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    The R8 Show

    Hi! So I want to tell you some good news! Rihanna coming maybe make something called ''The R8 Show''. It's a concert somewhere in USA. She coming sing her new songs(FFS,TTS,BBHMM,AO) and some songs from her other albums and maybe a totally new track to the R8. She coming maybe do a show like this. I CAN'T WAIT FOR #R8
  2. ooops! 10th isn't Clean... I'm a idiot. 10th is All To Well
  3. Hello! I don't know if she released the official setlist but create your own 1989 World Tour setlist! Here's my setlist: 1. Welcome To New York 2. Out Of The Woods 3. You Belong With Me 4. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 5. Shake It Off 6. Style 7. 22 8. All You Had To Do Was Stay 9. Stay Stay Stay 10. Clean 11. Wildest Dreams 12. I Knew You Were Trouble 13. Clean 14. How You Get The Girl 15. Bad Blood 16. I Wish You Would 17. Blank Space 18. Red 19. Safe & Sound 20. Fifteen P.S I heard something that Calvin Harris is Taylor's new boyfriend! Is
  4. Hi! What's your favourite Rihanna songs? Make your own Rihanna: The Greatest Hits This is my favourites: 1. Bitch Better Have My Money 2. Phresh Off The Runway 3. Birthday Cake 4. Lost In Paradise 5. Question Existing 6. Disturbia 7. Raining Men ft. Nicki Minaj 8. Numb ft. Eminem 9. Skin 10. Pour It Up 11. Towards The Sun 15. Drunk On Love 16. Roc Me Out 17. Cockiness (Love It) 18. Do Ya Thang 19. We All Want Love 20. FourFiveSeconds ft. Kanye West & Paul McCartney Can't wait for #R8 #Navy #NavyRDie
  5. HELLO LITTLE MONSTERS!!!! I heard that Gaga is recording some new songs. Maybe a new album? What would you like to hear? What would be the title? Tracklist? Tour? TELL ME EVERYTHING!!! I want to hear something like the Born This Way & ARTPOP album. REVOLUTION Black Angel Alien Mother Monster Dark Ha
  6. ACT 1: The Way To Heaven 1. Messiah 2. Holy Water 3. I Don't Give A (with some elements from Vogue) 4. Like A Prayer ACT 2: Satan Kills Jesus 1. Virgin Mary (Video interlude) 2. Revolver (with elements from Gang Bang) 3. Devil Pray 4. Veni Vidi Vinci/Iconic/Give Me All Your Luvin' (MashUp) ACT 3: Sexy Hell 1. Unapologetic Bitch (Video Interlude) 2. Body Shop 3. S.E.X. (with elements of Erotica) 4. Candy Shop (short version) 5. Human Nature ACT 4: God's army vs. M.D.N.A. Devil 1. Living For Love (BRIT Awards version) 2. Girl Gone Wild 3. Illuminati 4. G