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  1. Age doesn't make you done. I have heard rumors of Biden running and Bernie and Biden are near the same age.
  2. Bernie still has the most progressive traction despite his age. Also Tulsi Gabbard out of Hawaii. Nina Turner, former senator out of Ohio, and Joe Kennedy III is a possibility but I haven't really looked in to him yet.
  3. She is Hillary lite after she didn't give Bernie the MA endorsement and didn't defend DAPL and voted for Carson. Warren before 2016 would have been a great choice. NOT now.
  4. The slowly dying Democratic Party will screw it up because they think it is 1992, not 2017. Democrats don't realize the progressive wing controls the party now and people just won't vote democrat because they have a (D) behind their name.
  5. A Green Party candiate is going to run and he is gaining traction, Joshua Ford. And Curt Schilling said he might run and same for a business man named Rick Green on the GOP side.
  6. The Democratic establishment has preserved its political power by providing the Center for American Progress (CAP)—a think tank founded by Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta and run by Clinton surrogate Neera Tanden—with access and leverage over the party’s opposition to Trump. On March 8, Politico reported that CAP will host an event to vet their preferred presidential nominees for the 2020 elections. “Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California, Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York; Montana Gov. S
  7. 17190948_10155529844489316_3413475231503


    I had a friend get me this.

  8. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/ed-sheeran-on-hard-drinking-nights-taylor-swift-true-love-w470599
  9. Some highly paid executives at Sony Music Entertainment are dreading April 1, when Doug Morris, 78, steps down as CEO. New CEO Rob Stringer, 54, younger brother of former Sony Corp. boss Sir Howard Stringer, is said to be a fiscal conservative. “There will be a lot of changes,” one insider told me. “Doug is one of the most honorable and loyal people in the music business, and he’s been protecting some people for many years.” Epic Records CEO LA Reid and Epic’s president Sylvia Rhone are expected to face tighter purse strings, even though the pair climbed 15 levels on the Billboa
  10. Write Music Not need 200 stage props and extras to perform a show
  11. Yes it is, shows you know your music and are SMART.
  12. Ed Sheeran not only writes his own music, he also does his concerts with minimal production like the majority of popstars. Yes he is cocky, but the hate on him is tiring because he is cocky and he dragged a hasbeen from 5 years ago. Name 5 stars better than him right now in your opinion. I have: Taylor JT Adele And that is about it. Yes some will say Beyonce but she can't write her own songs. Gaga is a hasbeen. Katy's last 2 singles bombed. So if anyone can give a real rebuttal of who is more talented or better, I would like to hear it.