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  1. Bad Acting Again...

    Lady Payola
  2. Taylor’s first week sales: What happened?

    Call me back when Xtina or Gaga or anyone else can sell 1 M total
  3. Discussion How is Reputation aging for you?

    Fine wine
  4. Charts Billboard: Reputation 1.216m pure sales

    She had 0 SPS streams because she didnt Stream
  5. Charts Billboard: Reputation 1.216m pure sales

  6. General News Merkel fails to form a government, new election possible

    Go Corbyn!!
  7. Local Artist drags Taylor

    Since when?
  8. Has you fave written for another fave?

    JT wrote for Madonna Ed Sheeran wrote for Bieber
  9. American Music Awards 2017 Discussion Thread | 8/7c on ABC

    What a dud performance list
  10. Album Reputation Vinyl Up for Pre-Order on Barnes & Noble!

  11. Local Artist drags Taylor

    1. Yep Taylor loves the new material 2. Taylor has demand to go to Europe 3. Not mad, will point out when my fave gets dragged. 4. Who knows Dua Lipa in GP, like 5%. Taylor is an International star.
  12. Local Artist drags Taylor

    Spotify doesn’t mean shit.
  13. Local Artist drags Taylor

  14. Celeb News Nicki Minaj visits her brother in Jail

    Paid every penny.
  15. Tea on mariah's well-timed illness?

    She has to, her voice is shot.