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  1. I just realized my two all-time faves always release their albums during the same year omfg scream1

    2008: The Fame / IASF

    2011: BTW / 4

    2013: ARTPOP / BEYONCÉ (both capitalized!?!?! scream1)

    2016: Joanne / Lemonade


    I think they're running an experiment together to find out how many wigs can be YANKED in a single calendar year scream1



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    2. Alejandreaux

      @Infrared Britney has released albums since Blackout??? scream1



    3. Infrared

      @Alejandreaux Didn't you hear? Glory got a 71 on Metacritic! 

    4. Anna-wa

      Gaga/Bey is real. #confirmed