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  1. Achievement ARTPOP Turns 4

    Redoing the album was such a bad choice. she should've left the original versions pre Swinefest like Manicure and Sex Dreams. I Wanna Be With You>Dope. It received unnecessary criticism though I'd agree.
  2. Sobh Bekheyr.

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    2. Serene.

      I don't think being a homosexual in a country that has death penalty would be a lovely idea mj1 


      Maybe after IRI becomes just the Republic of Iran and the Ayatollah regime falls down.


      So, 2-3 decades mj1 

    3. Sylk

      Well you don't have to disclose your sexuality wendy1

      But I get what you mean. Anyhow the world isn't small, there are plenty of safe places to go! yas1


    4. Serene.

      How is life being a gay in UAE? 

      I hear it's all hush hush there mj1 

  3. Charts Billboard: Reputation sold 700k first day

    The first day includes those 600k pre-orders so the number should fall and stabilize throughout the rest of the week.
  4. Charts Billboard: Reputation sold 700k first day

    She should do 1.4-1.6M She might get the 5th biggest opening of all time.
  5. Getaway Car is probably my fave from Rep. atm.

    Could switch with Delicate though.

  6. Reputation- did it live up to the hype?

    Trust me, you're not missing much. The album sounds like one long song. One of the better tracks Getaway Car sounds like OOTW Ed Sherman lite Don't Blame Me sounds like Alessia Cara's Here Dancing With Our Hands Tied sounds like a Chainsmokers song This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things sounds like a sequel to 1989's Wonderland Overall apart from the singles, the album has a very indie pop feel to it. Kinda something like Lorde meets Ed Sheeran. The only potential singles I see are Delicate and TIWWCHNT apart from End Game and Getaway Car. She has already released all the catchy songs beforehand.
  7. Knock!Knock! Who's there?

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    2. Serene.

      Are there any dangerous mullahs radicalizing people there tho? These GCC funded Salafis are popping up here now rip3 

    3. Skyline

      No, I personally haven't had any problems with them. My local mosque is pretty good and always warns people of listening to radicals.

    4. Serene.

      I tell you the mullahs along the Indo-Bangladesh border get funding from Gulf States to spread their violent ideologies. Poor people are being brainwashed here. The Bangladesh government is much more serious about handling radicalization than my government istg

  8. The Festive Lounge

  9. The Festive Lounge

    omg! The good sis @light741 is still here.
  10. The Festive Lounge

    So how has everyone been?
  11. Why are Moo & Xtinct still a thing?

    Yes. Although I've largely moved to ATRL now because it's messier lol

    1. Kali

      We prefer the superior RFI kylie2

      Hi how are you? sia3

    2. Serene.

      Who doesn't? sia2 


      Mostly good