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  1. you keep saying she's "way behind the big league"... but wouldn't you say Ariana is in the big leagues this year with her multiple top tens this era and being a HUGE streaming force? and same with Rihanna? and yet still Gaga moved more copies than them first week without having any major hits on her album im just trying to point out the obvious attempts to downplay the amount of success that Gaga DOES still manage to have in 2016. and yes streaming has taken over the industry for the majority, but digital sales are still a huge part of how people consume music too. like, how come now all of a sudden digital sales are completely irrelevant and they don't matter now just because Gaga doing well in that format? I can't if she's completely over like you say then why is she doing well in ANY format, especially one where you have to pay to hear it MR is still selling as much right now as some of the biggest singles in America right now (its predicted to do 41k this week while " Closer" does 40k and "Dont Wanna Know" does 46k) so like I said, she's still doing well and she's still a force in music even if she isn't nearly as big as she was before and I don't understand why you think just because she doesn't want people interfering with her music or creative process, that she's OBLIGATED now to just throw away the career she worked for her entire life and go live and perform on the streets as a hobo.... or else she's being a "fake artist" why is it's so extreme for her to ask that as a woman in the music industry, she should be able to have the final say in what she puts into her own art AND be able to share it with the world and enjoy the success that may inevitably come along with it? what she constantly "preaches" is that she wants to have more creative control over the music she makes. that doesn't mean that music still isn't her main career at the end of the day. she is still a professional musician so I don't see why you're hell-bent on her total exit from the music industry (where she is bounded to contracts with interscope btw) and leaving her fans behind (or the chance for her music to reach more people in the world) just because she had creative disagreements with people also just because she has purchased nice things with the insane amount of money she made as an artist doesn't mean that she "only does everything for the money!!1!1!" now lmfao. she said those things in like early 2009 when she was just beginning as a professional solo artist. you think she's really not gonna touch any of the hundreds of millions of dollars she's made for herself over the years since then just to uphold some image of being "real" that people on pop forums have for her? as long as music is still her main focus in life (which it is) idon't see what buying a nice house or a nice car has to do with what anyone thinks of her in the long run
  2. you said you wanted to see receipts of her competitive success in 2016, which is another way of saying she has none. I was just responding to that statement and I mean, theoretically speaking, even if she didn't sell one copy of any album ever again, she'll always love music and have talent as a musician, so there's nothing stopping her from still making albums and performing decades from now
  3. I know im 2 days late to the argument, but i just had to put my 2 cents into it like i get what you're saying, and i get that Gaga is not as relevant in music as she was in 2010, but im just not understanding the argument that she's not at least SOMEWHAT of a competitive force still.. like wtf if the competition is who managed to make it into the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2017, who would you say was the winner? Only ONE artist made it to literally the most relevant and important stage in music (twice in a row btw), but y'all are tryna tell me she's "no longer competing" If the competition is who, out of every female artist who released in 2016, can sell the most copies with their album in the first week, who is slaying that competition? Beyoncé and then who? Rihanna? Sia? Ariana?..... But youre telling me she's not a force in music anymore, like even a little bit... not to mention everyone ignoring the fact that Million Reasons has been in the top 10 on iTunes consistently, and she's had one of the highest charting songs on iTunes by a female artist for about a week now (even with no video and no radio airplay), or that Joanne was the longest running #1 album on iTunes WORLDWIDE for a female artist this year (more days at #1 than Beyoncé, Rihanna, Britney, etc)... but then you say she has absolutely no competitive success clearly Gaga is nowhere near her peak of being everywhere at once and having consistent hit singles like she did 5 years ago, and I'd never try to argue that with anyone. but y'all are constantly trying to perpetuate this claim that she is 100000% over and not doing SHIT anymore in music, but the receipts will actually show you that it's not the case. yes she's flopping in streaming and having a current smash on the charts (for now) but imo she's doing perfectly fine for an artist who doesn't seem to care about having cheap, easy, trendy singles in the charts 24/7. she's managed to maintain a balance of being a relavant and respected performer while still being in her own lane and doing whatever tf she wants to do in music whether it's "trendy" or not.... tl;dr we get that she's not on 2010 level but she clearly ain't over though
  4. I wanted her to walk those 10 inch monster heels all over my throat until my larynx couldn't receive oxygen anymore
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    Hymn for the Hive >>>>
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    Celeb News

    Joanne going IN
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    Music Video

    it didn't work for me on mobile for some reason but I found a link so I'm good now http://ladygaganow.co/the-artpop-ball-tour-unseen-footage-farewell-to-artrave
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    The video's not playing for me, I think they took it down or something pls help
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    yes, after coming off of a successful era and having two #1 smash hit singles, one of them even going diamond. my point still stands, she is in a much easier place to smash than y'all are giving her credit for.
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    How would any of us have the slightest clue when we haven't heard any of her new music? she's in a VERY easy place to have another smash era since her last era was a global success worldwide and had two monster hit singles. whether you like her our not, she has been SLAYING the pop music world. Gaga was in a much harder place to have a successful album since she was away from the mainstream music world for 2+ years, and yet still she managed to have strong debut in 2016 and outsold current pop girls who have been in the mainstream this whole time. As Gaga stans we should be happy with what we got this time around and not be instantly trying to pit her up against the other mainstream pop girls so soon tbh
  11. still can't believe people are falling for this mediocre song after all these months it's been #1 since before the VMAs happened this year. doesn't that seem like an eternity ago? i mean I thought the song was cute and all when I first heard it, but not 11 weeks cute, wtf
  12. imo the two most obvious answers are the Beatles and Michael Jackson. the two most impactful and successful artists in history the top 5 most successful artists of all time in regards to record sales are: 1. The Beatles 2. Elvis Presley 3. Michael Jackson 4. Madonna 5. Elton John so yeah those 5 artists pretty much have their names engraved in music history for the rest of mankind
  13. It's cute but I actually like the album version better honestly they added too much extra instrumentation in this one or something. It sounds messy
  14. ensuring herself a successful comeback i see
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    fucking THIEF I can't wait for Mario to drag her and perform a mashup of "Here we Go" and "AYO" on his MRIO world tour
  16. she also becomes the first fad in history to achieve this feat 8 years into her career! the full top 10: 1. Lady Gaga 2. Drake 3. Twenty One Pilots 4. Michael Buble 5. Pentatonix 6. The Chainsmokers 7. The Weeknd 8. Ariana Grande 9. Korn 10. Bruno Mars feels good to see Gaga back on top again
  17. MR has really good digital sales right now, but it still has 0 radio support and it's still getting minimal streams across all platforms. As opposed to "Closer" and "Starboy" which are currently MASSIVE with digital sales, radio airplay, and streaming combined. It's really no shock that MR isn't top 40 yet lol.
  18. and if they can do it, why can't G.U.Y?
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    I think Artpop debuted with like 650k+ WW. 300k is still really good for 2016's sales climate tho
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    She does though lol. Madonna makes great music but being a talented vocalist is like the easiest way to get respect and acclaim from the GP. when people think of Madonna they think about the boundaries she pushed and her creativity, but when they think of Mariah they think about her musical talent and her voice. Both of them are two of the most highly respected female pop musicians of all time so it's not like it's a competition or anything
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    Never heard of either of them to be quite honest with you
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    Mariah is probably the best pop vocalist of all time, but Madonna is actually a creative visionary and pushed boundaries in pop music that no female before her had ever pushed. that's why she gets more respect as a artist while Mariah gets more respect as a musician