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  1. Howie1971

    Thanks very much. That's always lovely to hear. Xxx
  2. Howie1971

    Why not? She was having fun. I loved it. She's only talking about my necklace and asking fun questions and of course at the end she was really warm and concerned. Personally I thought it was hysterical and of course a great personal moment for me.
  3. Howie1971

    To be fair it was bloody funny. I've never been called that b4. Lol (though she was referring to my necklace thankfully)
  4. Howie1971

    Lop. Why would you die if she said that? She was having fun and playing. But thanks, 'cute'; I'll take that happily. Ha ha. Portable dreamcatcher; best I've head so far. Love it. Xxx