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  1. Btw what does Gimme More have to do w this thread?
  2. Cheese! Lol pic.twitter.com/EUTSZmPPKw — Britney Spears (@britneyspears) March 16, 2015
  3. "Assertive". Sure Jan You mean people recognized her backing vocals in Snore Something? That counts? MANY PEOPLE didnt even know she was in MLJ. That counts? Idk why you dont have an X award yet, sis.
  4. educate me a bit. Still a bitch, tho. Confirmed my many people she worked with
  5. You know what? Never mind, stupid thread. Lock please @Americunt
  6. An arrogant, cocky, bitch? why is a particular flop of the Pops fave such a bitch when she lacks any RELEVANT success since 2008? No hit singles, and 2 consecutive flop albums, but yet shes still a stuck up bitch who thinks shes amazing. Does she have the right? Discuss
  7. better someone shaving her head then being a crack addict or being Justin Bieber.
  8. Only one of the faves isnt. You can find the BITCH at KFC.