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  1. Metacritic doesn't Lie Lorde could win Album of the Year.
  2. Gaga, because her fans and her music is so extra
  3. Above Jeff Sessions and Betty DeVos right?
  4. Perched for comeback. And the 175K flop that Katy put out got her nowhere per usual.
  5. Worried/ desperate?
  6. It's been a while! Are you okay?

  7. #Manchester

  8. Her Album sucking is KARMA. CAREER OVER.
  9. No Pics, and the Sun is a rag, prove it.
  10. General News

  11. Getting Desperate and Bored here, just release something TayLord
  12. Zara Larsson

    1. Hannah

      So much anger over a single retweet rip4