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  1. Isn't this a tad too early? Not even a decade into her career?
  2. Well, it will happen for sure regardless....
  3. Consuming Nutella is harmful for health clap1

  4. She needs to discount and promote it now.
  5. here

    This song is so good.


  6. I don't think a group of staged people are a good representation. The show is definitely scripted before hand. If it were a random street show asking random people rather than the same group over and over....
  7. https://spotifycharts.com/regional/gb/daily/2017-12-01
  8. Achievement

    Redoing the album was such a bad choice. she should've left the original versions pre Swinefest like Manicure and Sex Dreams. I Wanna Be With You>Dope. It received unnecessary criticism though I'd agree.
  9. Sobh Bekheyr.

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    2. Serene.

      I don't think being a homosexual in a country that has death penalty would be a lovely idea mj1 


      Maybe after IRI becomes just the Republic of Iran and the Ayatollah regime falls down.


      So, 2-3 decades mj1 

    3. Sylk

      Well you don't have to disclose your sexuality wendy1

      But I get what you mean. Anyhow the world isn't small, there are plenty of safe places to go! yas1


    4. Serene.

      How is life being a gay in UAE? 

      I hear it's all hush hush there mj1 

  10. The first day includes those 600k pre-orders so the number should fall and stabilize throughout the rest of the week.
  11. She should do 1.4-1.6M She might get the 5th biggest opening of all time.