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  1. 5th #1 from ANTi
  2. poor my e course ranking among the top universities in the world
  3. sorry,Uni takes a lot of your time. I'll update the threads when I go homo in a month or two
  4. You may never know. If the CK's views were counted,it would've made it go Top 5 last year. They should discount it and get a radio deal.
  5. she doesn't really have anything else on the album that can smash. This is her do-or-die single before she can cook up a hit
  6. Lorde was a 2 hit wonder in US. atleast she's still massive in her home land
  7. Million Reasons daily audience on US Radio: 3/4: +1.934 3/5: +2.052 3/6: + 2.117 3/7: +2.353 3/8: +2.528 3/9: +2.776 3/10: +3.256 The discount is gone, so it should stabilize around the 20s
  8. it's #70 on US iTunes
  9. well, it could've been worse....
  10. Celeb News
  11. is it me or I see a bit of Nicola in Lorde?
  12. The fact that this feud has been running for 2 years