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  1. here

    this such a bop, get into it mess1


  2. Rank Song 1 She Loves Control 2 All These Years 3 Never Be The Same 4 Havana 5 Inside Out 6 Real Friends 7 Something's Gotta Give 8 Into It 9 Consequences 10 In The Dark
  3. Cardi made the song better for me I love her verse and the adlibs she adds
  4. it'd be cool to see Xtina do anything other than tributes and Oreo commercials, I miss her
  5. mte omg, woulda been such a bop
  6. here

    saw the reputation vinyl in my record store today, but it was $40 and i didn't have the money for that wendy4

  7. Charts

    I didn't like Lemon at first, but I started hearing it on the radio all the time, it goes off tbh . It's not amazing, but the GP eats up songs that aren't the greatest, so I'm not too shocked. I didn't expect it to reach the success it has so far, but I don't get the hate for it
  8. Review

    I had no idea she choreographed for Gaga until she guest-choreographed on Dance Moms for like three weeks
  9. Review

    Laurieann really did that with the choreography
  10. inb4 Bey surprise releases an album on Tidal on January 6th to rope her fans into paying
  11. stg hope this is getting pushed back so that she'll release LG6 in late Q1/early Q2 and have plenty of time to promote it
  12. The only part that really threw it off was when she was taken to the guillotine. They should've made it to where she slapped the prince and then everyone banded behind her and then taken him to the guillotine. Would've made a much more solid statement behind the song.
  13. This. I expected it to be her breaking out from the mold that she has been forced to be in as the person she was throughout the whole video, not coming back after she got her head chopped off as this convoluted Joan of Arc. The whole concept is there, but she twisted it so much that she made a fool of herself.
  14. Other

    i think they changed it to "nasty woman," at least that's what she did in a live performance @ 0:58
  15. Discussion

    "well this totally brightened up my day since my frog in my classroom died" nnnnnnn