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    Why Mariah is more popular, successful, acclaimed and relevant than Madonna in the US?

    1 month out of 12
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    Artists who don't care about their careers

    Mariah Carey
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    Fergie snatches Xtina's crown - BUTCHERS the Anthem

    Fergie’s next stop
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    "Michael Jackson was a thief" - Quincy Jones

    Who makes this guy the Music President?
  6. <span style='color:#'>Reputation</span>

    Quincy Jones on Baysic Swift: We need more songs, not hooks

    No one cares what Quincy Jones says
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    Lady Gags begs people to view her SuperBowl HTS

    Surprised Gaga didn’t cancel the Super Bowl with “pain”
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    Gaga is sick ya'll

    You stole that from another forum! BUSTED!!!!! I saw it there first. I will not link the forum to give the jerks the fodder however.
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    Real reason FadGa’s tour was canceled

    Sold out baby
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    Madonna has canceled 16 shows in her career, Gaga has canceled more in two tours

    Oops wrong section, should be battlegrounds
  11. Isn't it amazing how few cancelled shows Madonna have in her tour career? Only 16 dates! What a professional! The Virgin Tour: Zero Who's That Girl Tour: June 20, Tokyo, Japan - Heavy rain Blond Ambition Tour: May 25, Chicago, USA - Throat problems June 6, Worcester, USA - Throat problems June 15, Philadelphia, USA - Throat problems June 22, East Rutherford, USA - Throat problems July 11, Rome, Italy - Poor ticket sales and a labourers' strike The Girlie Show Tour: October 2, Frankfurt, Germany - Technical problems Drowned World Tour: June 5, Cologne, Germany - Technical problems June 6, Cologne, Germany - Technical problems August 3, East Rutherford, USA - Illmess Re-Invention Tour: Zero Confessions Tour: Zero Sticky & Sweet Tour: July 8, Manchester, UK - Unknown reason July 19, Marseille, France - Stage collapse July 28, Hamburg, Germany - Unknown reason August 20, Ljubljana, Slovenia - Unforeseen logistical problems MDNA Tour: June 11, Zagreb, Croatia - Scheduling conflict October 20, Dallas, USA - Severe laryngitis Rebel Heart Tour: Zero Source- Madonna Nation
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    Real reason FadGa’s tour was canceled

    The evidence pointing to poor ticket sales for former pop star lady gaga, resulting in the tours cancellation. - Lady Gaga wasted no time at all reporting her touring numbers to billboard when dates in the US sold out/made decent money. Billboard published that data within A WEEK of the show. - None of the already performed European dates have been published or released to billboard for publication and it has been more than A MONTH, why? Because even if she doctored the numbers to show "sell out" the GROSS money made doesn't lie. Math folks, Math. - The last show lady gaga was able to "push herself through" was FILMED (to sell, later) Isn't that LUCKY monsters? THE MOMENT the filming was done and her contractual obligation was met she suddenly fell ill. Lady gaga expects you all to swallow that it was just a coincidence she's not reporting ticket sale data at the same time she suddenly fell ill at the exact moment her contractual obligation was met. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! Her fans deserve better, oh wait! no they don't.
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    What would your fave have to do for you to unstan them?

    Your Favs aren’t on Taylor’s radar
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    What would your fave have to do for you to unstan them?

    Cancel two tours
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    Does Fadga Still deserve a section?

    We need to purge some sections