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  1. The truth is....sometimes you lose.
  2. Firdawsi


    Not JLo lol
  3. Is this Mr. Microbiologist?

  4. Firdawsi

    The mitochondrial Eve was born in Ethiopia.
  5. Why do you have such unusually low rep?

    1. light741

      Because a pressed user called sailor mars goes through my entire post history to downvote all my posts. I used to have a much higher rep.

  6. Firdawsi

    I can't believe she waited 5 years in between. I fear she might have scrapped most of the old songs.
  7. Firdawsi

    Of course it should be legal. Whether or not someone wants it, that is up to their choice.
  8. Firdawsi


    Why do we even need exams when most students just vomit memorized shit on the paper?...
  9. What do you do

    When somebody you're so devoted to

    Suddenly just stops loving you

    And it seems they haven't got a clue

    Of the pain that rejection is putting you through?

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    2. Sylk

      Do you cling to your pride or sing i will survive !!

    3. Firdawsi

      Do you lash out and say, how dare you leave this way?

    4. Sylk

      Do you hold on in vain as they just slip away xtina10 

  10. Google results depend on search results. They vary by country. Madonna comes at #4 here while Whitney #18. But then barely anyone is into RnB here. Also, Rih ranks higher than Celine.