don't know who I'd call the worst vocalists, but I'll just list some artists I'm not currently satisfied with the live voices of Katy Perry (I don't mind her or her music but some of her performances were a choice) Post-2014 Lady Gaga (the deepened voice shenanigans and belting need to STOP) Poppy (I despise her for so many valid reasons but her voice generally sounds so awkward, sometimes overly breath-y, most of the time) Selena Gomez (obvious reasons) Dua Lipa, Camila, etc (carbon copies of Selena Gomez down to the sound and the lack of vocalist qualities) Kesha (her voice is very rough around the edges and belting doesn't sound great in performances, although it adds powerful effect in her studio tracks that have it) Those are the only ones I can think of, off the top of my head. Meanwhile there's other artists, like Marina for example, who know or claim that they can't sing, and use methods to work around that and still sound good.
  12. Venom

    The only shady thing she's done this era is be a dick to that Kris Wu guy back in November for charting well and then having Scooter contact Billboard to invalidate his sales cause his fans used VPN to buy his album; I think that was unfair and uncalled for and nobody would be saying a word if people used VPN to buy Ariana's record etc But otherwise she's just been playing fairly, doing her business, etc
  13. Venom

    I don't wanna see a pop resurgence unless it primarily sounds like this and this
  14. Omg does anyone remember when Lina Morgana died and then suddenly Gaga debuts the Morgana Devacelli alter ego the following year for TFM
  15. I know that she didnt use David Bowie to promote ARTPOP, she used Lou Reed to promote ARTPOP