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  1. Katy needs to stop working with Dr. Pedo
  2. Graham promises that he will stray far from falling into the trap of writing textbook ballads. When critics told him to attempt softer music, he reacted accordingly. “I was like: F– off. Ask Taylor Swift to write f–ing love songs,” said Graham.“That’s why I can’t listen to a whole record of Adele’s. She has the most amazing voice, but people must have *convinced her they just want to hear love songs.” http://www.celebuzz.com/2016-04-08/lukas-graham-taylor-swift-adele-write-fking-love-songs/Source
  3. Those fans buy the albums, like it or not. If Artpop sold better, she would not have done C2C or AHS
  4. MDNA the auto-tuning was awful and the producing was awful even with William Orbit
  5. Australian teenager Olivia Sturgiss is a Taylor Swift lookalike who is considering a $1 million T-Swift impersonation show. Taylor actually met Olivia back in December 2015 during the 1989 tour. Long story short – Taylor found out her lookalike’s mom passed away and wanted to offer condolences in person. Taylor Nation contacted Oliva through Twitter. Taylor and Olivia met, snapped a photo, and that was the end of that. Everything was all good. That was before Sturgiss appeared on Aussie television’s channel Ten’s The Project recently and found out she could cash in and make a cool $