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  1. here

    why does no one on here talk about Anne-Marie? she's released such bops omg iggy1



  2. this omg, give her a redemption
  3. here

    over the hills and far away, a million miles from LA, just anywhere away with you cry9

  4. she's cute I guess the other two songs were better imo
  5. I feel like she didn't really get big until she sort of changed genres, because her early music was more R&B-influenced, then she started making more rock-pop music which propelled her. I don't know if that really makes her a sellout but that's what I figured they meant
  6. ridiculous sounds like a fucking bop omg
  7. here

    omggggg why didn't she release it cry1 


  8. other than the tracklistings that I included in screenshots, I have the standard tracklistings for all of them. I just finished revamping my collection, so I felt like it would be the good time to share!
  9. this omg, I ordered a signed CD which was slated to go out in July. it's October and I have still not received it also the box set I ordered has been delayed like three times too
  10. here

    kesha snatched me last night antm1 i no longer have a voice 

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    2. Dan

      How was it?? I can only imagine iggy1yas1xtina10

    3. Kaleb

      it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, she's such an amazing spirit in real life and she knows how to keep a crowd going 

    4. Dan

      That makes me so happy to hear! Glad you enjoyed it too bey6 


  11. here

    Kesha tonight cry2

  12. ok but we already knew this was a thing she showed the bags in WWW so why are y'all acting like it's a brand new revelation?