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  1. had to come in this thread and spread the gospel i literally never listen to k-pop and this song is on a solid repeat
  2.  a BOP alex1

    1. Entea


      Omg, a throwback alex1

    2. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      FUCKING YES! Universal needs to remaster it in HD, though!

  3. Made an edit of Cattitude without Ru's verse because I feel truly embarrassed blasting it with that verse brit15

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    2. Venom


      1 minute ago, Kaleb said:

      Sounding like a budget CupcakKe ny6

      Spider-Man Dick outsold brit15

    3. Kaleb


      @Hylia I love his adlibs, but not his verse. It just makes me cringe, it's overly obscene and it doesn't really add to the song.

    4. Venom


      I feel like Ru wasn't paying attention when listening to Miley's demo and only really heard the "I love my pussy, that means I got cattitude" line and said "alright" brit15

  4. Kaleb

    Artist Allie X

    here's another option
  5. No, you're not gonna get what you need

    But baby, I have what you want

    Come get your honey bebe1

  6. are annoying the shit out of me, I want them both to go home
  7. Agreed. I really expected to go home, regardless of whether or not she sold the lipsync, due to it being her 3rd time in the bottom.
  8. Kaleb

    Kim Petras

    She recently teased her collab with SOPHIE, our poor wigs aren't ready
  9. Rewatching Season 2 of Drag Race along with the Race Chaser podcast that Willam & Alaska do and I just got reintroduced to this BOP yas2


  10. My selfie in the picture thread flopped I'm--scream2

    1. Hex


      You look great! knit1

    2. Merryem


      you look good! that thread is just dead jj2 

    3. Chris


      I never go in there aura1 

  11. Kaleb

    Artist Ava Max

    This upcoming pop queen makes BOPS, Salt and Sweet but Psycho are my faves
  12. just spent an hour editing two of those Joanne outtakes ari9

    1. Merryem


      post them ari9