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  1. Coming soon. (sounds like a bop )
  2. People literally started booing and about 5 minutes later, the concert started
  3. Saw her on the MDNA tour, the start time was 8:00 - she didn't come out until 11:30.
  4. Kaleb


    had to come in this thread and spread the gospel i literally never listen to k-pop and this song is on a solid repeat
  5. Kaleb


    Watched the whole season over two days, it was so good Really hoping for a second season, that cliffhanger was too much
  6. Kaleb

    Considering Ariana is still amassing huge numbers on streaming services, I don't think she has too much to worry about with a one-off single "flopping"
  7. Kaleb here

     a BOP alex1

    1. Entea

      Omg, a throwback alex1

    2. Ruthless Love

      FUCKING YES! Universal needs to remaster it in HD, though!

  8. Cody Fern looks so good are you kidding me I'm curious to see how the show will go, considering two of its wheelhouse performers (Evan Peters & Sarah Paulson) aren't going to be participating this season, but I'm glad to see Ryan Murphy bringing in actors from some of my other fave shows by him (Glee & Pose.)
  9. Kaleb here

    Made an edit of Cattitude without Ru's verse because I feel truly embarrassed blasting it with that verse brit15

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    2. Sharpay Evans

      1 minute ago, Kaleb said:

      Sounding like a budget CupcakKe ny6

      Spider-Man Dick outsold brit15

    3. Kaleb

      @Hylia I love his adlibs, but not his verse. It just makes me cringe, it's overly obscene and it doesn't really add to the song.

    4. Sharpay Evans

      I feel like Ru wasn't paying attention when listening to Miley's demo and only really heard the "I love my pussy, that means I got cattitude" line and said "alright" brit15

  10. Kaleb

    General News

  11. Kaleb


    here's another option
  12. The capacity of rendering formats just wasn't as advanced as it is now, but now that it is, there's no reason every artist shouldn't do this with their videography.
  13. Kaleb here

    No, you're not gonna get what you need

    But baby, I have what you want

    Come get your honey bebe1

  14. Any type of visual media is shot in way higher quality than it is rendered. The capability to restore these videos is about the same as movie companies remastering movies from as early as the 1930s in HD quality because it was shot in that quality.