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  1. Coming soon. (sounds like a bop )
  2. People literally started booing and about 5 minutes later, the concert started
  3. Saw her on the MDNA tour, the start time was 8:00 - she didn't come out until 11:30.
  4. Kaleb


    Agreed, this album really is one of her best, especially when you mix in the Who's that Girl tracks (Who's That Girl and Causing a Commotion in particular)
  5. Kaleb


    had to come in this thread and spread the gospel i literally never listen to k-pop and this song is on a solid repeat
  6. Kaleb


    Decided to make a cover with one of the press images that got released a couple weeks ago.
  7. Kaleb

    Death by Sex is such a grower, I hated it when it first came out and now it's one of my most played on the album
  8. Kaleb

    I love them all, but TRANSylvania is probably my favorite, it's just so good, and the transition from it into Turn off the Light
  9. the fact that all her 80s albums are listed minus like a prayer gives me hope that an anniversary reissue is still happening
  10. Kaleb


    Please be a remaster IM BEGGING YOU
  11. Kaleb


    This is the best cover I've been able to make
  12. Kaleb


    the flower poster is in Deluxe #3
  13. If you delete the download and redownload it, I'm sure the amended version will be available.