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  1. Shit! This is going to overtake Gangnam Style soon
  2. Why thank you, dahling!
  3. here

    Witness' title track is the best track imo.



    1. Milk

      Deja Vu says hi btw

  4. Some people truly never let go of grudges
  5. The Washington Post: Taylor Swift’s latest move is petty, savvy and guaranteed to annoy Katy Perry Daily Mail: 'Petty and immature' Taylor Swift is SLAMMED for re-releasing music at same time Katy Perry drops new album Express: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift feud escalates with THIS shock move BBC: Taylor Swift returns to Spotify on the day Katy Perry's album comes out Vulture: Taylor Swift’s Music is Returning to Spotify and It’s a Huge Middle Finger to Katy Perry RollingStone: Taylor Swift Makes Full Catalog Available via Streaming Services Newsweek: TAYLOR SWIFT AND SPOTIFY ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER Heat: Taylor Swift returns to Spotify as Katy Perry releases new album Mashable: No more bad blood: Taylor Swift returns to Spotify E!: Taylor Swift's Return to Streaming Services Coincides With Katy Perry's Album Release New York Daily News: Taylor Swift puts her music back on streaming services same night Katy Perry releases new album Telegraph: Taylor Swift's entire back catalogue returns to Spotify - on the same day rival Katy Perry releases new album
  6. Nepal's SC agreed for same sex marriage/adoption back in 2008 but the law hasn't been enacted because of delay in elections. They were about to pass it earlier this year but got delayed again as the PM resigned. Thailand, Vietnam,Philippines and Israel (Overseas marriage is recognized tho) might follow soon.
  7. From the sound so far, an improvement over Prism
  8. From the sound so far, an improvement over Prism
  9. Europe will have to come to grips with an exodus of “dangerous and disillusioned” Islamic State jihadists, defeated in Syria and Iraq earlier this year and possibly seeking revenge, the head of the UN Security Council's counterterrorism agency has warned. Some 5,000 EU nationals are currently fighting in Syria among the ranks of IS and other jihadist groups, a senior Syrian official said last month, warning that it’ll be a disaster for European security if these militants are allowed to return. X
  10. She alienated her fanbase with the anti-Trump campaign tbh. Also, the songs is just bad.
  11. 5th #1 from ANTi
  12. poor my e course ranking among the top universities in the world
  13. sorry,Uni takes a lot of your time. I'll update the threads when I go homo in a month or two