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  1. WASHINGTON — The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday released a set of documents translating President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and border security into policy, bringing a major shift in the way the agency enforces the nation’s immigration laws. Under the Obama administration, undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes were the priority for removal. Now, immigration agents, customs officers and border patrol agents have been directed to remove anyone convicted of any criminal offense. That includes people convicted of fraud in any official matter before
  2. Breaking news- Dr Luke will want intel on you and soon.
  3. The Kesha-Dr. Luke fight has dominated headlines for over two years now. What started out as a sexual assault claim has turned into a mess of countersuits, court dates and a never-ending he-said-she-said which has dragged the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga into its fold. But now, in a strange twist, even supporters of Kesha are being pulled into the legal drama. Yes, supporters, as in fans and laypeople who took her side and decided to protest on her behalf or tweet their support with Twitter slogans like #FreeKesha. According to legal docs filed in the case and obtained by ENTITY
  4. What if it is Taylor vs Ed album of Year? This forum won't like it very much
  5. Ed has something Bieber's girlfriend doesn't= TALENT
  6. On Wednesday evening, MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" aired a new interview with Sarandon, who appeared with "Gasland" director Josh Fox. "Do you feel that you properly appreciated what a Donald Trump presidency would be?" Hayes asked. "I think that ... analyzing and spending time and energy talking about blaming people who made mistakes or what should have happened is really wasting your time and energy," Sarandon said. "Because what we have now is a populace that is awake." Discussing Trump, she said, "He's so clumsy and so bad at putting these things through that everybo
  7. Donald Trump begins his presidency facing unprecedented polling headwinds: Roughly a quarter of voters think he is the worst president in the past three-quarters of a century. Forty-three percent of voters are ready to vote for a nameless Democrat in 2020, while just over a third say they’ll vote for Trump. But, in the fourth week of Trump’s presidency, a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows that Democrats could be in trouble — and Trump could triumph — if they continue their lurch to the left. Despite the public’s increasing misgivings about Trump’s behavior and tactics in the White