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  1. Probably my favorite single from her so far. This one just punches so hard, and I have yet to get tired of it
  2. I like this mix better than the one released in 2015, Britney sounds way more human in this one
  3. The instrumental in the promo is such a serve Hopefully it gives some hints as to what direction she's going in for LG6
  4. I'm sure Billie's shitting her pants getting a feature with one of her favorite artists but who asked for this
  5. Kaleb


    So glad she has common sense and made it a single
  6. Kaleb


    It's already out in NZ and it's a bop
  7. Kaleb


    In no particular order: - Witness - Roulette - Bigger Than Me - Miss You More - Act My Age
  8. Kaleb


    It was released digitally before physical release with Warrior, so it may be that they were released at the same time physically, but not digitally.
  9. Kaleb here

    Made an edit of Cattitude without Ru's verse because I feel truly embarrassed blasting it with that verse brit15

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    2. Venom

      1 minute ago, Kaleb said:

      Sounding like a budget CupcakKe ny6

      Spider-Man Dick outsold brit15

    3. Kaleb

      @Hylia I love his adlibs, but not his verse. It just makes me cringe, it's overly obscene and it doesn't really add to the song.

    4. Venom

      I feel like Ru wasn't paying attention when listening to Miley's demo and only really heard the "I love my pussy, that means I got cattitude" line and said "alright" brit15

  10. Kaleb


    Unholy Mother's Daughter The Most Party Up the Street Cattitude D.R.E.A.M.
  11. Cover of Britney Spears' track from her 2003 album "In the Zone."
  12. Lead single from Charli's third studio album.